The Office Season 3 DVD Buying Guide

Release Date: Tuesday, September 4th

Here’s a summary of stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office best buy ad

Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit —
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Dundie Award (about 7 inches tall), Dwight Schrute Mini-Bobblehead (about 3 inches tall), and Welcome Aboard letter. Minimum 18 per store. No rainchecks.

Buy Online:

Link: Photos of Best Buy’s Package

The Office Target Deluxe Edition

Target Deluxe Edition —

Includes: brown “Nifty Gifty” cover, shooting draft of ‘Gay Witch Hunt,’ and a 23-min cast Q&A at the Museum of Television and Radio (fifth disc). Quantities limited; no rainchecks.

Link: Photos of Target’s Deluxe Edition

The Office Circuit City

Circuit City Bundle —
(ask to match the $29.99 online price; some Tallyheads have gotten it!)

Includes: mousepad with picture of The Office cast

Link: Photo of Circuit City bundle

The Office Costco

Costco Bundle —

Includes: The Office Seasons 1, 2, 3 and a small soft-side lunchbag/cooler with Dunder Mifflin logo

Link: Photo of Costco bundle

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Best Buy Welcome Aboard Kit

The Office Best Buy Package

The Office Best Buy Package

More Best Buy Package links: Photos

Target Deluxe Edition

The Office Target

More photos of the Target Deluxe Edition: 1 | 2 | 3

Circuit City bundle

The Office

Costco bundle

The Office

Other stores that sell The Office Season 3 DVD, standard edition

  • Circuit City — $29.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • — $31.99
    Includes: free shipping
    Buy Online:
  • Walmart, $31.87
    Buy Online:
  • Sam’s Club, $31.44

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been on the fence about which edition to buy… I think I’m gonna go with the Target special edition. I’d love to know how long the Paley Fest footage is, too; I remember reading somewhere that the Target special edition of the Heroes DVDs had 45 minutes worth of their Paley Fest footage, so I’m guessing the same for The Office?

  2. I just want to know if the Target brown cover is the only cover you get, because I’d like the extra footage, but I still want the cover with all the actors. The brown cover is pretty boring. Hoping it might just fit over the regular cover. Anyone know?

  3. I just ordered the DVD from Amazon. For some reason, it says the ship date is September 10. I’m hoping that’s a typo. If it doesn’t ship tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll just cancel the order and go buy it somewhere else.

  4. I’m gonna have to go with the Target edition. I was there for Paley Fest and to have that night captured on DVD would mean more to me than the Dundie and mini bobblehead. I believe the Q&A session went about an hour (lame moderator and all), but Jennie might know for sure. Thanks for the info!!!

  5. no way i’m paying an extra $18 just for a few bonus toys…it’s the bargain-basement Amazon deal for me!

  6. Jacki, I had preordered the Amazon version over a month ago, and it still told me as of two days ago that it wouldn’t ship to me until the 13th or later. So I canceled and wrote them a letter explaining why. what’s the use of preordering if I don’t get it on time?

  7. For those who will be purchasing the DVD in Canada, the cheapest prices I have found so far are at $39.96 (with free shipping) and Futureshop who are offering it at $39.99 (in store and on their site). If anyone has seen a special edition or a better price, could they please post? Thanks!

  8. Well, I pre-ordered my S3 from Amazon weeks ago, and it’ll do just fine. I already have a Dwight bobblehead, anyway, so it wouldn’t be worth the difference for a Dundy. But thanks for posting the info!

  9. I loves me some desk toys, so I bought the Best Buy gift set. (That, and I bought the “Severance Package” last year and want a collection of all the sets.)

    Josh (#9) I’m not sure about the store limit, but you can order it online if you’re not sure you’ll make it to Best But on the day of its release. That’s what I’ve done both years.

  10. Thanks for posting this info! I forgot about Paley being on the Target version…that’s where I’ll be tomorrow morning :)

  11. why do they release different sets to different stores. i would prefer the target version, but the fact that i cant order it online makes it difficult to acquire. i dont understand why they wouldnt relase all sets to the widest possible audience. this and the whole itunes deal makes me nervous about NBC…

  12. If you order the best buy edition online today, it’s only $42, and I’m sure later in the day they’ll have in store pick up.

  13. So hard to choose. And I did not see ‘Schrute Buck’ in the description of the Best Buy package. I want to earn Schrute Bucks more than anything!

  14. I’m leaning towards Target because I really want the Paley footage, but I’m still confused by the cover.

    Also, why does their ad say ‘Both have the Q&A’ under Exclusive Deluxe Editions?

  15. Anyone have any idea why it says ‘Both have the Q&A…’ under Target’s ad? The cover’s also confusing to me too. I’m leaning towards Target, but the cover might be enough to set me back. =/

  16. Damn, if I want the Target edition, I’m going to have to wait a week….I really want to see the Q&A thing. I freaking hate how NBC does this. They are so money hungry! They’ve done it with Heroes too! At least they sold FNL cheap….

  17. WooHoo I’m gonna get the Best Buy one. I’ve been saving my gc and coupon for this special occasion! ^___^

  18. Josh, it says 18 minimum per store. Don’t feel bad — I had to re-read it because I almost panicked a little. I’m sure the number will vary per store according to location, but I’m going to be at Best Buy when it opens so I don’t miss out. :)

  19. I just noticed, though…the Target one says Exclusive Deluxe Editions. Plural! Does anyone know what the difference is?

  20. GOD, I AM SOOOOO TORN!!! I’m planning on buying the best buy gift set, but I really want the paley fest!! What to do?!

  21. I was really hoping they were going to put the second season on sale, too. I lost my second season, and I didn’t want to get it again unless it was on sale.

    Every store has the previous Nip/Tuck seasons on sale, why not The Office?

    I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow and buying it. I’m a sucker for a couple of cool toys, just like last year.

  22. Anyone know if the Circuit City price in-store is also $29.99? I’d love to get the Best Buy special edition, but I better go for the cheapest instead.

    Josh, it’s just a guarantee of at least 18 at each Best Buy. They probably have a lot more than that.

  23. Man… I would really love a tiny Dundie and a bobble head but I was at Paley and I MUST have a copy of that.

  24. #9 Josh, it’s 18 minimum per store. So I guess it depends on the store, but each will have at least 18.

  25. I’m really torn on this one. With Best Buy being on sale, it’s a question of spending $10 more for the goodies.

    Then again, I’d love to see the Paley stuff, but it doesn’t seem like that good a deal.

  26. Josh: 18 is the minimum amount that any Best Buy should get… each store will be different. The Best Buy that I work at got 30, but in the city some of them got 100. So, it all depends on the Best Buy… but each store should start out with at least 18.

  27. Not cool that none of the special stuff is available in Canada! NBC always seems to forget that they have fans here too!

  28. According to Target’s site their edition not only includes the Q & A but also has an episode script and deleted scenes (I’m guessing these are extra deleted scenes not on the standard edition). So I’ll be getting the Target edition tomorrow.

    [from tanster: Chris, do you have a link for this? thanks!]

  29. I’m getting the Best Buy edition for sure! I wanna display mini-bobble head Dwight and the Dundie Award on on my desk proudly. :) Oh man, can’t wait, whoohoo!!!!

  30. Well, I’m making the big bucks (yeah, right), so I’ll be getting both exclusives. =P No, need to be torn.

  31. You know Paley actually puts some of the panels on DVD. LOST, Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. But that’s it, and those are a couple years old. Why don’t they put them all on DVD. I’d buy them. The Simpson’s panel would be pretty cool to have.

  32. I’ve been saving up my money expecting different exclusives again. I’ll be buying both tomorrow.

    I’ve also been told by my dad who works at Costco that they’ll have some sort of exclusive of all three seasons that comes with a lunchbox. That’s all I know. But, knowing how Costco’s exclusives are, it’s probably worthless.

  33. I’ll be getting both the Best Buy package and the Target package. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Dundie and here’s my chance and I certainly have to have the Paley Fest footage since I was there. My brother wants the DVD as well, so I’ll be taking the extras out of the Target package and giving him what’s left over, so win-win!

  34. To everybody wondering about the “both deluxe editions” bit on the target ad–that little bubble appears between The Office & nip/tuck, so nip/tuck is the second deluxe edition–not another Office.

  35. Something I hated in Season 2 was the packaging for the DVD’s how they were all spilling over the edge of each other.

    Is it the same for Season 3?

  36. 36 | JJ

    Best Buy does have Office s2 on sale, they’re just not really advertising it. It says online only, but I saw it on sale in-store yesterday. $24.99:


  37. I’m not sure if I’m happy or not that we don’t get this choice of editions in Canada — It kind of sucks that we only get the bog-standard version, but at least I only have to shop around for the best price!

    Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!!

  38. so there’s something more than just the Paley Q & A in the Target edition? If there are other deleted scenes and an episode script, I may just have to make an effort to get to a Target tomorrow!

  39. Anybody pre-ordered thru Universial? I did and now it’s BACKORDERED. Sigh. I’m cancelling that and picking it up somewhere else.

  40. This is how much of an Office freak I am–I said I had a doctor appointment tomorrow morning so I’d be late…when I’m really stopping at Target on my way into work!! It will drive me insane sitting at work all day while the dvd is in my car.

  41. “Season 3 has a separate case for each disc for anyone who is wondering. :-)”
    are you serious?
    thats awesome the packaging for season 2 was total crap having to take one disk out to get to another is retarded

  42. Found some old Best Buy gift cards and went for online ordering. $42.99 sale price plus tax and $1.99 shipping, should have it by end of week or sooner. Have to go to work tomorrow, no time to get to store when it opens. Thanks Santa.

  43. This decision isn’t too hard for me.

    I received the Dwight bobblehead last x-mas….and I made myself and my friends our own “Dundies” for my season 3 finale party.

    Looks like Target is the winner!!!

    (But that box thing looks pretty cool….)

  44. argh. too bad best buy doesn’t sell the package in canada. and it doesn’t ship to canada. poopers.

  45. Well I am going to return something at Best Buy tomorrow, so I will try to pick the box set up. Even though I have the whole season on iTunes.

  46. I’m guessing they’re not separate cases. Some of the people that got S3 on DVD, got it from working at Blockbuster, and they have different “rental packaging.”

    I’ve finally decided on Best Buy with making my younger brother give me a few bucks so he can have the mini-bobblehead.

  47. Anyone know if the Paley Panel Discussion is available elsewhere? Other than the Target package?

  48. Sara, you’re not a freak…Mexicanity and I are actually taking the day off tomorrow so we can buy the dvd sets early and watch all the extra stuff in one day.

  49. Does anyone know if the in store pick up for Best Buy works? Like if a store only has 18, if I order for pick up in the morning during store hours, what are my chances I’ll actually get one of these special kits?! Damn I wish I could take off work!

  50. If you buy one, they’ll save it for you at the customer service section. I plan to do that tomorrow because I can’t go in the morning due to school.

  51. Hi guys. Love the site.

    Does anybody know when the Season 3 DVD will be released in Australia? I checked out Sanity and Big W today, but they had no idea when it was even being released, let alone having a copy.

    Cheers in advance!

  52. Best Buy online is sold out of the special edition with the Dundie and Mini Bobblehead. The site did allow me to buy it for in-store pick-up. I just hope it is ready to go in the morning because I am beyond excited to watch it!

  53. I’m not sure when it’s coming out here Vectivus..season two was only released a few months ago!
    I’m contemplating buying from amazon..i’m not sure how much longer i can wait!!

  54. I was going to purchase it directly at the store tomorrow morning at Best Buy, but I ordered it through the link on your site (for local pickup) instead. It’s the least we can all do for all of the work you put into this site for us. People really have no idea how much work you put into the site on a daily basis, and this time of the year is when it really helps to pay for the fees it costs to keep the site online. So, thank you :)

  55. Hey Vectivus and Moni, I had to get my season 1 and 2 DVDs from Amazon. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an Aussie release. The annoying thing is that we can’t even get the other packages available. I really wanted the Best Buy one.

  56. The script is the premiere episode. I think I was the only one @ Target this morning buying it lol. The package is cool. Kind of dissapointed that the Paley is only 23 minutes. But in my experience Target special editions are well worth it.

  57. BTW, the exclusive Target version has a different cover version than the regular one; it’s the entire cast instead of what is shown on the blue cover. It’s like last year’s in the setup. No individual cases for each disc just a fold out. Also, the Palet disc is a 5th disc completely.

  58. I’m already bought my Target Deluxe Edition.
    The script is for “Gay Witch Hunt.” Not my favorite, and I would have preferred “The Job.”
    However, it is a reproduction (read “replica”) albeit a smaller one, sized to fit inside the DVD case which comes in a case like a Brown Paper Bag, marked “Nifty Gifty” The DVD set (which includes a bonus 5th disc packaged inside the case) all slides out of the top, just like a grocery bag. VERY CREATIVE!

    I’m going to go buy the Best Buy gift set after work later. The case for the Target edition is AMAZING!
    My plan is to keep the Target Version, buy the Best Buy gift set, and give the standard set inside Best Buy’s package away to a friend. That way I get the best of both worlds, and spread some Office LOVE!

  59. Just saw the Nifty Gifty package at Target – 23 minutes of Paley coverage on the bonus DVD, nothing about any additional deleted scenes & the script is from Gay Witch Hunt. I don’t think it’s worth the extra $8. I’ll settle for the $29.99 regular package at Circuit City.

  60. Bought the first copy from my local Target store this morning! Yeah…kind of a dork, but I don’t care. It’s now with me at the office to watch while I work! Yeah, like I’m going to get anything done :)

  61. The script that comes with the Nifty Gifty Target DVD is Gay Witch Hunt. I just bought mine and I can’t wait to get home from work to watch it! Also, the cover is different on the DVD case itself. It’s the picture of the cast sitting on paper boxes. Just so you know…

  62. Hey guys, I just got back from Target with my Nifty Gifty edition. Would be happy to take pics of the package/answer any questions for you all.

    The script is for Gay Witch Hunt

  63. YES!!! Finally I can watch the first half of season 3!!! got my gift box from best buy right when it opened. There were about 7 people who picked one up right after I did. I love the dundie and cant wait to put it up by my dvds. Time to sit back and LOL for endless hours.

  64. Was just at Target intending to buy the deluxe edition…however….

    1.The Paley thing is only 23 minutes long (according to the package).
    2.The shooting script is of Gay Witch Hunt, and while I haven’t seen it asked, it is a DVD-case sized booklet, not a digital version or anything.
    3.The “Nifty Gifty” thing IS a slipcover, however, I think the actual boxart must be different as well, because the top edge of it appeared brown, which isn’t present on the regular DVD release.
    4. What kept me from buying it…NO exclusive deleted scenes mentioned anywhere on the package. I’m not saying it doesn’t have any (because I didn’t buy it to confirm) but it says nothing about it anywhere on the package.

  65. The Target special edition has the script from “Gay Witch Hunt”. It does not have separate packaging for each DVD – it’s the same as season 2’s.

  66. I just went to Circuit City and when I went to check out they said it was going to be $39.99. Needless to say I went to Best Buy. That copy was for someone else anyway. I got the Best Buy box set. The guy asked if I knew the box already had the dvds in it and I really wanted to say, “Sure, but I want to get a copy for every tv in my house so I can have it running all at once.

  67. I went to Target and Best Buy this morning. The Target box says it has 23 minutes of Q & A at the Museum of TV and Radio and a shooting script from the Season 3 premiere.

    At Best Buy, there were 4 people in front of me waiting to get the exclusive Best Buy version before the doors opened at 10am, so I would imagine if you want that one, you better get there quick.

  68. My sister got the Target special edition and the script she got was for Gay Witch Hunt, My girlfriend and I are thoroughly enjoying our Dundie Award though..and the welcome letter def. makes the Best Buy limited edition worth it. haha. Awesome stuff, so excited!

  69. I got the Target set and I can confirm the script is Gay Witch Hunt. Also the Paley Q & A is about 23 minutes long, in case anyone was wodnering.

  70. I opened my Target version of the DVD’s. The outside packaging is like a brown paper bag (stiffer, though, so it can hold the DVD box). Inside is the shooting draft, dated 7/19/2006 of GWH, and the DVD box. I was scanning through it and noticed that Andy was identified as Ed throughout. Also, the cover of the DVD box is the same picture as everyone has probably seen before – the one where the whole cast is in a room with boxes of paper – Jim and Dwight are sitting on stacks of paper and Michael and Pam are kind of in the middle. Andy and Karen are not in that picture. The DVD box is set up just like season 2 – each DVD doesn’t have its own case. And there is a 5th DVD for the Paley q&a.

    Hope that helps someone.

  71. Just got the nifty Gifty set and I must say I am impressed! Comes in a great case that holds all 5 discs, and the script, well done target! The script is from the Gay witch hunt. My main concern was, usually when an extra disc comes from Target or best buy, it comes separate from the package, usually with plastic wrap. With the nifty gifty set, it comes with all of the other dvds in the same holder, excellent!

  72. To #72: The script is from Gay Witch Hunt. There are some deviations from what aired on the show. (ie it mentions a scene in which Pam runs out of the room on Casino night), but I haven’t entirely read through it yet.

    I must say that the Dundie (from the Best Buy pack) is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  73. I GOT IT!!! AHHH! I’ve never been hat excited to get a DVD set. I literally SKIPPED into Target.

  74. I got to Bust Buy at 10 (when it opened) and there were already 3 other people in line buying it! One girl even bought two. I’m glad I got there early because I would have died if I couldn’t get my Dundie (:

  75. Just picked up the Best Buy package and it’s sitting in my car waiting to be watched. I will never make it to 5:00!!!!!!!!!

  76. I’m pretty sure I got the first Season 3 DVD off the shelf at 8 a.m. Central time at the Target in south Arlington, Texas. I am so pumped to watch. I didn’t get the deluxe edition, though, just the $32 one.

  77. Is the brown paper just temporary housing for the Target version? In other words, if you removed whats ever holding the DVDs, would it look like any other copy that is non-Target, etc. I just ask cause I want to fit the discs on my bookshelf like all my other DVDs. But the Paley Q&A is tempting! That’s my main interest in buying the Target one.

  78. I got kind of mad this morning when I picked up my copy at Wal-Mart for $39! After tax it was $42! I was trying to save money…guess not.

  79. Got my Dundie and Bobblehead today! Can’t wait to watch all the deleted scenes. I was so glad to see they put the Lazy Scranton video on it!

  80. I bought mine at Best Buy today also. I LOVE IT. The packaging is so adorable. The Dundie is bigger than I expected. And I LOVE the letter from Michael, it is higgghh-larious and I want to frame it or something. lol. And I got a big kick out of the Schrute Buck!

  81. I got to Target before work and I actually had to wait about 10 minutes before the store opened. Those were the longest 10 minutes! Anywho, I was definitely the first to buy the Deluxe edition (and first sale of the day).

    I just got back from Best Buy and only saw 4 of the Deluxe versions, though I’m sure they have more in the back. It was stuffed awkwardly onto the rack and could only fit one at a time. Best of all I used a 10% off coupon and saved almost $5 off the sale price. I love the inexperienced cashiers at Best Buy, ’cause the coupon can only be used to take off the regular price not the sale price. YAY for me! And I did that for 2 other TV DVD new release sets. If anybody else wants to try the 10% off, here is the link

  82. Just picked up the Gift Set from Best Buy.
    There is a 3-set limit, and they only had a few left.
    The gift set is sold out on

    Here’s what I suggest:
    Buy the Target & Best Buy Versions,
    then gave the standard DVD (which is factory sealed inside the Best Buy box) to a good friend.

    This way, I have the limited edition packaging from both, and the extra disc. If I ever feel the need to pick up the standard edition as well, it’ll be available for quite some time, I’m sure.

  83. 108 Shari: “The Dundie is bigger than I expected.”

    TWSS!! =) Sorry, I’m on an Office high today.

  84. Bob, to answer your question, the packaging is not temporary. It is a brown paper bag cover (it’s the slipcover instead of the regular one) that holds a different set (5-discs) inside with slightly different (and in my opinion, cooler) packaging.

  85. i just got a regular one because i had gift cards for the store where i got it at but i still love it.

  86. Just took a longish lunch to run to Target and pick up my copy of the Nifty Gifty edition (that I am calling the Fundle Bundle because I like that better). The “paper bag” cover is a cardboard sleeve, not unlike those found on other DVD sets. The cover of the actual DVD case inside has different art, though; it’s that picture of what appears to be the Season 2 cast with Jim and Dwight sitting on stacks of paper. Karen and Andy/Drew are not pictured. It also does not say “Office Season Three” on the spine of the actual DVD holder — but it does say that on the “paper bag” cover.

    I’m pretty excited to see the Paley video myself, and it’s the reason I bought this edition. I wasn’t really interested in the gizmos that came with the Best Buy package.

  87. So do I have this right? The Best Buy version has better packaging and goodies but the Target version has the extra disc with the Q&A. Are there any other differences? I’m getting both I just don’t know which one to give me gf for her bday. Help…

  88. I would say this, if you’re hoping to get the special Target edition, I’d get it soon. I got mind this a.m. shortly after they opened and they only had a few left. Something tells me they may go fast.

  89. If you like the writing and behind-the-scenes aspects of the show, I would recommend the Target version. That’s the version I bought.

    Not only is there 23 minutes of Paley footage (including Greg Daniels, Mike Schur, and DP Randall Einhorn), but the shooting script of Gay Witch Hunt is fun to browse through. Lots of stuff that didn’t make it on air!

    Also, you’ll be able to purchase the Dundie awards from the NBC Store soon …

  90. Has anyone seen the availability or price on the non special edition at Target?

    Is it better than the Circuit City Deal for 29.99?

  91. Awesome, thanks for the info Tanster. I wonder if I should duck out of work for a few minutes now…

  92. I really hope someone posts the Paley fest video at some point… I bought the Best Buy one and hope dearly that it truely is waiting for me at the store! :) Ugh 5pm feels so far away for me right now. :( (I’m starting to wonder if I made a bad choice reading all these people who bought the Target one)

  93. Thanks Tanster, I’m gonna keep the Target one for myself. Plus the Best Buy one makes a much better gift visually. I think I’m getting sick (cough cough) I may have to leave work early today :)

  94. I pre-ordered my set from They sent me a shipping confirmation on Saturday, but any confirmations sent on Saturday don’t actually ship until the following business day. Since yesterday was a holiday, mine isn’t even shipping until today! Argh!!!

  95. i went to walmart today to get mine,and it was $42,which is more than i saw advertised.but i didnt complain or anything,i needed to get home asap to watch it!its good too,i love the bloopers.

  96. I don’t suppose anyone knows if the Best Buy gift set is available in Canada? We don’t have a Target, so that’s out of the question, but we do have a Best Buy… it’s not listed on the Canadian site, so I’m thinking not, but I’ll give them a call to be sure. ):

  97. For a completist like me I’m really delighted that both the slip cases and interior designs are different, as opposed to just the post-it on disc two last year. Makes it a little easier to double dip.

    Love the script, love the Dundie, and a surprise Schrute Buck made all the driving around before work and on lunch totally worth it.

  98. omg… i was the first one to get it in my store…..i had to make them take it off the truck, i drove around to two other stores to find out it came out at noon….. target is my hero!

  99. they need more bloopers!

    they should have bloopers from every episode like they have deleted scenes.

  100. I don’t know if someone posted this already I’m not going through all the posts.

    I went to Circuit City this morning. They are charging $39.99 for it, but if you tell them about the online deal they will give it to you for $29.99 no problem.

  101. I got limited edition gift set from Best Buy!! I was freaking out worried that they were going to be sold out. One of the Best Buy workers saved a special copy for me and when i got there to get it there were 10 – 15 available.

    I am so excited! YESH!!

  102. I just bought 2 from Best Buy, one for me and a friend. I had the gift set at first, but decided to get to regular versions. I’ll try to buy a dundie on ebay :) Hopefully the seller will be highly motivated.

  103. For those waiting to go to Best Buy who are worried, you can always check product availability by using the link on the product page (“Store Pickup: Available at most stores Select preferred store availability”). If you click that, then type your zip, it will gray out stores that have run out.

  104. Not sure if it’s been mentioned already or not, but the picture quality is incredibly sharp on these discs. I don’t have an HDTV, but I can only imagine how great these episodes look on a HD screen with an upconvert DVD player.

  105. In case this changes things for anyone, i just swung by Circuit City to pick up a copy, because i’d finally decided that the goodies in the BB and Target sets weren’t worth cluttering up my house with. (I know!) Like Amy said, it was $39 on the shelf, but they matched the online price of $29 AND it comes with a free mousepad. It’s smaller than usual – the same size as the DVD box, and it has the S2 pic of the cast sitting on the stacks of paper. But it’s something. (So much for no more clutter.)

  106. Maybe a bit off topic- but the Dundie Award got me thinking….I hope we see the Dundies 2007 this year! If not this year, they have to bring them back again.

  107. Does anybody know the meaning of the number on the side of the Best Buy gift set box? 61101898? It can’t just be random…

  108. Just got back to work with my Target SE in hand! Don’t be discouraged if the shelf is empty–I asked a clerk and she dug up some more in the back.

    NOTE: Krasinski did not go to Paley–he was filming Leatherheads (which Rainn mentions sarcastically).

  109. tanster – just a thought. Now that the DVD is released, you might want to create a thread for more in-depth discussion of the deleted scenes and bloopers so that people can do that. It could lead to some fun insights and comments.

    [from tanster: please feel free to do that here! i feel like i have too many posts on the dvd already, lol … ]

  110. I ended up buying the Best Buy one… but now I’m crying cuz I didn’t know there was a script in the other, and this Paley stuff sounds really cool….

    :( too many choices…..

  111. I just got the regular version at Costco… $30.49. I also picked up 30 Rock for there for the same price.. I highly recommend 30 Rock to any Office fan! Also, Costco had a special package of the Office Season 1, 2, and 3, plus a Dunder Mifflin soft cooler for around $66.

  112. Just got the deluxe box at Best Buy – super cool. The Dundie is heavier than I thought it would be and there’s a Shrute Buck under the lid of the box! Awesome.

  113. We just got an HDTV (1080p) this weekend and we have a PS3…so does that mean that these discs will play in Hi-Def if we put them in the PS3? I’m a tech idiot. :)

  114. #153

    No it will not play in high definition. Hi Def begins at 720p (lines of resolution). DVD’s are only 480 lines of resolution, but most dvd players will output a “progressive” picture, bringing the lines of resolution to 480p. So you can see, it’s short of Hi-Def (it’s actually called enhanced def), but it still will look great.

    The only two programs I know that have Hi Def release dates are Heroes on HDTV, and Lost on Blu-Ray disc. You have to have the respective players to play the discs (your PS3 will play Blu-ray)

    So, no it is not in Hi Def like it is on the actual broadcast date, but it will still look decent.

  115. People. Please. Run, don’t walk to pick up the limited edition Target version. The 23-minute 5th disc is worth the extra chunk of change it will cost. There are so many laugh out loud moments, it’s like having a bonus episode :)

    In Seattle, it’s convenient because it’s just a ride down the elevator to Best Buy (from Target), so of course, I bought both…

    Thank you again for letting us know about the special editions. I hope they do this every year!

  116. Also, I’m guessing that the Dundie award that will be sold at the NBC store will be bigger and/or better than the version that came in the Best Buy boxset. Not that there’s anything wrong with the one in it, but the Dwight bobblehead at the NBC store is bigger (better?) than the one in the boxset… just a good reason to pick up both, if you’re a fanatic and want to support the show :)

  117. Also, I just wanted to add, there was no better feeling than standing at the doors of Best Buy waiting for them to open their doors so I could go in and buy the set that I’d purchased through Tanster’s link.

    Why? Because you could see at the back of the store, every single TV screen was showing “The Office.” I almost started crying :) heheh

    Lastly, to the person who said it probably looks good on a HDTV with an upconversion player, it does. So much better than what I’d watched during the season (didn’t have my PS3 or 1080p LCD at that time.) It doesn’t get much better than this. Oh wait… there’s the 27th…

  118. I bought the Best Buy version. I was really excited for the Dunder Mifflin goodies. I went to Best Buy early enough to get it, wearing my Dunder Mifflin tee in celebration!

  119. Wow – i called Costco earlier today to find out if they had season 3, and they said no. They didn’t tell me about the seasons 1-3 package! Hmmm… now i may have to head there tonight, since i was hoping to get all 3 seasons bundled together, and this sounds like a good deal.

    I really hope someone posts the paleyfest info on youtube soon…

  120. The Target edition is awesome! And it’s like $12 cheaper than the Best Buy one and it’s got better extras as far as I’m concerned…the Paley Fest extra is amazing!!!

  121. 148 healthypanda, which Dunder Mifflin Tee do you have? I have the polo, warehouse and Dundie Award winner…oh, and the black hoodie. =) I love my Office gear.

    152 Cha, actually it’s only $5 more for the Best Buy exclusive as compared to the Target exclusive (and actually the same price for me w/ my 10% off). =)

  122. Has anyone read the Gay Witch Hunt script that came with the Target deluxe version yet? It’s werid to see how different it was compared to the actual episode. Karen was kind of mean to Jim.

  123. 154 prisonmike, I believe the upconvert DVD’s boost regular DVD’s to 720. Though maybe not “true” HD, still better than the standard DVD player.

  124. After thinking long and hard (twss!) I decided on the Target edition. The script is sooo cool. It was neat to read the script along with the episode and see where there was improvisation. I love the nifty gifty cover too. Anyway, yeah I have season 3! Wahoo!!

  125. really hate that i didn’t have either the discipline to get up early to go to target for the deluxe edition or the patience to order it online. paid $40 for the regular one at wal-mart. i’m so not cool…

  126. Andy (and other Canadians)- I called Best Buy and they didn’t even know what I was talking about, so I guess we’re out of luck ): I got mine at HMV for $39.99cad. I’ll have to order the bobblehead off after all. sigh.

  127. I just picked up the set at Best Buy (and seasons 1-4 of Monk for my family for 24.99). now I’m wondering if I should pick up the Target one instead…I can’t determine the pros and cons!

  128. Lots of deviations from the GWH script included with the Target edition. In one scene Michael tells Pam she should buy a body pillow so she won’t be lonely. And in the final conference room scene, Dwight says Pam could be gay because she cancelled her wedding for “no good reason.”

  129. Are the Target versions sold out?

    I went in to my local Target here in Cucamonga around 11, and they said that the Deluxe Edition hadn’t arrived yet, and just to check back around 12.

    So I called them up about 1 pm (not wanting to waste gas again) and here what our conversation was like:

    Me: “Hi, do you have the DELUXE EDITION (me emphasizing it) of The Office Season 3 in stock?”

    Target: “Lemme check… no sorry we’re out.”

    Me: “You’re out? As in it hasn’t arrived yet, or you’re sold out?”

    Target: “Um… lemme ask… it hasn’t arrived.”

    Me: “Oh, I see.”

    Target: “Wait! It did arrive but my manager can’t find them.”

    Me: “…”

    Target: “Oh um… it’s actually sold out sorry.”

    Me: “…”

    So that’s that. I want the Paley Fest version since I attended that thing last March and was one of the 5 people who got to ask the cast a question.

  130. Proud owner of a Target deluxe Edition of Season 3!

    And having an Office viewing/taco night tonight! yay!

  131. Anyone with the Target version:

    Do the Paley Fest DVD air “the fans questionairre” segment (where fans get to ask the table questions) at the end?

  132. I am excited to say that I now have a Dundie! I really wanted a Dundie. My husband picked up the gift set from Best Buy today. They had at least 50 in the store. The mini bobblehead Joe is cool too. His head shakes on my desk as I type this out. Can’t wait for September 27! It’s been a long summer.

  133. Thanks, Alison. I have a couple of Best Buy gift cards I need to use. I went to Best Buy today for the box set, and they didn’t even have it advertised in store. I’m going to order it now.

  134. Thanks, PrisonMike…I’m debating whether or not to get the Lost DVDs on Blu-Ray…I think we might just have to bite the price bullet and go for it. :)

  135. To #158: the Paley footage did not include audience questions. Too bad, because I was really enjoying watching everyone talk about the show and would’ve loved to see much more of it.

  136. I’m still not sure why the Target Special Edition is supposed to be a brown paper bag, they should have made it a replica copy storage box slipcover like Best Buy. Also I liked an earlier comment about calling it “Fundle Bundle” instead of “Nifty Gifty”. But so far so good! I could easily watch this whole set tonight.

  137. The graphics wizards who put together the Best Buy package placed a label on the side of the box that reads “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica”. Don’t they know that legions of Office nerds will take issue with that blatant reordering of the holy trinity of Schrute?

  138. I got the target one.. I’m a LITTLE dissapointed that it didn’t come with the actual DVD cover (I figured it would be under the cardboard but it wasn’t) – hopefully the Paley video will make up for that!

  139. # 173

    In ‘The Merger’ Michael hands out brown paper bags with what he calls ‘nifty gifties’ inside to the new members of the Scranton team. I actually think that the Target box is quite creative if not a bit boring.

  140. At 8:15 am I was the proud owner of The Target Deluxe Edition (and 30 Rock). I’m so happy that I went with this one, though I did check out the box at Best Buy (only about 18 in the store, considering last year’s abundance). Anyway, I don’t mind that the cover is different. I do wish the Paley footage was longer, but I think its still worth it.
    PS- I think they named it a Nifty Gifty because thats from season 3, Fundle Bundle would be too much of a reference for season 2. Just my two cents. :)

  141. I am now a proud(and slightly obssessed)owner of both the Best Buy and Target edition! I am also now broke…. I couldn’t resist, I might have a problem. :)

  142. I bought the Best Buy & Target box sets and the Paley footage is kind of underwhelming, it’s basically nothing we haven’t heard the cast say already about the show etc, and it seems like the original session was much longer.

  143. I saw the dicussion about Upconvert players and thought I would chime in.

    I just bought the Target edition of The Office Season 3, and I must say that with my Phillips upconvert player the picture looks absolutely amazing. My player allows me to upconvert to 1080i, which is much much much better than the standard 480 resolution. I highly recommend the Upconvert players (mine cost 70 dollars) as a cheaper alternative to HD DVD players.

    I watched The Office when it aired in HD, and the quality of these DVDs with the Upconvert player and my HD TV is about the same, maybe only slightly lesser quality, but nothing the average viewer were notice. I am VERY pleased!

  144. Anyone else having trouble with the deleted scenes on Traveling Salesmen/The Return? I noticed it cut off after only showing scenes from Salesmen and showed nothing of Return. I was able to work around it to see the scenes but it was a hassle.

    Also, I’m glad I’ve kept my Tivo’d episode of The Return. I liked Ryan’s little quip to Jim – “Ask me again ten years ago.” That was nowhere to be found on the DVD.

  145. Apparently here in Orange County (CA) there was a distribution delay on the Target Deluxe Editions…arggg! Supposedly they’ll be fully stocked tomorrow…anyone in SoCal/OC get a Deluxe Edition at Target yet?

  146. “Over 16 minutes of laugh-out-loud bloopers”

    Are there more bloopers on another dvd? At my count it was only 13 mins.

  147. I live in Chicago and was freaking out that I wouldn’t get to the Target near my work soon enough to get the deluxe edition. Weirdly enough they were sold out of the regular season 3 set but had tons of the “Nifty Gifty” ones…Score! I guess Chicagoans are just cheap. I haven’t watched everything yet, I had to take a break. I don’t want to over-office in one day! I want to spread the joy over a couple days. I’m planning on re-watching the entire season in preperation for season 4! I was a bit dissapointed with the commentary from John Krasinski so far, he’s really quiet!

  148. Argh! I didn’t know Circuit City would match that online price, and so paid the full $40.

    Oh well.

    Hey, lotta deleted scenes. I was pleasantly surprised “Gay Witch Hunt” had so many. :-)

  149. I couldn’t access The Return’s Deleted Scenes, either.

    It’s sad that certain scenes are missing. (ie. Magic Beans, “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam”, and the Return’s)

    The Producer’s Cut of “The Return” was pretty long, but it only takes up half of the time when in the “Newpeat” version on the DVD.

  150. #175:

    I got mine at the Target in Tustin/Irvine off of Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. There was one left on the shelf when I got mine.

  151. @ 172 (kriZit): I got the Target edition too, and while I admit it’s a creative idea for a box, it’s extremely bland for a deluxe edition. Makes me wish I had paid $5 less so I could get a colorful box like my season 2 DVDs…wish they would have put the original box underneath, too, keeping the “Nifty Gifty” part only for the external packaging.

    Also I think the Paley footage is not all it’s cracked up to be – it’s good to see the cast talking about the show, but it seems like they could fit a WHOLE lot more than 25 minutes of footage onto a whole extra disc. Just my thought.

  152. Hey, does anyone with the Best Buy DVD mind scanning the Schrute Buck so us unlucky souls who couldn’t get it can at least print that out for ourselves? Thanks.

  153. The mini-Dwight bobblehead is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Now my regular-sized Dwight bobblehead has a baby!

  154. #186

    I haven’t tried to access the Return’s deleted scenes yet, but I too, wish that they had put the director’s cut of it on the dvd.

  155. wholikesdanecook- you can still take the receipt and bring it up to customer service. I’ve done it many times.

  156. I’ve noticed with the Traveling Salesman / Return deleted scene, when its done with the first episode, it ends…but if you fast forward before it goes off, it’ll continue with the Return scenes…they put this thing together poorly…that’s my only complaint

  157. #175: I live in Southern California, but I have two Targets by me and both of them ran out of Deluxe editions.

    I didn’t get either of the sets I was torn between, but I’m happy I have the normal cover and was able to save money. Haha. The bad part of all of this is that I can’t concentrate on any of my homework now. Eeeeek.

  158. Another complaint; Traveling Salesman / The Return are put together, which wouldn’t be so bad, except they cut out the beginning to Traveling Salesman — Jim/Pam talking to “Harvey.” When I click the episode it simply goes right to the opening credits.

    Not happy. That was my favorite cold open EVER.

  159. Edit to last post: it’s in the deleted scenes. Still. I liked the original episodes better. :(:( Seems like more thought could have gone into this. Season 2 seemed better put-together…

    (But it’s The Office. I love it anyways.)

  160. So I bought the target dvd, and disc 4 is not playing the job. should i return it at target, or do i have to mail into the nbc or something.

  161. I guess when you have 2-3 versions of an episode, things are bound to be lost when they make it to DVD. I too, lament the loss of the “Ask me again ten years ago”/”I liked you better as a temp” exchange.

  162. Now that i’ve watched the Paley DVD I wish I had gotten the one at Best Buy :( They put the most bland stuff on there – the Q&A with the AUDIENCE was the best and funniest part.

    They also took out some bloopers… we saw about 8 mins at Paley and not all of them were in there. One where John says “Greg, you bitch!” is one i’m remembering. Sadness..

    Anyways.. I guess I should be happy with what I have.

  163. You know how when people know you like something you get loaded with gifts of that type every holiday?

    Well yesterday, I didn’t really think about it when I threw on my Office baseball cap and my Dunder Mifflin t-shirt. I’ve gotten a bunch of shirts as gifts…might as well wear them!

    So I opted for the Best Buy DVD (had to drive an hour to get to one). I spied the kiosk from across the store and saw only one box left…so I sprinted across the store all decked out in my Office duds. I’m not sure I could have looked any more like a fan geek.

    But it was worth it, the Dundie and the Bobblehead are both better quality that I anticipated.

  164. Just a thought about the Paley footage-
    Maybe the audience members didn’t sign a waiver or something and that’s why its not on the dvd.
    But I do wish they showed the whole thing.

  165. I just emailed NBC & NBC Universal about the problem with the deleted scenes of Traveling Salesmen / The Return. Hopefully they’ll do a disc replacement program to fix this. I also asked them to reconsider the decision to put the newpeat on the DVD, and if they do issue a fixed replacement disc, to instead include the original version of Traveling Salesmen and the producer’s cut of The Return.

  166. Yeah I have noticed they got rid of a couple of things I was hoping they would have the one when Kevin is shredding his credit card, and when he is shredding lettuce with his stapler’s product. I was hoping that would not be a problem since that was not in the iTunes version. At least I still have all of the season 3 episodes from iTunes since they don’t have the scene with Ryan and Jim with the “ask me again 10 years ago”. and the Harvey scene.

  167. I got the last one at my Target yesterday evening! The cashier said “This show must be really good with all the DVDs we’ve sold today.” And I said yes it is! She watches the ABC Thursday shows so she’s never seen it but she said she might start Tivo-ing it. New convert woo hoo! I was a little disappointed by the Paley Fest session – they should have showed sooooo much more. I’ve only watched a few commentaries but they are great so far.

  168. So after a long day at work, I go to find Office Season 3 to cheer me up, and SOLD OUT. I even called my parents and they said it was sold out at their best buy and target. So sad, so sad.

  169. I love my Dundie! I’m so excited about that. Maybe I’ll have something engraved on it…like why I would win the award. No…it might be worth something someday…maybe not. Hehehehe. Anyhooo, I love it and I love my tiny Dwight Bobblehead. Now I want a bigger one from NBC.

    I haven’t gotten all the way to Traveling Salesman/Return yet, but I’m already sad they didn’t put in the “I liked you better when you were a temp” and the whole Harvey scene. That “Boobs!” moment from Michael is hilarious! I’m so used to the director’s cut on iTunes. Oh well. I still have that on my computer. It’s all goooood.

  170. Hey those of you who bought the Best Buy version… did you get an actual loose Scrute buck?! I bought that version too but mine was just a photo under the lid, not an actual buck. I’m confused!!

  171. Has anyone else watched “The Job” commentary? Melora is really well-spoken, but by the end of it, I just wanted her to hush it so bad b/c I wanted to hear what John K and Jenna had to say about the ending. I literally threw my hands in the air and said “Ugh!!”

    It was a bit frustrating b/c I had high hopes for that commentary. :)

  172. circuit city had an office mousepad affixed to about half of the dvd sets in the store. but the store charged 39.99. will have to pricecheck to the bestbuy price

  173. officeisms1978 – it’s just under the cover, not loose. I had to unfold the box for it to scan.

  174. 206 | Oggmonster-

    The Kevin shredding stuff may have been cut due to a rights issue with Staples.

  175. Big Turkey – I am totally with you. I skip over the commentaries when she is listed, I just can’t take hearing anymore about how great her character is.

  176. Okay, so I’m not the only one who is feeling remorse for buying the Target Edition. The Paley footage is REALLY not all that great. I’m pretty disappointed in the “deluxe”-ness of it.

  177. Love the Season 3 DVD. Ed Helms accidentally calling John “Andy” on the bloopers is a really good giggle.

  178. 215 and all – I got the mousepad and for $29.99!!

    Just tell them you saw it online (which it is advertised for that price) and they will immediately override the 39.99 price…

    An extra gift for the low price of 29.99! I got the last DVD with mousepad. I feel so special!

  179. For those of you who purchased the Circuit City mousepad bundle, can you post some photos? I will update this post. Thanks! :)

  180. I preordered my Best Buy deluxe bundle online the evening before its street date (9/4) just to see if I could prepurchase it with the Store Pickup option. Luckily it worked, which surprised me since it wasn’t even 10pm PST when I made the order (maybe it’s an east coast-based ecommerce system?). Anyway, I just knew I had to have the set that day, and I’m so glad I preordered with the in-store pickup – by 5:30pm, nearly all of the Office Season 3 sets (even the normal ones) were gone! It probably helped, too, that there was a neat kiosk front and center as soon as you walked into the BB I shop at (Tukwila, WA).

  181. I’m loving both the Target and the Best Buy packages, I bought both of them and nothing could’ve made my day better! This morning I felt so proud bringing my Dundie and mini-Dwight to work, all I could think of was God I love The Office!!

  182. tanster – i actually bought the circuit city bundle with the mousepad, but i’m going to return it because i later bought the costco bundle with all 3 seasons and the dunder mifflin cooler bag. i’ll try to take pics of both tonight and send them over if i get time… unless someone else beats me to it.

    for what it’s worth, the mousepad is the size of the dvd box, and it shows the cast picture that you can find on the homepage of the cooler bag is the standard royal blue freebie cooler that they give out at every “apply for our credit card and get a gift!” kiosk, only it says “Dunder Mifflin Paper Company” in white.

  183. I’m totally with you #214 Big Turkey about Melora and The Job commentary. I was so utterly excited to hear Jenna and John talk about it and that woman would just not shut up! I can not begin to tell you how annoyed I am that they let her go on and on and on and on through the end like that. I believe it’s the only commentary where both John and Jenna are listed and her incessant talking ruined for me. I think Melora likes to hear Melora a lot…

  184. I have watched almost every commentary. And each and every time, Melora is on there, she hogs the conversation. She might feel her 15 minutes are coming to an end….

  185. The TARGETS here in Southern Cali are lame.

    Spoken to 3 different Targets around my area and all of ’em said they still haven’t received the Deluxe Edition. One store here in Ontario (California) even told me that they had problems with delivery mix-ups and that they’re batch were shipped up north (I’m guessing Ontario, Canada?)

    This is ridiculous.

    I’m slightly disappointed reading everyone’s review of the DVD, with the problems on the deleted scenes, the exclusion of the newpeats, the Paley Fest DVD running a ghastly 25 mins only (ouch, where did the other hour go!?), that I think I’m just gonna get mine at Best Buy.

  186. I wonder if the deleted scene problem for T.S./T.R. is only on some of the sets. I watched mine last night. Pressed ‘play all’ for the deleted scenes and got both. Not really sure what everyone’s talking about.

  187. Agree completely with the comments regarding Melora. She just goes on and on and on and on . . . and on. We get it. You love your character and she’s great. Moving on . . .

    I thought the bloopers were pretty hilarious. For some reason the one of Jim dancing behind Karen singing “Can you deal with this, Pam” cracked me up.

  188. I totally agree with The Job commentary with Melora. As much as I feel bad about her maybe reading these and it hurting her feelings (because I do like her)… gotta know that YOU JUST DON’T MESS WITH OUR JAM!!!!


  189. I was considering getting the Best Buy version but I was being good (since I haven’t found a place for my normal-sized Dwight bobblehead yet). Headed to Target yesterday in Rohnert Park, CA and they only had two copies of the standard edition left so I grabbed one. I’m actually not too annoyed w/ Melora on commentaries, though I wish NBC would do a commentary podcast like they do for Scrubs.

  190. Yesterday my wife and I searched our lunch hours at various Targets here in SoCal only to end up at Best Buy after work. Best Buy to the rescue as they had plenty of limited edition kits.

    The Best Buy gal at the counter said “man, these things have been flying out of here today.”

    I’ve watched most of the deleted scenes (awesome) but haven’t watched the commentary yet. Melora hogged the Season 2 DVD commentary and I was hoping this year would be different. Sounds like I’m out of luck.

    Anyone read the merger letter by Michael? The named sandwiches being equally delicious was freakin’ hilarious. I’m glad we chose the Best Buy kit. Target can eat it.

  191. Although Melora was particularly verbose (interrupting people, yammering on & on & on), at least she was talking about other people’s characters/choices as well.

    I loved the adorable blooper of John laughing at Mike’s suggestion of car-pooling. He just couldn’t stop laughing, and I can’t stop gushing!

  192. Though I too was disappointed at the end of The Job commentary, I am sure that it must be difficult for the participants to perfectly coordinate their parts. We want it to be spontaneous – not scripted, and the logistical differences also add a challenge. In my perfect world, there would be more commentaries overall (maybe even multiple commentaries on “special” episodes), more bloopers, more of everything, really. That’s because I love the show so much and can’t get enough! But for now I am going to do my best to be grateful and not complain. I feel that we already receive SO MUCH from many of the actors – not to mention from Tanster and others! Long live The Office!

  193. It’s true, Melora does talk a lot, but it’s not like John was saying much anyway. She was even trying to get him to say more and he wouldn’t.

    Maybe she doesn’t realize how much she’s talking. She does spend a lot of time complimenting other people, so it’s not like it’s all about drawing attention to her performance.

  194. * Possible spoiler alert *

    In the deleted scenes for “Cocktails”,there is a scene between Jim and Pam. Jim is on his way out the door with Karen to the cocktail party. Pam is sitting as her desk.

    Jim: Promise that you’ll wait until we leave the parking lot before you go to the bar.

    Pam: Yes, boss. (sarcastically)

    Jim then looks uncomfortable and then Pam’s reaction from looking at Jim’s face is also just as uncomfortable.

    I don’t understand the scene. Can someone explain?

    Thank you!

  195. Michelle (239), I had to re-watch that scene myself. I came to the conclusion that Jim gets uncomfortable right when Karen is approaching the desk, all dressed up and looking beautiful, which is the same time Pam makes her comment. Maybe Jim felt uncomfortable about seeming to flaunt the outing in Pam’s face??

  196. I called best buy and they are gonna hold one of the special editions for me: some guy named OSCAR in the dvd movie department! LOL

    I had to tell him they were on sale for 42.99. Those darn accountants!

  197. I’m with all the comments about Melora a) being annoying, b) hogging the commentary conversation, and c) being annoying.

    Egh, I am not looking forward to her increased prominence in Season 4. Hopefully Michael’s annoyance with her will grow (as alluded to in the final episode and the teaser video) and the writers will kick her off the show.

  198. @ phyllis*farm

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t know how they kept the scenes with Dwight joining Staples or Josh announcing about his senior management position at Staples. Wouldn’t that create the same problem or was the reason why they got rid of the scene with Kevin and the shredder, was because of the product as well.

    I was still disappointed when I did not see that scene. At least I still have Youtube.

  199. And sorry I forgot to add one thing.

    Yes I had the same problem accessing the deleted scenes for traveling Salesman / The Return, but it worked when I went to Play all.

    BTW , why did they merge those two episodes?

  200. There’s no deleted scenes for Branch Closing because they’re all inserted back into the episode, I think.

  201. i liked most of the commentaries and sort of wished there were more of them, like one for GWH and another one for the Job.

    I can honestly say Kate made me laugh the most on the Women’s Appreciation commentary. She is a great comedian.

    Also, has anyone found any easter eggs?

  202. Michelle (239) – I totally know what you mean! I really didn’t understand that scene and watched it four times. Was Jim being a “boss” type and telling Pam in a way that she could leave to go to the bar with the rest of the gang while he was technically out of the office? I’m still baffled…

  203. Did anyone else preorder through Universal Home Videos and then try to cancel the order? All the emails I keep getting back from them are saying that Universal is no longer apart of that company. I preordered in June and it still says its processing…

  204. I found an initially unaired subplot in the hour-long version of Traveling Salesmen/The Return! It was apparently only shown in the rebroadcast hour-long melding of both episodes (which I missed – I’ve only seen both episodes via iTunes separately), and not the original broadcast (according to the commentary track). It’s not very long, and spread out over a few minutes, but I thought it was a terrific inclusion. I won’t spoil it, but I thought it was neat that they included it.

  205. Regarding the scene between Jim and Pam in Cocktails, I was also confused, but thought it might have something to do with Jim being the #2 in Scranton now, so maybe he sort of is her boss … and maybe they both realized that at the same moment? OK that made more sense in my head!

  206. I was setting out to buy the Best Buy version when my roommate stopped me and told me not to (my birthday is tomorrow). She gave it to me tonite with a terrible story about how they had to go to a more Prison Mike section of the city to get it. I was very grateful!

  207. I’m British and I am so jealous of you lot!! Anyone know if the bloopers have been posted to youtube yet? x

  208. all of the targets in the greater boston area were completely sold out of S3 by 6pm. it was pretty extraordinary; the people working at each store seemed pretty surprised to see the dvds flying off the shelves.

  209. I’m still on Disc 1! Can anyone write up a round-up of which of these Producer’s Cuts episodes I need to get from Amazon Unbox to replace what is missing on the DVDs?

    Which of these are on the DVD?
    Traveling Salesmen (Original? Newpeat?)
    The Return (Original? Producer’s Cut?)
    Original Supersized versions of:
    Branch Closing?
    The Merger?
    The Negotiation?
    Women’s Appreciation? (Original? Newpeat?)
    Beach Games?

    Thanks for any one who can straighten out this mess!!

  210. Just noticed that in The Merger, Jenna gives the sexiest line reading of ‘My Mom made it for me’ in the history of the planet.

  211. Best Buy Online let me down! Boxed set is on backorder. Very disappointed. And many are listed on Ebay. Maybe that is the way to go?

  212. FutureDwight-I wasn’t too excited with the Target special edition. The Paley fest wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Skip this edition, in my opinion.

  213. Re: Jim and Pam’s “boss” interaction

    Jim intended his comment as a joke knowing full well they would all bolt seconds after Michael and Dwight were gone. Pam’s “Okay, boss” was a joke as well but had a hint of truth behind it: Jim really is higher up than her. This strikes Jim in that he realizes his relationship with Pam is not, and might never be again, the same as it was, and there is a division between them (going out with coworkers versus mingling with upper management).

  214. go to ebay. then you dont have to call every store. and drive around like a crazy person, i paid 10 bucks more and NIB!

  215. Holy feck you’re spoilt. we’ll be lucky to see a season 2 release here in the UK, meanwhile you get all this goodness

  216. Louis, season 2 is out on the 16th Sep! I caved and bought the region 1 one though – multi region players are only about 30 quid of amazon. Good to see a fellow brit embrace the Dunder love!

  217. Has anyone watched the deleted scenes from product recall yet? that episode should have been an hour long, or at least supersized, because those scenes are great.

  218. I agree with everyone on Melora Hardin hogging the commentaries. But I still love her Milfish qualities. To quote Kevin “If I wasn’t engaged I would so hit that”.

  219. when will NBC get it right, and have 2 versions of every episode, one with deleted scenes included, and the original. honestly, i would pay more for a dvd set that included that. especially when all episodes have at least 6 or more minutes of deleted scenes and they are all hilarious.

  220. In the bloopers Pam accidentally foreshadows a possible romance between pam and Toby in the future…….Could this be true?????

  221. Anyone want to sell their Target version with the Paley Fest dics?

    I’ll buy it, S&H no problem!

  222. I got the box set from Best Buy with the Dundie and mini Dwight bobblehead, but, to my horror, when I got home and opened it, my mini Dwight bobblehead’s capa was ditated from his head! :(

  223. Was just watching back from vacation. It seemed different because I remember them seeing Jan in one of Michael’s photos from Jamaica when everyone is in the meeting room, and it was cut out. Anyone else notice that? Or am I mistakened?

  224. The deleted scene from the Merger where Pam comes over to Jim and is naming the various people in the office was a great scene, however, it is misplaced given the fact that their relationship takes a sharp downward spiral as the episode goes on. [I still think the Merger is the best season three episode for the amount of quality jokes and the great Jim/Pam acting.] It made sense to cut it. It gave off a season 2 vibe (or even a season 4 vibe?)

  225. So my original plan was to watch one episode a day until the premiere on Sept 27…and then I started disc 1 last night and didn’t stop until Diwali. So much for that idea!

  226. I still haven’t bought mine yet (I know…I was waiting for payday, plus my hubby says its a test of patience) and now I’m having inner turmoil about which one to buy!

  227. A few notes: John was REALLY quiet during alot of the commentaries. Also Stanley/Leslie made SOOOOO many funny comments…but I found that the other commentators seemed oddly unamused by everything he said. They would laugh at everyone elses comments but not his. And I was disappointed they didn’t say more about Pam’s speech. But the bloopers are awesome.:)

  228. So I got the Circuit City deal — you need a print out of the online price for them to match it, but you can get the computer guys to do it for you right in-store. Also, they appeared to be out of the mousepad bundle but I asked and they found one for me in the back!

  229. hi everyone! I think the Paley fest clip is well worth the extra $5, and I love having a copy of the “Gay Witch Hunt” script. I haven’t had a chance to read through it in detail yet, but I noticed some differences between this version of the teleplay and the eventual onscreen version that made it to broadcast when I was flipping through it. I think it’s great to have a chance to see how much an episode can evolve from the drawing board right up till the point when it is finally being filmed and edited together. All in all, very excited for the DVD set, and can’t wait to get my teeth into the rest of it!

  230. 273. If you bring it to best buy, they should let you replace it for a dwight with a cranium.

  231. I just watched the deleted scenes from Beach Games and I was very happy to see they resolved a question that had been debated by some people. David Wallace initiated the contact with Jim about the job interview before they went to the beach. Some people had thought Jim called him from the beach to go after the job after Michael told them about it.

    I’m glad they included that scene.

  232. I just saw the blooper reel and im not sure that it was already mentioned but i loved the fact that ed helms kept calling John “Andy”. great stuff.

  233. I’ve been watching the episodes every night since Tuesday. My co-workers don’t watch the show so now that my memory is refreshed I keep quoting Michael Scott and Andy lines. They think I have a really bad sense of humor (because I say “I’ll be baaack” and “beer me” all the time). They don’t get that it’s funny because of how lame it sounds.
    They think I came up with it and I’m weird :(
    I think I’m going to institute Movie Monday in my office and make everyone watch season3 with me!

  234. Yay for the Costco bundle! I just got into The Office halfway through season 3, so I need all of the DVDs (:

  235. My favorite part of the recut Traveling Salesmen/The Return is when Pam brings her painting up on (Google) Image Search and clicks “See full-size image” and it’s the exact same size. And she’s still so delighted. Adorable.

  236. Can someone help me out? I’m watching the commentary for “The Job”. When they’re discussing the scene where Michael is about to go back into his office and tell Jan he’s not going to get back together, Rashida says something and everyone laughs really hard for several seconds. I can’t quite catch what she’s saying and it’s driving me crazy! (Oh, and did you hear the somewhat muted comment by Rashida after Meredith’s talking head, “Doggystyle’s funny.” Rashida, you dirty birdie!) ;)

  237. Hey Laura – Rashida says “I’m in a really good place right now.” I can’t figure out why she’s saying that – maybe something to do with what they were saying about being strong – although that still doesn’t make me understand it any more. BUT I think everyone’s actually laughing at Jan’s fake breasts. Everyone cracks up but it’s at that exact moment when they cut to Jan and the “girls.” I have a feeling that it was more about the boobs than what Rashida said. Does that make sense? Hope it helps!

  238. 282/Janet: Actually, in the commentary, one of the producers (Jen Celotta, I think?) said that the editors purposely cut the scene where David Wallace called Jim first. I was pretty sure she said they wanted it to seem like Jim was finally taking the initiative in his life and career, which led to him making the call AFTER Michael mentioned it.

  239. One question: I’ve heard the deleted scenes have absolutely no Branch Closing footage, so is the actual episode on the DVD the Producer’s Cut version, or the broadcast one? Thanks.

  240. Has anyone YouTube’d the Paley Fest DVD? I picked up the Circuit City deal for $29.99 w/free mouse pad. Pretty cool!

  241. YAY! I just picked up the Best Buy version of season 3. It was the only one left and I was surprised that they had ALL sold out. Since I also bought the Target version on Tuesday I’ve already seen all the episodes. Guess it’s time to rewatch them again!

  242. #280

    True. I got the Best Buy version, but I still went out and got the Target version just for that Bonus Paley Fest disc which I had attended back in March (Hey Tanster, I was sitting 4 rows behind you and GMMR on the middle aisle :)

    But to tell you the truth I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to know find that the disc was only 25 mins. I mean (minus watching the TV reel) where did the other hour of the event go? The fan questionnaires, and fan give-away contests were left out. They cut too much stuff on the interviews as well. It was way too short :(

  243. Hey anyone else notice a scene is cutoff earlier than it should be on the DVD? In “The Return”, right after Angela explains everything to Michael in his office Andy is near Pam’s desk searching for his phone. The scene there cuts about 2 seconds earlier than it should. I know it does because you don’t hear the end of Andy’s ringtone and you do in the broadcast version.

  244. I finally picked up my season 3 and watched as much as I could this weekend. Have to say that I wish the blooper reel was longer (they are of the main reasons that I pick up the DVD’s) and in the commentaries they keep talking about the long cuts which aren’t included in the deleted scenes. What a tease!

  245. did anyone else order from best buy online, and have their order backordered? i’m not sure what to do, i wanted to get it for my friend’s bday. she still needs to catch up with s3 before s4 starts! and now i’m not sure if it’s going to arrive in time :(

  246. Help!! My disc 4 will not play in my DVD player. It works in my PC and I tested it on someone else’s DVD player. Does anyone know why this might be or what I can do about it.

  247. To answer my own question in #256…

    Apparently there are minor cuts in a few of the episodes according to posts here. Why they did that we may never know or understand. Personally I wish they would make the DVD full of hour-long (or at least supersized) episodes instead of deleted scenes. Then in place of the deleted scenes, put in the alternate scenes–the actors’ different takes on the same scene. That would be fantastic!

    Here’s what I can tell from the DVD so far (and I haven’t yet finished). All of the supersized episodes (28-30 minutes instead of 21-22) seem to be on the disc. What is different is:

    >the originally aired version of “Traveling Salesmen” that omitted the Pam storyline, but had some other dang funny stuff. Don’t know where you can get this one unless you are handy with ye ol’ bit torrent.
    >the producer’s cut of “The Return” that never aired on TV, but was on, iTunes, and Amazon Unbox. It contains 7 extra minutes edited into the episode.

    Get ’em while they are still out there!

  248. Oh, and also “Branch Closing” IS the producer’s cut, leaving out “Magic Beans” and “This is pam…” So, I’ll be keeping that one as well…

  249. Thanks prisonmike for the summary. I wish they would have put the producer’s cut of the return on the dvd, I really like Michael shoveling snow out of his car and harvey. But at least these are in the deleted scenes. I may have to track down the original branch closing, though, b/c “…magic beans” is one of my favorite lines of the whole season. Nay, the whole series.

  250. Re #299: That’s a great review of the inclusion/exclusion of the various versions of the episodes on the DVD! Thanks so much for sharing! I agree too that it would be great to incorporate the deleted scenes into the episodes. I would love to see the weekly extended versions before they have to edited further for broadcast. I love that there’s a wealth of deleted scenes that’s made available, but it’s different when they are integrated into the flow of the relevant episode. Maybe this will be included for “The Office: The Complete Series” DVD set?

  251. Hey guys i found it cheapest at walmart. They had the first two seasons for 40.00 and then the third season is just 32.87

  252. Does anyone know whether best buy will be selling their set again? I was way late for that news.

  253. Thank you for this site. I wish there was a season 1-3 holiday gift set. that would be the perfect gift. anyone know of anything regarding this?

  254. Apparently jbhifi in sydney aust. say that on august 20th season 3 part one (what ever that means) will be available…I CANT WAIT!

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