1. OMG that was HYSTERICAL. I don’t know anything about the KC Chiefs or anything, but that girl HAD JENNA FISCHER’S VOICE, I SWEAR!!! <3 And Toby and Dwight were perfect <33

  2. This is awesome!!!!!!!
    “There’s fur everywhere!”
    “Do I like him? No, I do not”
    Every character is clearly there (even Toby, the silent killer!).

  3. I think they nailed everyone REALLY well. I loved fake Jim’s stare at the copier. And the fake Pam has Pam’s voice down.

    Fake Toby…always effective.

  4. YES!!! I often think about what i love more, the chiefs or the office. it’s really a toss up. this doesn’t help any, but it’s fantastic!!!!!!

  5. oh man this is amazing! the guys who played toby and dwight and the girl who played pam all nailed it =)

  6. This is further proof of how universal (no pun intended) and influential our favorite show is. Kudos to whoever in the Chiefs organization decided to do this…as a Texans fan I am very jealous.

  7. Hilarious :D :D All of the characters did amazing. Also, I wouldn’t mind looking at THAT receptionist every week!!! It’s almost too bad Pam is preggers and Erin is in place now… otherwise, I’d say, BRING. HER. IN!

  8. Holy cow. To have a major sports organization like the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs do an Office parody, that is AWESOME.

  9. This just proves how amazing the show is. I keep rewatching it even though I’m not a Chiefs fan. It’s hilarious!!

  10. This makes me want to watch the Chiefs this year. Video successful.

    lol I only wish they had a Kelly….

  11. I almost didn’t bother clicking on this post, thinking “I don’t know anything about football,” but I’m glad I did!

    How funny was that?! What a brilliant idea and flawless execution! Great job, KC Chiefs. When does the sequel come out?

  12. I don’t even know who the Chiefs are, but that is clever clever clever! Pam, Toby and Dwight were perfect!

  13. Now THAT was awesome. I’m still a Titans fan first, but the Chiefs just became my 2nd favorite NFL team!

  14. My hometown and my favorite show teaming together – love it! If this is the only good thing the Chiefs do this season, that’s ok.

  15. A little bonus trivia for you – the guy playing Toby in this is actually the guy that is in the KC Wolf costume and works as the mascot for the Chiefs. He’s been there the last 15 years or more…makes it even funnier!

    [from tanster: omg, that is awesome. thanks for sharing!]

  16. Cute! I just didn’t understand why at the end, the logo for the 50 years of the Kansas City Chiefs that the STATE OF TEXAS is there. Uh, did I miss something while taking Texas History?

  17. Awesome, and that’s coming from a Broncos fan. As far as the Texas thing goes, the Chiefs were originally in Dallas and known as the Texans before they moved to KC.

  18. fake angela’s comment about the fur reminded me of “there is poop raining from the ceiling. poop!” and of course fake toby was awesome. very well done!

  19. That was by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched! I needed a good laugh too and that did not disappoint (sry KC I’m an Eagles fan!)

  20. That…was…awesome!! It was really funny and I loved how they paid attention to detail (Jim’s faces, Dwight’s mustard shirt, etc.)! The only downside, I’m a Saints girl!

  21. To answer Ginger’s question, the Kansas City Chiefs were originally the “Dallas Texans” of the American Football League before they moved to Kansas City.

  22. Absolutely terrific! Awesome parody, getting every little detail just right. Style points, KC!

  23. Thanks for posting this again. We here in KC are proud of our Chiefs today! Plus, it was nice to watch this again.

  24. Though I’m a KC girl myself, I’m in the minority around here…I don’t watch football at all.

    However, since I LURVE the Office and I support anything KC that was super awesome and very, very funny. Thanks for posting it!

    I had no idea it was even made! I’m gonna go watch it again…

  25. Darn it, Tanster, I came over here to find an escape from the rut I’ve been in since my Steelers laid an egg this afternoon… did you REALLY have to repost this?! ;)

  26. LOL!!
    That was hilarious Tanster, thanks for posting this. :)
    I loved “Toby,” he was perfect!
    I totally think The Office should guest star the Kansas City Chiefs in their next episode. :) J/K, but wouldn’t that be nice?

  27. I don’t even watch football but this? THIS is enough for me to seriously consider it. They nailed everyone perfectly! That was brilliant!

  28. I am a HUGE Steelers fan and after seeing this it kind of makes it ok that the Chiefs beat them on Sunday… kind of!

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