Mindy Kaling visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

limonada: Is Lee Greg’s Ryan?
Mindy Kaling: Yes. Lee is greg’s Ryan. exactly.
Mindy Kaling: Grandy has a head of hair on him though.
ChillisBannedMe: hahahaha that’s great

jims_penguin: i saw you and BJ at a couple of stand up shows. You two are adorable
Mindy Kaling: Thanks Jims_penguin

Mindy Kaling: Gene looks like Adrien Brody
Danny: except less hobo like
Mindy Kaling: Jen got really thin this season. She is our new boss and doesn’t eat enough.
tanster: oh no!
Mindy Kaling: She looks really good but soon clumps of her hair will fall out due to lack of food and she will look bad
Cal: That’s not good.
Mindy Kaling: I’m tellin ya!
jims_penguin: How can Jen not eat with all that good craft service
MNFan: Have Jenna bring her some brownies!
Mindy Kaling: Anxiety makes her burn things off faster, I guess.
Mindy Kaling: For the record, Ed is extremely handsome. It’s so weird how different Ed and Andy are!

sorano916: Rainn posted a picture on Twitter of Andy Rodderick on set. Do y’all get a lot of random people visiting?
Mindy Kaling: Oh yeah! I met Andy Roddick today!
Denise (ddker): he’s from omaha!
limonada: Was he just visiting? Is he a big fan?
Mindy Kaling: Not that many randoms. tanster can attest (atanstertest?) our set is in the middle of nowhere and kind of sketchy
kalsop: do random celebrities often just drop by?
tanster: yep. scary neighborhood
Mindy Kaling: I think Andy Roddick and Rainn worked together somehow (maybe they are both members of Rainn’s creepy new celeb startup religion)
tanster: lol

Mindy Kaling: This is the most fun ever, by the way
Mindy Kaling: :up
Cal: You should do it more often!
Mindy Kaling: I wish I had more to say!
The Fire Gal: I love that you have taken the time to talk to us! Thank you, thank you! :D
Kate: we love having you here!

Mindy Kaling: Let’s meet back every day, twice a day, for the next few years.
tanster: done!
jinx: works for me
Jaime: I have no problem with that.
jinx: works for me
Jaime: I have no problem with that.
Mindy Kaling: I used to read Mike’s chats (or were they interviews?) on here
Mindy Kaling: He’s so good at this kind of thing

limonada: Any dates on the next episode of House Poor?
Mindy Kaling: Oh! House Poor! No, I don’t think so…
aklarkin: House Poor is hilarious!
tanster: really? aw man. i thought it was going to be a series
Mindy Kaling: Thanks guys. It took Les and I a lot of time just to shoot that 2 minute short!
limonada: Just the one episode?
Mindy Kaling: Me too. No time. with our 4000 episode order.

tanster: speaking of which, how are we doing for time, mindy?
Mindy Kaling: I thought we’d go until 6?
Mindy Kaling: Is that cool with you guys?
tanster: alrighty

Mindy Kaling: By the way, tanster, never told you what a great job you did moderating the Paley thing!
tanster: awww, thank you mindy! that was an awesomely great night.

tanster: here’s one q that i also was wondering about, re: ‘Lecture Circuit’:
fancynewbailey: I don’t know if you can answer this, but I was curious. At the end of Lecture Circuit, was Pam lying to Michael about Holly’s letter?
Mindy Kaling: Someone else asked me that too!
Mindy Kaling: No, I do not believe that was our intention to say that Pam was lying.
tanster: yeah, there was definitely a lot of fan discussion about was she or wasn’t she lying
Mindy Kaling: I think it would be too cruel, ultimately

Mindy Kaling: And Amy’s coming back!
tanster: for sure?! woo!
aklarkin: Yeah!!
Teheheman: Sweetski
Denise (ddker): yay! when?
Amee: Yay!
limonada: Michael has gone through so much. I hope that doesn’t break his brain
Kenna: Yay, Amy!!
Kate: I loved her!


  1. Was that fun to read or what??!! Thanks so much for transcribing that awesome chat, Tanster. So wonderful! I love Mindy Kaling’s writing, and her voice and humor really shine in the episodes she writes. I’d seriously be excited to read her grocery shopping list, I’m sure it would make me laugh. It’s so sweet how generous she is to stop by and say hi to us fans. Many thanks!

  2. Thanks for coming in, Mindy! I’m always up for some good fashion talk, lol.

    As for the shorts, hot. What Cat Woman would wear shopping for groceries.

  3. One of the best celeb chats ever….. haha i felt bad for the guys in the room though! We got pretty girlie in there pretty quick!

    My computer had issues halfway through so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the transcript!!(although I have almost gotten caught reading it twice now at work instead of actually working. haha)

    Mindy Kaling complimenting your screen name = priceless

  4. funner than a fashion show at lunch

    mindy you are so sweet for talking to us fans

    the transcript was so funny!

  5. Thank you so much! I love that Mindy writes like she thinks and talks, which cracks me up. Those shorts with heels are weird – definitely NOT hot. They look unnatural and I don’t like the style of either of them. Save your money Mindy and thank you for being awesome!

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that The Office’s cast and writers come in here to chat. specially since mindy was still at WORK! we are the luckiest fans ever.

  7. Mindy, those shorts are hawt :) I love love love them and can’t wait to hear more about the stuff you buy! Keep up the awesome work on The Office and thank you for giving fans a better look at one of the best shows on television.

    Thanks, Tanster, for the transcript and for being awesome. This job is tough, but you make it look so easy :)

    [from tanster: my pleasure! :) ]

  8. Mindy is so sweet! She seems so funny and down-to-earth.

    If you ever see this, Mindy, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  9. I LOVE MINDY. Wow. She’s so much fun and an awesome writer. Her episodes are always some of the most hilarious through the course of a season. And how cool is it to have Idris Elba on the show? Stringer Bell was pretty much my favorite character on The Wire and that is the only show other than Arrested Development that I’ve watched as religiously as I do with The Office. Aahh, I’m so excited!!

  10. I’ve been thinking about those shorts….. I know. It’s an annoying work day. Clothes are so much more fun to think about.

    I LOVE the shoes… but I feel the shorts need to be a different material. Cute look though.

  11. Thanks for getting the transcript up so quickly Tanster! (I missed the chat by probably about 10-15 minutes :P).

    Leesa- Me too! I’ve been hoping for her to come back ever since she left.

  12. I’m sad I missed this! Thanks for transcribing it Tanster, as always you are THE BEST!

    And love the little tid-bits you threw in there Mindy about what to look forward to with the show coming up this spring. (YEAH AMY RYAN! CAN’T WAIT!!)
    Thanks for chatting Mindy, if you read this, I think you are awesome and thanks for doing this for your fans!!!

  13. Ryan and Kelly getting married? Yes please! I hope she wasn’t just joking, I always thought that would be funny.

  14. yay! Thanks Mindy for the awesome chat and spoilers! Idris–YOWZA! So jealous.
    I agree with Mindy about Jim buying the house, my man would be sleeping in that house alone haha.
    I can’t wait to see what Pam has in store for us in the upcoming episodes. Also great to hear Ryan is coming back. Ack! why does there have to be reruns?:(

  15. That looks like so much fun! Can someone please tell me how I can create an account? Every time I try to click on the create an account link on the chat it never works.

  16. I’m so sorry I missed this live but I’m thrilled to read the transcript. Major big thanks to Mindy and Tanster; this was awesome!

    The Office writers are so nice to us fans…

  17. I was about to go to bed when I thought “I haven’t checked OT all day…I’ll just click on over there real quick”. And there’s this! Totally made my night! Mindy is so awesome(also, whenever I type “mindy” into my iPhone it changes it to “money”, which, although annoying, is actually quite appropriate LOL)

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