Kate Flannery cheers the tired masses

From Tallyhead Steph: “Kate Flannery made a very awesome guest appearance at UCLA this past weekend. It was our annual Dance Marathon … in which students fundraise and commit to staying on their feet for 26 straight hours to raise money to help fight pediatric AIDS! It was so great of her to show her support! Here’s the video I took of her speech!”


  1. That is so great! I love how humanitarian (and human) the Office cast is. Congrats UCLA on your dance marathon!

    Kate Flannery, if you are reading this, next year please come visit the east coast for the Penn State Dance Marathon! It was this past weekend as well, and the students raised $7.49 million for kids with cancer. THON is a 46-hour dance marathon (no sitting, no sleeping, no kidding), and it also is one of the most beautiful events you will ever experience. I know the Penn State community would love to have you there!

  2. Wow…GOOD JOB to all those at UCLA who danced for 26 straight hours!! I love hearing stories about the good people in the world. And Kate Flannery is awesome.

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