1. Thought they handled it perfectly! I was a bit worried, but that was hilarious. Michael giving him a hug was just perfect :) Also I loved, “Any jobs?”

  2. I think that David Brent will take over for Michael Scott especially because he asked if any jobs were available!

  3. Michael Scott…David Brent…I knew The Office writers would leave me satisfied! TWSS!

  4. This was single-handedly the best cold open of the last two seasons. They pulled it off so well!!

  5. They were sooooo good! OMG Ricky stepped back into Brent as if he’d only just wrapped the original yesterday. Seeing Steve’s face with the TWSS joke – perfection!

    Absolute indulgence for us fans :)

  6. That was PERFECT! Just brilliant! Office history right there. It worked so well. A PING and a TWSS mention!

    “comedy is a place the mind goes, to tickle itself” Fantastic and well done!

  7. awesome! it is probably getting the anticipation that david will take over for michael up, but i think it’s just a tease.

  8. It was a great scene! Loved the fact that David was still looking for a job, and Michael hugging him was amazing. Bravo, writers! This was a real treat for fans of both the original and the American version of the show.

  9. I also enjoyed it, but would have liked for it to have been longer! And I really wanted to know WHERE they were (why is David Brent in America? Are they at some hotel? Was Michael in England for some reason? Hah, I doubt it.) But I’d rather have this one minute clip than nothing!

  10. I’ve watched this three times and I’m smiling so much I think my face might break! The ultimate comedy duo, in acting and in characters, has finally been formed – it would be criminal for it to be so short-lived. I could watch whole episodes of just them talking.

  11. Whether this is a tease or not, do the writers realize that this would be the ONLY way to keep the office going after the departure of Michael Scott? This was…emotionally magnificent!

  12. What I found so beautiful was that after everyone hated on Gervais’ comedy at the Golden Globes, Brent (basically Gervais) tells that, “Comedy is a place where the mind goes to tickle itself.” Gervais could not have hoped for a more perfect setting to respond to the haters, but the real genius is that this was filmed in September of last year. Legend.

  13. So so awesomely awesome. Two players at the top of their game. This was amazing in every way. Went by so fast but very satisfying. I could get used to this.

  14. Dear NBC/Universal suits: I implore you to bring Ricky Gervais as David Brent to “The Office.” I would say permanently, but that would be asking too much. You are apparently scrambling to prevent the downfall that a sans-Steve Carell “The Office” will bring (especially given the recent decision to bring Will Ferrell to the show, which you admit is to only boost ratings). Tonight’s cold open was evidence of how that could change. Brent and Scott are essentially the same character. It’s switching the bag of sand for the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, so to speak. Barring loved ones, I care about this show more than just about anything. I’ve been with it from day one. Please do the right thing and don’t ruin it.

  15. it would be a cruel, cruel joke for the writers of this show to have David Brent ask about job openings and not have him be Michael Scott’s replacement. It’s the best option. Gervais created the show, he’s brilliantly funny, and we already know that he can be that character perfectly. It wouldn’t be the same if there was anyone else besides Ricky or Steve.

  16. C’mon. We all knew this was going to happen someday and when it did, it would be good. While it was just a cold opening, just the mere fact that David Brent was on the American Office is very fascinating. I like the idea of him showing up again. I hope.

  17. I liked it, but I don’t think I’d want Brent to take over. The two shows have diverged too much. Still it’s a nice shout-out and all.

  18. Wow.Best cold open ever! I think it just bunked over The Injury’s cold open for me! Such a fantastic moment, and it feels so natural between their characters. I think I cried a little bit when they hugged. Pure genius! Tease or no tease, I love that the door is still open for Ricky Gervais!

  19. great open. but, im just going to say a bit disappointed that david brent said “that’s what she said” and not his classic “said the actress to the bishop”. seemed out of character. i have a feeling that they changed it so that the americans would understand but i mean come on….

  20. I couldn’t have said it better, Scotty B. If NBC reads this, please take note: the David Brent/Michael Scott scene was, in 7 seasons, my absolute favorite of any ‘Office’ scene, ever, bar none. Please please *please* allow David Brent to replace Michael Scott, and I in turn promise to faithfully continue watching the show until the series finale or my demise, whichever comes first. Love, Jess

  21. I couldn’t agree more with tiny1ofthefuture….what an epic scene! And, yes, please, please, please let David Brent get Michael’s job. Yeah, we know…he’s too incompetent to last more than one season…but I’m sure the writers are clever he enough to devise a way in which he’d get hired! And let’s be honest…we still love “The Office”, but it’s not as clever and cutting-edge as it used to be. Brent could bring the show back to its seasons 1 – 3 glory!

  22. Fact: this was hands down the best cold open EVER! I loved seeing Michael Scott and David Brent together. The hug was priceless.

  23. I LOVED this too! Couldn’t stop smiling the whole scene!

    I too was wondering where they were….looked like a hotel, or maybe it was some office building somewhere and Michael had just left a meeting.

  24. This cold open stands alone. I won’t say it’s my favorite ever, it’s definitely not. I see it as more of a great shout-out to long time fans of both shows. The US Office has become its own machine, entirely different from the British version and not to be compared. I don’t think i’d want Brent to take over permanently. But more guest appearances? certainly!

  25. michael’s face after the TWSS joke by david and the hug afterward is the BESTTTT.. everything about this is awesome, but that moment was the ultimate in both worlds colliding (literally, considering they hugged!)

    i like that they had him ask if any jobs were open as well.. nice possible foreshadowing.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, i loved this! But to say this is the single greatest scene out of all 7 seasons of The Office seems silly. You’re basically saying that the mere presence of David Brent alone blows every amazing moment this show has given us out of the water, in a 1 minute clip.

  27. I loved the meet up, don’t get me wrong. But it also shows how little credence is still given to this being a ‘documentary.’ Wouldn’t David Brent, who had been followed by cameras for two years, be curious as to why they were following Michael Scott? Wouldn’t he have a comment about his own experience with that? It’s like the writers didn’t even think of it. In fact it seems like the idea this whole series is a doc rarely inserts itself anymore. Just an observation.

  28. If this does not lead to anything else… then this was the worst usage of the best possible guest star.

  29. @ Greg, maybe that’s precisely why David asked if there were any jobs at Dunder Mifflin as he would love to be in the spotlight again, despite it probably being another “stitch up”.

  30. This is sooo awesome! Even if they don’t do anything with Ricky, this cold open is full of win!

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