Meet my new bobble buddy

dwight schrute bobblehead

I’m not quite sure how he escaped early and found his way to Palo Alto.

Perhaps Angela sent him here to spy on me. Dwight’s done that kind of surveillance before, remember?

In any case, after I provided a clean urine sample and showed him OfficeTally, he seemed to ease up and relax a little.

Now he’s content to just sit on my desk and bobble a bit. Isn’t he adorable?

Go order your very own Dwight bobblehead now!

P.S. To learn about the Dwight Bobblehead Petition, click here.


  1. I had no idea this blog was being run by a fellow Palo Altan! What a small world…

  2. I just checked my order on the NBC store site… it still says “backordered.” :-(

  3. …And I just logged in to my NBC account, checked again, and it now says “in process.”

    It’s FREAKING me out y’all.

  4. I’m in college now, but I went to Paly… I still can’t get over what a coincidence this is!!!! Did you grow up in the area?

  5. Is that a Powerbook, or a MacBook Pro? Cuz’ I have a MacBook Pro!

  6. Annie, yep, grew up in Foster City.

    Greg, you lucky dude! — mine’s a PowerBook. Would love a MacBook someday …

    PWJ, you’re hyperventilating again. BREATHE. :)

  7. Itd be nice to have enough money to buy one. I hate being in high school…

  8. Just stick it out J. Soon you’ll be a poor college student like me! Yey!

  9. I have the 15.4 inch model, the 17 inch came out 9 days after I got this one. Its my first Apple computer, but Ive had a love affair with Apple for a long time.

  10. Seriously, how did you get yours already? Inquiring (and incredibly bored at work) minds want to know!

  11. Ah, now I can stop checking my email and the nbc universal store (or whatever it’s called) every half hour for a message that it’s been shipped! Thank you much.

  12. I said stop checking every half hour… I’ll still check at least 6 times a day at work. ;-)

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