Mindy Kaling on Letterman

Mindy Kaling appeared Thursday night on ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’

Mindy told some funny stories about her unsuccessful role in the film ‘Baby Mama’ and meeting Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet.

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  1. That’s just great! I just started yesterday to sleep early so I can wake up at 5:30 everyday!!! I know I will be too tired to catch the show.

  2. great! She so rarely does talks shows, I can’t wait. I actually looked it up on IMDb, and it only says Conan (which I missed). I knew she hadn’t done too many interviews, but I was a bit surprised by that.

    So, good luck and have fun!

  3. YAY! Can’t wait. I tried to get stand by tickets today but i failed :(

  4. awesome, i have never seen her on a talk show. why is she on, it must be about the office right?? i hope she gives us some scoop!

  5. this is great news, as I am sorely missing her blog. I hope she updates it again soon!

  6. good interview. She was funny. But Dave didn’t interact with her much. He just kind of let her talk while he somewhat paid attention. “Mindy Kaa-ling” “So when did you move?” “You did a play called Ben and uh, uh..” and she focused on the floor.. but still. I would be horrendous on a talk show, so, overall, it was enjoyable.

  7. Mindy was so cute and funny! I just wish Dave had more of an interest in The Office.

  8. (a) mindy looked terrific but more importantly (b) she was quite funny, charming, and adorable! i noticed that she was holding her body in a funny way – she was probably nervous. i was just really impressed. how fun. yay mindy!

  9. haha she was so cute and funny! She had everyone laughing hysterically…why am I not surprised?!

  10. I wanted to watch it last night because Mindy is so funny, but I fell asleep before she was on :( I hope someone posts a video of her segment online!

  11. i don’t know if this link will work but here is a little blurb with clip from last night’s letterman where mindy talks about being cast as an indian call center employee in baby mama. i love her!!


  12. It was funny how she came out and was very nervous and wasn’t elaborating much. Then, as she relaxed, she became more and more “Kelly” like. All the other people on the show have talked about how much like her character she is but this confirmed it for me. I loved her story about J-Lo too. Hilarious!

  13. Mindy was hilarious and she is just lovely. She had the whole audience really laughing. Her story about using the Apu accent in the audition was a scream. I can’t imagine how nerve-wracking a Letterman appearance must be. (I had to get my nails done today and thought about her little pink nails and asked the manicurist for the same color. Thanks for the fashion inspiration, Mindy!)

  14. Mindy was hilarious!! I absolutely LOVED her j-lo story! haha. I wonder if she’s in the deleted scenes in Baby Mama…

  15. very funny. Mindy is great. took her a while to sit comfortably in that dress i guess.

  16. I thought it was hilarious… I had forgotten how funny she is since she hasn’t given us a new thing-she-bought-that-she-loves in ages!

  17. I love how Dave was totally like a prop while she went on and on in her hilarious monologue.

  18. Dave just couldn’t get a word in! Mindy is my absolute favorite writer on The Office. And she’s so funny in interviews, too. Very personable, not arrogant at all, completely awesome.

    “The Injury” FTW!

  19. Yay thank you so much for posting this! Didn’t have a chance to watch it on tv, and couldn’t find it on the internet earlier.

  20. #17, she probably thought “This outfit is hot! Nobody’s going to notice that I can’t sit in it.”

  21. good for Mindy. I mean Kelly. the Office is no longer a tv show. It’s a lifestyle.

  22. Mindy, you were “Slamming Hot” on Letterman. Way to go! Very funny and very charming.

  23. What a great interview! I loved all her stories especially the one about J. Lo. Her outfit was very cute, too. Go, Mindy!!!

  24. Yay Mindy! Although you should have had a clip of the season premiere. Even if it was just a rough cut. We fans don’t care! :)

  25. I would have left the Golden Globes party last year too. Mindy Kaling, keepin’ it real!

  26. Mindy is so much fun! I would love to just sit and chat with her. She’s always entertaining (without trying hard) and genuine, which is so refreshing.

  27. ahh! love her even more!!

    i hadn’t really heard her speak…as herself ;) so this was really refreshing! i knew she was awesome, but this totally confirms it!

  28. She is so cute and was very funny! No wonder Greg Daniels snapped her up when he did. I hope she gets to do more talk shows.

  29. Oh My Gawd!!!! How funny!

    How frigging adorable is Mindy??

    So glad she writes for the Office.

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