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Okay, just when you thought you couldn’t waste any more time here at OfficeTally, I’ve got more for ya …

As you were watching the webisodes over at NBC.com, did you happen to notice that The Office site itself has been updated? — fancy new banner images, updated bios (now of the whole cast!), an Adventures with Dwight bobblehead gallery and sweepstakes (coming soon) and photos.

Oh my, lots and lots of photos. Like, 175 photos. I don’t know when they were posted, but I had never seen them before this morning. Photos of deleted scenes from Boys and Girls, Drug Testing, Email Surveillance, The Fire, Michael’s Birthday, and around the office just goofing off.

Thanks to Jill C for the tip!

Head on over to NBC.com now, or check out a few of my favorites (click any photo to get to the full-sized version):


kelly ryan



  1. I noticed these on the revamped NBC site this morning when I checked out the webisodes – LOVE THEM! I’m really hoping some of these shots are scenes we’ll see on the S2 DVDs as either deleted scenes or bloopers.

  2. they also let you know what roys last name is…even though we speculated…


    that would make pam….PAM ANDERSON oh thats classic

  3. Haha, my roommate and I just recently got addicted to The Office. We’ve spent the last month watching the first two season in order, and just finished with Casino Night last night. So today we watched the 2 webisodes…and I easily spent over 2 hours on the website. Good thing I discovered it before the semester starts….

  4. The bios are great, but I did notice that they referred to Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin (her Office character) in her actor bio. A little weird. It’s nice to see them all get some recognition now though.

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