1. Wow! I’m re-watching all 9 seasons of The X-Files currently and I never made the “Hardin” connection. I am slacking in my fangirl duties.

  2. This was an EXCELLENT movie and I really recommend it for everyone! Keep in mind that it IS indie. :)

  3. Cute! Jenna has her “total-babe” make-up, thought, I wonder what for? Or was that “Pam” make-up that I just haven’t seen up-close?

  4. I second that, apeace90. I miss Melora, and without her the show isn’t nearly as awkward :]

  5. I love You! haha….Melora looks sooo pretty and of course glam-pam (Jenna who is always so beautiful looked like she was ready for a night out)

  6. I miss seasons 2 and 3. Jan made it great. And is it just me or is “JAM” seriously BORING now?! Bring back Jan. We need some more “sexual tension” in the Office!

  7. can’t wait to meet you Melora…tanster, i was between the two dates and of course i find out after i get my tix for the 25th you are going on the first, haha oh well

  8. I so wish I could be there in Scranton. Melora is amazing and ridiculously beautiful, and I miss her so much on the show. Here’s hoping they find a way to redeem Jan and bring back that incredible S2 Michael/Jan vibe, in whatever form.

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