The Office YouTube promo contest!

Following the NBC-YouTube announcement, here’s more on the promo contest from the official NBC press release:

NBC will launch a contest for its hit comedy “The Office” (Thursdays, 9:30-10 p.m. ET) where people can submit their own creative 20-second promotional videos to NBC’s YouTube Group ( NBC will publicize the campaign on air regularly during the first three weeks of the contest, encouraging YouTube users to enter. User-generated videos must be compelling and entertaining and create interest for potential viewers to watch “The Office.” Examples can be seen in the NBC YouTube Group.

The contest runs June 26 through July 21. The winning video will air within the network broadcast of “The Office” during the month of August. NBC will also offer a “how-to” video featuring writer-producer Bill Lowery, who normally writes and produces all the network’s promos for “The Office.”

I am sooo excited for you fanvid creators out there — here’s your chance to get your video ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!


  1. Kind of funny, but when I was reading this, they announced the contest on MSNBC. I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with for this. Good luck to everybody!

  2. Are they doing these contests for anything with Jenna in it? They did one for SLiTHER, now Office.

    I doubt I’d be able to make one. This seems like a very hard contest.

  3. i think this is an awesome idea. hopefully someone we know will win it. too bad we couldn’t get them to give our sites a plug within the promo…haha

  4. I love the idea that it has to be all your original material. But then again, the guy in the video doesn’t have to go get original material himself :(

  5. I know somebody on MySpace who should definitely do this! You listening, Irene? :)

  6. This question is from garbagethrower on another post, but I thought I would respond here.

    Can’t wait to see everybody’s work (I assume we can view the entries on YouTube?)

    Hmm, I don’t think so, unfortunately. The rules for the contest state that videos uploaded to YouTube need to be mark PRIVATE.

  7. Poo.

    Perhaps the creators can put their entries up after the contest ends?
    Or are the promos the property of NBC once they are submitted?

    (I could go to the contest rules myself I suppose…)

  8. Hey Tanster – speaking of contests, is there any way to edit one’s entry in the ipod giveaway contest?

  9. Did anyone notice that in the sample video that NBC put up there is maybe a two second clip from the actual show even though the rules say no footage from the show can be used? Weird. But they do make it look fun to try making one. Probably harder than it looks . ..

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