L.A. Times live chat with Jenna Fischer

The L.A. Times will have a live chat with The Office’s Jenna Fischer this Friday, 11am PDT! Jenna’s producing the absurdist comedy “Sad Happy Sucker,” written by her husband, Lee Kirk.

Links: L.A. Times live chat with Jenna Fischer | Sad Happy Sucker

UPDATE: here’s a streamlined transcript of The Office-related questions that Jenna answered, including spoilerish tibdbits about Season 7!

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Kurt: What are your thoughts on Steve leaving The Office?
Jenna: We have a wonderful plan for his exit. It’s going to be an exciting season!

karen 10: Can you share any hints about the season 6 DVD?
Jenna: The Season 6 DVD has a GREAT blooper reel. I think it might be one of our best!

Rick: will you guys continue the show after steve carell leaves?
Jenna: yes, the show will go on!

Eric Fischer: HI Jenna, with Carell gone, will we ever hear the phrase “that’s what she said” again?
Jenna: i think the phrase “That’s What she said” will have to retire with Michael Scott.

Carol: any ideas who will replace him … :(
Jenna: No idea who will replace Steve. That is in the network’s hands. They don’t really consult/talk to us about that.

Smarshmellow: What’s your favorite Jim and Pam moment?
Jenna: When we shared grilled cheese sandwiches on the roof. And the scenes in the hospital after their baby is born.

aj: ive read things where nbc is talking to danny mcbride and rhys darby. what are your opinions about both of them
Jenna: Anything you read is probably not true. It’s all just speculation. No decisions have been made. Seriously. It will probably not be anyone you’ve read about.

karen 10: Are you gearing up for this years Emmy’s?
Jenna: yes, having a dress fitting next week!

Dave: Did you get Friday off or do you have to head back to the set for more filming?
Jenna: Dave – I’m off today. I can concentrate on getting the theater ready for tonight! We still have to hang our banner, get our parking sign, pick up programs…etc. It’s a lot! Today they are shooting scenes with Rainn and Steve on location.

Atul S: Who or Which shows do you think will win big this year @ Emmy’s
Jenna: I hope we win! But it will probably go to Glee or Modern Family. Atul – I would like Steve to finally win. He deserves it.

Carol: is it easy for you to improvise??
Jenna: When you know your character for as long as I’ve known Pam, it’s easy to improvise. It’s like talking yourself.

Jenna: The season Premiere is called Nepotism. It’s a great episode. And has the greatest opening ever!!! They had to plan the opening scene for over 3 weeks. It’s very complicated. It took an entire day to shoot just that one scene.

Michael Scott Paper Co.: Can you give u hint about the opening scene?
Jenna: No hints! I don’t want to ruin it. But we love it! And I know it will be a big hit!


  1. Just left the chat. Jenna was gracious as always. She chatted for over a hour when she has the opening of her play tonight. She is so great to her fans. We are very lucky.

  2. I just left the chat. OMG Jenna is the best!!! She was really answering questions that came at her, and not just go around them like other people, she is GREAT!!!!!!!

  3. Saw the play last night. It’s really funny and I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

  4. I just love Jenna! I’m even more excited for the Season 6 DVD now..the blooper reels are always my favorite..their laughter is contagious! :)

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