The Weekend Tally


  1. Why don’t you host a contest where we submit ideas for new episodes you and the guy from Northern Attack (I forgot his name, sorry!) pick the best one?

    P.S. Im sorry if this contest has already been done before.

  2. I think the episode names contest is a great idea! I would even take it one step further and ask us to submit a brief, one or two line TV Guide-type teaser/summary for the episode.

  3. Actually, Diana, I have thought of a fan art contest! Like possibly replacing the OT banner. I’ll see what I can do … :)

  4. What about having everyone pick, let’s say, five songs they would include on an Office mix tape. It can be a specific theme or a general fun around The Office theme or whatever.

  5. I’m watching Reno 911! right now and also the guy who plays Todd Packer is in the episode. He plays a guy working at a Ted Nuget concert that a couple of the officers are doing security at. And Oscar is, of course, hilarious in the episode!

  6. Contest: Fan art would be fun. For the banner or icons…

    Or an Office haiku contest, about a favorite episode, scene or quote.

    Or “Office Pets”: choose a character on the show and name & describe a pet that they might own. (ok that one’s a little weird.)

  7. I saw Oscar’s original guest spot on Reno 911 rerun a couple of months ago where he was conning the Sheriff’s department and it cracked me all the heck up. It was so funny to see “Spanish” Mike back. Oscar was just too hilarious last night. “There are many levels of pain. You haven’t even gotten to the welcome mat.”

    An aside, I watched The Italian job the other day and was reminded of Oscar’s small role in that. Too cool!

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