New Earl/Office promo video

NBC has posted a pretty funny video promoting the Earl/Office comedy hour scheduled for this fall. (Sorry, no Season 3 spoilers!)

[ video no longer available]

Thanks to J for the tip!


  1. Oh me too Allison, the way they cut it too for that clip was priceless, cracked me up.

    I know it’s not possible, but what I would of given to see new footage…first born…money…my leg…but hey, they included the confession, that was awesome.

    Earl looks really funny too, I haven’t seen any footage of that before, maybe it should be on my list. One of our local channels ran a short promo saying Earl was coming soon…i’ll be keeping an eye on that hehe.

  2. tanster: ditto!

    Happy they made the little love-interest turn with some Dwangela and JAM…even the confessional. As Pam would say: Did not expect that.

  3. I don’t think I can last another three months without watching new episodes of the office- I’m just thankful that the season finale was amazing that it sustained me for at least an hour after the show was over.

  4. The RI-CO-LAAA thing cracked me up too because sometimes I shout that out at work just to get peoples attention.

  5. Actually, it was watching Office commercials during Earl that made me decide to stay up the extra half-hour one night.

    And Im damn glad I did. : )

  6. Well, the promo was okay, but Becca or Proudgirl could have done better in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the fan-created promos.

  7. the song that plays right after ricola – i’ve been searching all over for it- anyone have a clue as to the singer/song?

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