1. I hope they come to the Tempe Improv for the casting like they do every year. If they do, I’ll be there at the show.

  2. I love these guys to death, but I’m sorry, this is a STANDUP competition. These guys are actors/improvisors, and as insanely talented as they are, they’re no more qualified to judge standup as the Q Morning Zoo team from Wherever, USA.

    I dabble in both, and I can tell you, improvisors don’t understand standup (and vice versa). Where are the career standups they used last year, like Alonzo Bodden, Kathleen Madigan, and yes even Ant? This is purely a marketing decision, not a creative one, and I’m very disappointed in NBC.

    I will, however, gladly stalk for autographs outside the auditions (cities and dates are here).

  3. I can’t think of two more perfect people to serve as judges for this show. Smart move NBC. Way to keep our beloved Office cast on the small screen during the strike. It even got me to watch Deal or No Deal.

  4. YES! awesome! i got to watch this show for the first time last summer and LOVED it!! it’s gonna be even more super now that 2 of my favorite 3 accountants are on that show… SWEET.

  5. What about the writer’s strike? Isn’t this basically the opposite of supporting it??

  6. finally SOME sort of compromise. well at least to the viewers.

    well now i have to watch!

  7. I already love LCS. It has been a bright spot in summer TV for me the last couple of years. I’ll be looking forward to it again this summer!

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