‘Erik The Librarian Mysteries,’ episode 1

“Erik is a reclusive, introspective, yet very vocal librarian on a perpetual quest to make himself understood. Watch Erik as he falls in love with Mindy, ponders life’s most profound questions and stumbles helplessly away from normalcy.”

Written and directed by ‘The Office’ writer Brent Forrester and co-starring Mindy Kaling.


  1. haha….that was quite odd, yet funny. Who’s the actor playing Erik? He looks a bit familiar.

  2. That was funny! I don’t know who the actor playing Erik was but he reminded me of Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts.

    Early 90’s Nickelodeon reference anybody? No?

  3. Lord, beer me strength – I LOVED that show. Ahh, classic Nickelodeon. Now this… I love Brent Forestter, but… I don’t know. I think the best part was the shot of Mindy running out the door. And Eric laying in the hammock. You can’t go wrong with a fat guy in a hammock. Thanks for sharing. I miss Mindy!

  4. Um, maybe it takes a sense of humor a little more evolved than mine to find this funny. So odd.

  5. This was hilarious! I work in a library and know too many librarians like this. I love his song about maps, and the line, “rough winds may shake the buds of May, but you’re SMOKIN'”

  6. I think that Brent Forrester is a very funny writer, but I honestly didn’t like it. Mindy looks great.

    Oh, and wouldn’t a librarian be a few decibels quieter?

  7. wow that was bad. i am telling you the only good thing about that was even seeing mindy again.

    the rest of it was too overdone to even be funny.

  8. It was ok, good not great. I didn’t understand the end when his sentence was broken up over several places.

    A calm, serene Mindy was nice.

  9. Hmm… I’m glad that Brent Forester is still writing, but besides Mindy’s appearance, I can’t say that I liked this. At all.

  10. The weird thing is, I know someone who is almost exactly like this erik guy.

    It sucks.

  11. OMG I know him (Erik)! I literally did a hand-over-the-agape-mouth thing when I saw the screencap! A+, Erik, for getting work!

  12. Kinda like Chris Farley’s Matt Foley on SNL… NOW I LIVE IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER

  13. This was on the internet – hmm, do I need to pay someone to watch it? After all, no ad revenue. I want to make sure the writers get their fair compensation.

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