Programming notes

  • First, just another reminder to vote for your favorite Office episode — the fan favorite will air next Thursday, August 17!
  • The latest scheduling press release shows an Office Marathon on August 24th — airing Michael’s Birthday, The Secret, and Drug Testing. I would take this with a grain of salt, though, as NBC has been known to schedule multiple episodes, and then yank back all but one come air day. Watch the OT Calendar for the latest updates!
  • Lastly, did you miss Steve Carell’s wonderfully long and funny visit with Craig Ferguson last night?


  1. Why do the NBC schedulers toy with us like we are mere pawns in their cosmic chess game? Seriously dudes, don’t mess around.

    I missed Steve’s Ferguson appearance. I was falling asleep so I scanned ahead to see if I should tape it. It showed different guests so I figured I had the night wrong.

  2. I hope we get our Office marathon on the 24th. If anything, I just hope they finally show The Secret. I’ve been watching the summer repeats with my parents (who just got into the show at the end of the season) and for me at least, the JAM storyline seems off kilter without the events of The Secret.

    I wonder why they’re repeating Drug Testing again. I mean, it comes after Michael’s Birthday chronologically, but since they’re already showing one misplaced repeat on that night, I wonder why they went ahead with Drug Testing. This’ll be it’s second repeat since it aired at the end of April, right?

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