1. I’m guessing these pictures are from episode 4, when Michael visits his exes. Linda Purl can be seen and I’m guessing that baby Cece is in the stroller.

  2. It almost looks like a personal fan. Steve Carell definitely sweats a lot and he’s not filming in this shot so maybe…

    BTW, hi Tanster!!

    [from tanster: hi gmmr! :) ]

  3. Just saying the words “The Office Season 7” is surreal. With everyone else signed on through Season 8, except for Steve Carell, the remaining characters retain enough potential for individual growth and depth that these writers could possibly have a field day. If they are unable to get the show renewed for at least a Season 9 and possibly even a Season 10, then I will believe they have failed. This is simply because The Office will be remembered for having some of the greatest characters in television history. When Carell leaves, yes, the dynamic will change drastically. This could be for the better, or for the worse, of the other great characters on the show, including, but not limited to: Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy, Creed, Kelly, Darryl, Oscar, Packer, and Kevin. Bring Roy back, “replace” Michael, and the others could still play supporting roles, etc. Bing bang bong, still a great show.

  4. OMG! in picture 2… it’s dwight’s old babysitter! (from “dinner party”)

  5. I don’t think that’s his old babysitter. At least, it’s a different actress playing her. Beth Grant played her in Dinner Party, and that’s definitely not her.

  6. I agree this looks like the episode where Michael visits his exes. The bandaid is probably covering up the cold sore.

  7. Michael is holding the “shake weight” that is suppose to firm up the arms among other things!!

  8. why wouldn’t Dwight have a stroller? He had too much fun with Jan’s baby Ass-tird’s stroller. And plus, he wants a baby to compete with Jim and Pam’s. Dwight always touches things that aren’t his.

  9. I wonder if that older lady is Michael’s mom. She is worried for him and he wants his mom. That would be funny…

  10. I was kind of thinking that maybe Michael had an encounter with that old lady. Haha. She was probably never his girlfriend, but I could see having some sort of encounter with her. Haha. I can’t wait to find out! :)

  11. I’m a little late on the comments. But it definitely looks like CeCe is with Pam’s Mom in the park. They aren’t filming at the moment so it looks like Rainn is just resting on the stroller. As far as the older lady, looks like Dwight is escorting her off the bench that is later occupied by Michael.

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