Mindy Kaling throws a party

TVGuide.com talks to Mindy Kaling about tonight’s episode, Diwali, which she wrote.

I love this quote:

The thing about our show is whenever there’s like a sweet moment, we have to counter it with a grotesque moment. Otherwise we become the sort of maudlin sitcom that we as writers hate. We don’t ever want to be the show with the “very special moment,” or where two characters understand each other finally. It has to be cut with something that’s not right, so we can “reset the order of the universe.”

Read Mindy Kaling Throws a Surprise-filled Office Party!

SPOILER WARNING! The article is a little spoilerish. Read at your own risk.


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT!!! It seems like its going to be a little like Booze Cruise in a way.

  2. So this part seemed to be where Mindy shows she’s alot like Kelly-
    TVGuide.com: Are you pro or con Mandy Moore?
    Kaling: Oh, my god, I am like so in love with Mandy Moore. She has the most perfect skin I have ever seen.

    It was a great article!!

  3. I’m really looking forward to the episode-I love it when all of them are together, out of the office setting. And the notion of Carol as a cheerleader has me cracking up!

  4. well apparently according to the dvd commentary, kelly’s character evolved due to mindy’s somewhat real life personality ( obviously an exaggeration)

  5. I am so excited that they compared this to Casino Night. That must mean it’s going to be amazing!

  6. I bet that this one is going to be really great tonite!! I watched the yahoo clips and they were alreday hilarious!

  7. “TVGuide.com: What’s your take: Are Kelly and Ryan sleeping together?
    Kaling: The feeling among the writers is that Kelly is into the romance of it, and Ryan is in it for the physical.”

    That’s pretty much what I’d assumed. (Why else would Ryan put up with Kelly?) Fun to have it confirmed, though.

  8. Mindy is so great :) I, too, am super excited for tonight’s episode!

    I mean, of course it’s going to be good! She did write The Injury.

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