1. I don’t think I’m in the demographic these are aimed at, but I don’t care. I really like them a lot.

    And even cartoon Kitty Pam is cute.

  2. Thanks tan :)
    I don’t know Diana, but I got booted a few months back from the “coveted” 18-34 set advertisers love. Now I get junk mail from AARP.

  3. Diana: this batch is awesome as well. Sorry, but I still can’t believe a 14 year old drew these. Impressive.

  4. These look great.

    Didn’t Creed say the chicken soup line though? That looks a lot like the Dwight in the huggy hugs.

  5. Calvin, Dwight says that line in “The Injury.” I think you’re thinking of Creed saying ‘Somebody making soup?’ in “The Carpet.”

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