More Office videos from Kristin!

Oh boy, just when you thought we couldn’t be whipped into any more of a frenzy, here comes Kristin Veitch of E! with more videos from the Office set!

You can find all the videos in her column, but here is your direct access pass:

  • Video 1: A compilation of all the separate interviews from Kristin’s Vine show. This was posted here at OT a few days ago. Watch here.
  • Video 2: Discussion and reenactment of The Kiss. Watch here.
  • Video 3: John describes Jenna’s newly inflated ego, and Jenna retaliates with a secret about John! Watch here.
  • Video 4: Steve makes John cry. And cry. And cry. Watch here.
  • Video 5: Rainn talks about what’s coming up for Dwight and the rest of the Schrute clan. Watch here.


  1. Great stuff. Maybe they’ll get some of these on the season 3 DVDs next summer. :) It’s sweet how well they get along and make each other laugh off camera, thanks for the links as always. :D

  2. I have to admit, Kristin was impressively quick on her feet for these round of interviews, especially since the Office folks seem to improvise at the drop of a hat. (I mean, when John started his whole ‘Jenna is a diva bit,’ Jenna jumped right into it and played along without missing a beat!)

    If I ever get to meet the cast in person (which would be the ultimate dream come true), I think it would take every fiber of my being to stay grounded and focused. :)

  3. Tanster,

    Just wanted to let you know there is a very cute (short) John Krasinski article from Elle magazine here that you might want to post if you haven’t already.

  4. Awesome. Watching those funny funny people and their banter is like watching another episode of The Office. This post made my day…seriously.

  5. I’m sorry, but I really like Kristen. She’s not as annoying as people say she is. Ok, anyways, the chemestry between John and Jenna is incredible. Seriously.
    No love from B.J?
    I love Steve Carrell. I actually had noticed that he wrote that episode. Which means he wrote the kiss. And the confession. So, yeah. He’s awesome.
    As is Rainn. I’m going for Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refidgeration to get married, or Kevin and Stacy.

  6. To state the oh-so-obvious, John is just way too hot. I seriously do NOT know how I am going to make it through Season 3 without fainting.

  7. I can’t stop watching those videos. They are too cute for words. It’s going to tak all my strength NOT to go to Van Nuys while I’m in Cali later this month. I would be so embarassed if I got caught stalking.

  8. Cool! I just watched the kiss reenactment and Jenna sorta answered a question I sent her on myspace. I asked if they shot the confession and kiss on the same day and if not how they kept the momentum going.

    Those are super cute videos!

  9. As far as casting for babies…my money is on Angela getting knocked up. I think there was some foreshadowing in Drug Testing with “you’re not on…anything?”

  10. Ok, I’ve mentioned this before (and no one cares who doesn’t share the problem) but ughhhhhh! It is torture to have these great clips and have them be nearly unviewable on my Apple. Gonna have to find a PC. Tricky though. “Hey buddy, can I come over and watch an E! clip at your house?” “Yeah sure.” (loser). They just wouldn’t understand. But I tell you, I’m almost to that point.

  11. Jennifer, I think that the look Angela gave Dwight after he said, “You’re not on anything?” meant that she is on birth control but just couldn’t say in front of the other accountants.

  12. Thanks, tanster! I cannot seem to get enough of these videos. Laugh out loud funny. I especially love seeing John and Jenna together – genius casting on someone’s part.

  13. Ok. Basically i ditto everyone above. These clips are absolutely wonderful! The cast is so much fun to watch! They have such great chemistry! And John when he was embarrassed: too adorable. That clip has to be my favorite, seeing John and Jenna poke fun at each other. Loved these clips!

  14. lola: please let me know what operating system you’re on and what browser!

  15. Those videos are awesome! Thanks so much for providing a direct access pass to all of us Office fanatics!

  16. :( It’s too bad these aren’t saveable. I’m tempted to get my video camera and record them off the computer. lol

  17. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. oh, and thank you! I love those on-set interviews so much! Now I’m anticipating season three MUCH more than school!

  18. Oh my god, I love you for posting this, thank you.

    Haha, so much funny stuff in there!

    Jenna Fischer: Hey, I worked with Will Ferril over the summer on a huge movie, how was your summer?

    John Krasinski: Wow, uhhh.. pretty good, pretty good.

    interviewer: so you’re pretty competitive.

    Jenna Fischer: I am, and I find its a good thing, but hey, John here did a movie over the summer with Mandy Moore and Robin Williams, and for the ladies… I here he finally takes his shirt off….

    John Krasinski: Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that..
    Hey STEVE, do YOU have a bobblehead???

  19. Someone ask Jenna to finish her thought about the curly Haired Pam! John interupted her before we could here about it! Is is a perm? Is it done with curlers?

    What a fantastic heads up on some wonderful, funny, and cute vids! How do you keep up with all this stuff? How do you even find this stuff? You are a true OFFICE Fanatic! I too am a “DUNDERHEAD” (That’s a good thing) but I can’t be everywhere at once like you! Your site is so awesome!

    Oh, back to the vids. Remember when Jenna Blogged for TV Guide last year? Remember the TV Guide Channel’s funny tour of the OFFICE set (behind the scenes)?
    This “Kristin on E” interview is just like that! Wonder where I can find a video online of that TV Guide “OFFICE” tour from last year???? Also, if anyone knows the real answer to Jenna’s Hair question let me know! Thanks!

    Gary “The Bobblehead”
    Dunderhead Journeyman First Class

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