Lee Eisenberg answers ‘Job Fair’ questions

Q. Did Ed Helms have a stunt actor for his golf cart mishap? The entire vehicle collapsed. It was great. | ainbow-ray onnection-cay

Lee: That stunt turned out great, I thought. I’m sure this will come as a huge surprise, but we don’t do a lot of stunts on the show so it was pretty nerve-wracking on the set. I mean, if the stunt didn’t cut together, you can’t reshoot it. Again, I think Dave the editor did a great job of making that joke land.

Q. How were Andy’s blisters created? They looked brutally painful. | Locke

Lee: The make-up department created those beautiful blisters. They looked totally real in person. At one point, Ed and I were talking and he just started picking at one. It was gross.

[from tanster: LaVerne Caracuzzi-Milazzo, The Office’s Makeup Department Head, provides some details below.]

LaVerne: We had to do a test for the director and writers first. We had one application a bit more mild than the other. When we did the show and tell, I made absolutely certain as to where the placement of the blisters were to be and also keeping in mind that they had to be pretty severe due to the fact that Andy had hit close to 1,000 balls, I believe is how it was scripted.

Once you do a test, you have a really good estimate as far as how much time the process will take. The process took anywhere between 20-30 minutes, and once the application is done, no washing of the hands.

The materials used were Ben Nye sunburn colors, RCMA scar making material, and acetone. The sunburn colors are applied first and the scar making material is applied over the top.

The scar-making material does not maneuver once it dries, so the key is to maneuver the material with a metal spatula and acetone. You can also use a pair of tweezers to pull at the material to create depth. Keep in mind to powder with a no-color powder between each application.

I hope this helps in the mystery behind the painful blisters!

[from tanster: thanks, LaVerne!]


  1. Thanks you so much for the Q&A! I will have to go back and check out that guy that supposedly looks like Jim!

  2. Thanks for the Q&A! I KNEW that guy wasn’t John! And I loved the Dwight and Angela storyline in that episode, but part of me wishes I could have seen Dwight being forced to play golf with a bunch of old ladies.

  3. Andy is getting the brunt of it this season… chafing, blisters, golf cart crash.

    Thanks Lee!

  4. i enjoyed the dwight and angela stuff this episode but part of me would have loved to have seen dwight playing golf with the old ladies!

    thanks for this

  5. I really want to see John breaking after the kiss. (Sora great question)… but wow.
    Thanks Lee!

  6. That was awesome! Thanks Lee! The makeup department did a great job with those blisters, and the hard work paid off! They looked brutal!

    (But I cringed when Andy pumped the lotion in the gloves- i only hope it wasn’t scented! OUCH!)

  7. I cannot believe that guy was not John! And both my brothers and my mom thought it was him. My mom will surely be shocked when she finds out. If I would ever see that actor who played the graphic design guy, all I will see is John with make-up on. Hahaha!

  8. thanks lee!

    dwight golfing with the ladies would have been funny but i loved the interactions with angela. it’s funny that lee didn’t mention that jim brought kevin because his client likes to make wagers or reference that deleted scene at all.

    i love this feature.

  9. Wow – who knew so much time and effort went into the creation of fake blisters? Way to go, LaVerne! And thanks, Lee and Tanster!

  10. So John broke after Michael watched them kiss? I *really* hope they show that outtake on the DVD!

    Thanks Lee, LaVerne and Tanster!

  11. Wow – I am so honoured that Lee answered my question! Thanks so much, Tanster, for facilitating this fab opportunity!

  12. Once again, thanks for the Q&A. I’m going to to miss it over the summer. Hopefully the writers will be on board to do this again next year.

  13. 13- I was going to say the same thing. I really hope we get to see that outtake!

  14. Another great Q&A! I love these…thanks to all the writers for offering to answer all of our questions (:

  15. Yay! Thanks for answering all of those questions – and thanks to Tanster for organizing another wonderful Q&A! Two of my questions were answered. Made my week!

  16. YAY! Very good Q&A. I love that we can get an inside look of the behind the scenes look at this amazing show! Thanks Tanster, Lee, and LaVerne. So nice. And I have to say, the ‘blisties’ were incredible and it’s amazing to know how it was done.

    I’m totally doing it for Halloween!

  17. Really interesting to hear the different directions they considered for Dwight in this episode – I think they definitely made the right choice in the end.

  18. yeah, i didn’t see the relation between john and that guy either. good Q&A. Thanks lee and tanster!

  19. Eeeh I just love these! I really liked hearing about the makeup details – my friend was in a makeup class and sometimes I let her do crazy things to me. Like give me a bullet hole in my forehead. It was very realistic…

  20. Thank you for answering the questions, it answered a ton of questions I had myself, only I didn’t see the connection between John and the graphic design guy, I don’t see very many similarities. Thanks again! :)

  21. I loved this episode (and the deleted scenes!). This was a wonderful and really interesting Q&A on top of that–Thank you so much! I hope the actor who played the graphics dude (I never mistook him for JK but thought their voices were totally similar) is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame! Hopefully he’ll get more!

  22. Officetally is fantastic in so many infinite ways, but being able to offer this kind of inside look through Q&A with the writers is beyond phenomenal. Thanks so much Tanster and Lee!!!

  23. Well i’m glad the graphics designer Q was answered. So now that scene seems pointless since Jenna said she’s not the one leaving…

  24. Thanks again. Loved it. I’ve said it before, but this is definitively my favourite part of the site. It gives you great insight of the show. I too vote for a longer blooper reel on the DVDs.

    #12 – Really? I mean, the guy looked NOTHING like John. It never once occurred to me that it could have been him. I mean, why would they even do that? This is supposed to be a documentary – meaning the guys on the show aren’t supposed to take on multiple roles. I agree on the very similar voice though.

  25. AWESOME!! thank you soo much! These interviews are great.

    It’s interesting that we all try to find hidden meanings that really aren’t there ;)

  26. I’m not buying it…that graphics design guy was John…there’s an evasive quality to the way they answered that question….I can’t wait to see why!

  27. If anyone that works on “The Office” staff reads these comments…please put John cracking up after the kiss on the blooper reel! When I was watching that scene, I couldn’t believe they could kiss without laughing at Kevin, Andy, and Michael. Michael’s “Kiss her, kiss her good” was a gut buster.

  28. The only connection I see between Jim and the graphics guy, is that they say the word “absolutely” absolutely the same…

    Great read!! Thanks a lot!!

  29. Can someone please make a split page of John next to the graphics guy and explain to me WHY anyone would think they look alike? I am so shocked that anyone would even consider that for a second, they don’t seem at ALL alike to me.

    Tanster, you are the best and thanks for forging such a great relationship with everyone on the show that they will do exclusives like this for you. You rock and so do the writers!

  30. The Q&A features are great! I look forward to these glimpses into the writer’s process, and it is good to see them appreciated for the incredible work they do. The whole staff and crew have been so generous to us fans.

  31. you what i LOVE about this show? not only is it just great as a show, but almost EVERYONE involved in that show from the writers to the actors to even the Costume/Makeup/Stage designers interact with us fans. It shows great loyalty to this show and i really appreciate it cause it makes me love this show just so much more than i ever thought i could. And thanks tanster for having this site. AHH this is all so great. haha

  32. Thank you SO much. It’s tremendous that they would take time out of their day to answer our questions.

  33. The office would be a good show if the cast wasn’t cool but the fact that they do this stuff makes the show soooo much more meaningful/awesome

  34. Well, if you close your eyes and just listen to the graphics design guy talk, you will hear why so many of us think this was John Krasinski (in disguise – duh). He has the same speech patterns as Jim and I think it would cool for Jim to be the one to tell her that she’s not qualified and needs to get out of Scranton just like he does.

  35. Ah yea that’s right now I remember. That kid Justin played Frasier’s son Frederick for quite some time. I knew it! He was awesome btw.

    Great stuff.

  36. Thanks for the interview Lee! Lots of good tidbits in this one. To those who want a visual of Jim and the designer next to each other, here you go

    I still don’t really see the comparison but to each their own!

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