1. Eh, I wasn’t a big fan of the song. I guess the ending was sweet. I did like the refreshment of seeing a video in Pam’s perspective rather then the hundreds that are from Jim’s. It was an ok video for me.

  2. The ending was very sweet. It’s just the more I watch these JAM videos, the more I think, “What is Pam’s problem? Jim is sooo much better than Roy.”

    Maybe season 3 we’ll see a new side of Roy that will show why on earth Pam has stayed with him for so long.

  3. Very nicely done.

    Who’s looking forward to more JAM clips from new episodes? I have every one to-date permanently seared into my brain. Probably my fault…

  4. I didn’t care for the song but the video was just beautiful at that touch at the end, very “awww” worthy!

  5. I’m thinking agentscarn scored some lovin’ for throwing that ending on there.

    garbagethrower, that did make me look forward to new vids from new eps. by the way, the meaning behind your name finally just clicked for me, which is sad since it’s one of my favorite lines in the show

  6. “the meaning behind your name finally just clicked for me”

    Brian–that’s ok. But I got yours right away.

  7. I’m glad most of you liked it. It does mean a lot to me. I make my videos for you all. Esther had requested that I add her as a friend on myspace. I normally do not approve bands, but for some reason I went to her page and seen my first JAM video “We Belong Together” on her music page. Her song “Amazed” started playing. She had no idea that I was going to do this. She’s just a music teacher. She’s not trying to push her albums or anything. It seemed appropriate for me to make another tribute using her song. Peace.


    Thank you so much for putting this up. :0)

  8. Oh it’s a really nice video. I love all the Jam videos that are so full of hope for these two, but I’m afraid we’ll all be disappointed come next season.

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