Yahoo preview clips of ‘Diwali’

Yahoo TV has posted a whopping SEVEN preview clips of this Thursday’s episode, Diwali.

Click here, click NBC in the left column, and then click ‘The Office.’

SPOILER WARNING! If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch. Comments may contain spoilers as well.

Thanks, Angelica, for the tip!

P.S. “Carolyn”? Get your characters straight, Yahoo peeps!


  1. wow, they put out a lot of clips.
    but i can’t play the last one.
    wonder why. does anyone else have this problem?

  2. nevermind, i got it to work.
    michael did really good in making a diwali version of the hanukkah song.

  3. Yeah, I had to refresh a few times to see them, but I didn’t watch the last two because I’d rather wait until tomorrow.

  4. Agh good i thought I was the only one who tries not to watch the previews.
    It’s so hard though!

  5. hmm it doesn’t seem to be loading. maybe that’s a sign that I should even be wanting to watch these!

  6. Wow.

    I feel like I just watched half the episode. Bad me for watching all that. I should have just waited til tomorrow…

    (They are funny, though!)

  7. Thats about a quarter of the episode.
    5:34 give or take about 20 seconds.
    The song is hilarious. I’m really excited. Did anyone notice at the end of the scene with the song, Merideth is clearly quite drunk? Its funny.
    Also, Yahoo, thanks for the clips but, mistakes galore.
    Ellie instead of Kelly. Carolyn instead of Carol. Then they refer to it as the Diwali religion. Come on, guys.

  8. I’m also not going to watch these clips. Although, I’ve already seen 2 minutes from the other preview and heard the mp3 of the song. But still this is overkill!

  9. Tanster, any chance that in the future you can avoid including the titles of the clips in the post? Hyper-spoiler-avoiders may object.

  10. screw not wanting to be spoiled, I’m gonna miss this episode to watch my little bro get his black belt.

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