Jenna’s ginormous blog update

Jenna’s updated her MySpace blog with Season 3 info and answers to many fan questions!

Some highlights:

  • Jenna describes the script planning process for Season 3.
  • Jenna talks a little bit about the nudge-nudge-nudge of the Coke can in Drug Testing. (If you haven’t listened to The Joseph Podcast interview with Jenna, she talks at length about the entire hi/hey scene — a great segment!)
  • Jenna finally confirms whether there were words spoken between Jim and Pam after “the kiss”!

Chockful of all the stuff we Office fanatics live for. :)

P.S. If you are visiting OT for the first time, here is Jenna’s iPod Giveaway post. (And welcome!)


  1. I love Jenna’s comments on two Pam small moments that I especially enjoyed (and commented on at NA)…the can-taps and the skipping. All Jenna. Cool.

  2. I’m from St. Louis so to read about her going to all those places in st. louis is really cool. I like Imos pizza and St. Louis Bread Company too!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about the script process, I wasn’t quite sure how it worked.

  4. I for one am thrilled that she mentioned there was no dialogue after the kiss. I was so sick of all that speculation following the episode.

  5. It was cute how she talked about the celebrities on That 70s Show and how they were just like normal people. It’s really sweet that she still doesn’t seem to count herself as a celebrity too.

  6. Jen, I was also fascinated by the writing aspect of it as well. To me, it’s a rather magical process. :)

  7. I thought her adjusting to being in the spotlight was an interesting read. What is up with some people? “I don’t really like your show, but I think you’re great.” WTF? Being a celebrity must be weird…lol!

  8. The link for the podcast doesn’t work anymore. Any chance you could repost it?

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