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john krasinski elle

I know this news is a little old for some of you Office fanatics, but I was trying to hold out until I could get my own copy of the magazine. No such luck …

John Krasinski appears in the September issue of Elle magazine. For a big beautiful scan of the article, head on over to Jenn’s post over at the LiveJournal Office community.

Update 9/4: peopleareshapes at the LiveJournal Office community has posted previously unpublished photos from the Elle shoot. Check out the photos here.

Icon courtesy of jessmccartney.


  1. Now, I have certainly always thought John was adorable, but that picture of him – WOW!! Funny, I had just rewatched the pilot episode again a couple of days ago and realized then that he is even way more good-looking than when they first started.

  2. I ditto everything everyone is saying so far in that Krasinski is an extremely handsome man. I have yet to buy my copy of the magazine but i WILL buy one!

    Oh, and i agree. I didn’t think it was possible that John could get hotter. I stand corrected.

  3. Stupid question, but which issue of “Elle” is it? I mean, I know it’s the September issue, but who’s on the cover? It’s not the one with Kiera Knightly, is it? Because that’s the only copy of Elle I can currently find but it’s the August issue and I didn’t think John’s piece appeared in it…

  4. Yes, LL is on the cover, thanks. I just got the magazine today, it’s a “special” extra-large issue so it was worth buying. (Then again, I’d have bought it anyways, just as long as John was in it. I’m such a fangirl.)

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