NBC Store update

First of all, I am excited to announce that the NBC Office Store is now offering OfficeTally readers 5% off all Office products! Every day. For the next year. Woo!

Here’s a sampling of their items:

the office
Dunder Mifflin
Warehouse Shirt
$32 $30.40
the office
Dunder Mifflin
Baseball Cap
$22 $20.90
the office
Stretchy Shrinky Toy
$15 $14.25

Just click the NBCStore graphic in the sidebar to start shopping — the discount will be applied at checkout after you enter your billing/shipping addresses.

Thank you, NBC Store!

An exciting update on new products after the jump …

The Office Michael Scott Bobblehead

Michael Scott Talking Bobblehead
Remember when I talked about this, way back in December? You thought I was making it up, didn’t you? Hopefully this exclusive photo will convince you that it’s real …

Dundie Awards
The NBC Store says “The Dundie Award should be available this fall and will have interchangeable name plates, so you can choose which Dundie Award you want displayed.”

Cast Mini Bobbleheads
“We are working with the company that made the original Dwight (that appears on the show) to make one prototype for each of the regular cast members. Once we have those, we will turn those into mini-bobbleheads for the full cast (16 in total). There are still many steps in the process, we are shooting for an early 2008 release.”

The Michael Scott Talking Bobblehead and Dundie Awards will be available soon. Possibly during a certain event in late October …


  1. I can’t wait for the Dundies to be available. I’d buy one now if I could.

    2 – Probably the Office fan convention in Scranton in October.

  2. I’m glad that they’re working on adding new stuff and that they’re taking care of your readers with the discount. That’s cool :)

  3. How fun! I’ve been wanting Michael’s desk toy, and hte dundies and bobbleheads look awesome. Tanster, you’re the best!

  4. Does anyone know how tall the mini bobbleheads will be? Small enough for my Dwight bobblehead to make them look like freakish midgets, perhaps? :)

  5. Full…cast…

    And you just know I’m setting them up on my desk according to where they sit.

  6. Thats nice that there will be a discount for the whole year. I’m excited about the bobble heads! How great! Also, no I don’t regret my Target edition at all, since I can buy my own dundie. :)

  7. Its pretty easy to make your own Dundie Award – just go to any little trophy shop, they pretty much all have the same selection. I recommend getting the bowler if they run out of the office worker.

  8. Yay! I was just thinking how much my mini-Dwight needs friends… I will buy them all, I swear! The Dwight one is so cute and fits perfectly in my little cubicle. I’m so excited. And how cool is that Michael one, the mug and everything.

  9. If for some reason the discount doesn’t pop up, you can write ‘officetallycom’ in the box and it will apply it.

  10. Wow that is so cool. I’m excited about the Michael talking bobble head, but more excited about mini bobbleheads of the whole cast (and that’s a LOT of cast members)! I’m glad NBC still loves the show to do all this stuff and you know we’d all buy it!!

  11. This is great! What a happy Friday it is for me! I can’t wait for the mini-bobbleheads and for the talking Michael bobblehead! They will happily join my grown Dwight and mini-Dwight bobbleheads! Yay!

  12. OF COURSE NBC’s giving OfficeTally a discount! That’s amazing… the power of a little fan based website. I love it. Also my mini Dwight needs friends as well. haha Can’t wait to see all the bobbleheads. I know what Santa needs to bring me this year – and it ain’t from Victoria’s Secret. haha

  13. Did NBC give you the final word on what quotes will be included with the Michael Scott Bobblehead?

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