1. 2, The second guest on “What Up With That” is always a celebrity, but never talks, so it’s just kind of a random wtf thing. Last time they had James Franco and he just sat there. lol

  2. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw that last night. It was an awesome surprise. I wished she would have gotten to speak too.

  3. That’s just how this sketch works. James Franco was in it a couple weeks ago and (sadly) he didn’t talk either.

  4. Wow. I’d say that’s the worst skit in SNL history, but it’s been going downhill for some time now…

  5. So I guess, just like Michael at the shareholder’s meeting, all Mindy was supposed to do is wave.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  6. This was a fun surprise seeing Mindy on SNL last night. This is the second occurrence of the skit, and I find it hilarious when people don’t get to talk. I loved the look on Mindy’s face when the show was over!

  7. The “What’s Up With That?” skits are my favorite, so it was such a wonderful surprise to see Mindy on it, even though she didn’t get to talk (but she was still hilarious). Because I’m in love with James Franco too so it was a pleasure that he was on the last one…they better keep picking amazing people for these.

  8. Seriously, what up with that?! That just wasn’t funny at all, and neither has the show in quite awhile.

  9. I am a regular viewer of SNL, but this has got to be my least favorite skit. It just drags on and on. However, I thought Al Gore did a great job, and it was just great to see Mindy making an appearance, even if she didn’t say a word.

  10. This was a horrible sketch and only made me dislike SNL more. It was not funny at all and just had me rolling my eyes, wishing it were over. VERY disappointed Mindy didn’t get to do anything!

  11. I’m a huge SNL fan, like I’m heading toward stalker material, and I have to agree this skit isn’t my favourite (It must be by far the easiest skit to write for) But I do giggle at it. It’s amazing that they get so many famous people on it to say nothing. I don’t think James Francco said a word either haha

  12. What was up with that???? The only reason i watched it was to see what she had to say which she never did. It WAS really funny to see Al Gore’s reaction

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