1. Yeah, i’m going! Finally someone from the show comes to my town and I can actually see them. Angela came here for Oprah and I think BJ and Paul came here too. But I love my Stanley. Chicago rocks!!!

  2. A cast member is finally in Chicago and I won’t be able to go. I hope all the Chicago-area Office fans who do go take pictures to share!

  3. I’m going to try and get there! I hope I can. I wish I had my Officetally t-shirt I want to get, then maybe we could all try to spot each other out! haha.

  4. I’ll be there tomorrow with my girlfriend! Sooo excited to meet Stanley (Leslie). Tanster, just so you know, Leslie was on NBC5 news here in Chicago today during their 4:30 newscast. He stepped in on the weather segment. Here’s the link

  5. I am going to take a shower then take the #29 bus there in about an hour. Should I make a “pretzel day” poster? Haha.

  6. Alright, I’m planning on going as long as traffic between Green Bay and Chicago isn’t too bad. Tallyheads! I’m wearin’ khakis and a blue striped button-down shirt! Woo!

  7. I got to see Leslie! I snuck off during lunch! hehe. suckers. Anyway, he was so nice and funny. I brought him a pretzel. lol. I took a picture but I can’t bring up from my camera. I’ll show you guys as soon as I figure out what’s wrong. Leslie said that he had a lot of Office fans come up to him today and said that he would tell other cast members to come, after the heat dies down, of course. Chicago still rocks!!!!

  8. I met leslie! He was really nice, got him to sign a crossword puzzle for me and my friends and take a picture!

  9. Leslie was great. He had A smile on his face the entire time he was signing autographs. I hope other cast members come to Chicago as well.

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