Tori’s Review: Survivor Man

Do you think it’s possible 10 years ago Michael wasn’t crazy?

What if he had lots of friends at Dunder Mifflin, was charming, and even flirted with the pretty girl who worked at reception?

Nahhh …


Jim Halpert certainly hopes not.

This week, The Office started with Toby fresh from a camping trip that included Ryan and a few Dunder Mifflin branch managers. Toby showed off his pink cheeks and scruffy beard — and Michael sulked.

Michael wasn’t invited.

Instead, Michael left the comfort of the office, air-conditioning, and walking upright to prove he didn’t need to go camping with a handsome man from New York City; all he needed was a knife and duct tape, and apparently his watch.

This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but it did have some parts that just killed me. One was Dwight smacking Michael in the head with his shoe. I will say this about Dwight: he is weird, and sometimes mean, and was probably a virgin until about a year ago, but the man could survive in the woods for a month with nothing but a fork and some dental floss. Hell, he probably has.

There’s a good chance Michael would eat Jan if the power went out for more than 6 hours.

I wish we would have had the chance to see Michael try to kill an animal for food (not really kill it, or even hurt it — just try). Remember the terrible story he told about the time he went hunting? I imagine this attempt would have ended with tears and attempted CPR on an animal that was never injured in the first place.

While Michael realized surviving the wild isn’t as easy as it looks, Jim realized being Michael isn’t as easy as it looks.

Jim’s subtle transformation into Michael Scott was perfect. John Krasinski has stolen the show two weeks in a row. His struggle to do what he thought was right, yet keep his “good guy” reputation was painful to watch (in the good way). Pam teased him, but I think she kind of dug Jim’s new take charge attitude.

The other part that made me laugh harder than anything else was the birthday surprise (attack) montage. I’ve replayed Kelly’s scream at least 15 times. I hope there are a few more of those scenes on a blooper reel some day.

Luckily for Jim, his day was short. Michael couldn’t survive more than 4 hours in the woods. Okay, technically he might have survived longer, but it would have looked a lot less like The Office and more like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Michael isn’t a great boss, and he certainly doesn’t like to work, but he does enjoy being the person acknowledged for making other people happy. Individual birthday parties help each of the 13 (although, I count 14, including Michael) people feel special for a short time — in Toby’s case, exactly 2 minutes.

So, do you think it could be the office that takes a seemingly normal guy and turns him into a maniac with zero survival skills and hatred of the HR guy?

No … can’t be. We’ve seen enough of Michael’s childhood videos to know he has always been a social outcast.

I bet that makes Jim feel really good.

All together now …

“That’s what she said.”

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.


  1. “There’s a good chance Michael would eat Jan if the power went out for more than 6 hours.”

    Hilarious. I always love your reviews tori, they are spot on and so funny.

  2. Great review as always. The birthday surprise montage was my favorite part too. Oscar falling on the floor and Kelly’s scream was priceless. The tag was also amazing. John Krasinski was spot on this week. Again, great review.

  3. Excellent review Tori, as usual. PS–I laughed a lot at this episode. I thought it had so many funny moments and not too over the top like it could have been.

  4. As always brilliant review. For me there was one additional laugh-out-loud moment unmentioned here.

    “Tell her it’s for Creed; she’ll know what it means.”


  5. Was this the greatest episode ever? No. But it did have a high proportion of laugh-out-lout-funny moments.

  6. I also would love to see the surprise birthday scenes on the blooper real.

    Was it just me or was Phyllis totally breaking when Michael surprised her? It was only a short bit, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I thought it was funny how she was trying not to completely crack up!

  7. Great review as usual!

    As I watched Michael’s “Survivorman” scenes, I couldn’t help but think that anyone who has never seen one of the Survivorman episodes wouldn’t find those scenes quite as funny.

    Do yourself a favor and watch an episode (not sure when you can see one) and then go back and watch Michael’s scenes.

  8. Awesome review, per-usual. I, too, felt this episode was not amazing, though not bad in the least. However, upon watching it again I absolutely loved it. I thought it had such a great vibe, and had no low points.

    I love Growing-up-Jim. He’s pretty cool.

  9. I LOVED this episode!! I guess I am just backwards, I hated last weeks that everyone else liked!

  10. I haven’t read all the comments, but Creed skipping around the room was definitely a highlight.

  11. hated last weeks episode…LOVED this one.
    I don’t think that’s backwards #14.
    Just more perspective.

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