Welcome, Madge, to the MySpace fray!

the office madge

I got a very nice email last week from Karly Rothenberg, the actress who plays “Madge” (from the warehouse gang):

“Hi Tanster,

My name is Karly Rothenberg, and I do play “Madge,” the East German looking gal. I have my fingers crossed that good ole Madge will return for more episodes in season three and am grateful that folks like you are spreading the word about my being a small but very happy part of the gang.

I was cast in the Basketball episode, season one, and even got to pick a fight with “Dwight” on the court. I then returned for Sexual Harassment and Boys and Girls and had an absolute blast driving the forklift around the warehouse! I am hopeful that next season I might even get a Dundie. And just between you and me, I think Madge has a crush on Roy! (oops, did I let that slip, shame on me!)

Thanks again for the mention on your website!

All the best,

Karly aka Madge”

Please visit Madge’s MySpace page and say hello!

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  1. Madge (Karly) rocks! She’s a super, great gal. I hope we see more of her in season 3. :-)

  2. Madge (Karly) is the best! She’s one of my Myspace friends…super nice and very appreciative of her fans. The Office gang rocks!

  3. I agree, she’s so nice! I admit I only registered with MySpace to get access to the cast profiles. My profile is completely barren. She actually commented on my page – one of the two comments on there – lol. Thanks, Katy!

  4. Good Lord, my mind’s thinking Karly, and my hands typed “Katy” – sorry for the typo!!

  5. I left a comment on one of her blogs and she commented me back! I got a little bit excited.

  6. Madge (Karly) is a personal friend of mine and my instructor at school. She is incredibly cool and is as funny in person as she is on television. She’s just like hanging with one of your friends. I love her to death.

  7. Hi Karly!
    I got your name from an actress and student of yours named Sonia. She’s very sweet. I was telling her about my Son Louis who wants to pursue a career in Voice Over. He is very funny and talented. With some professional voice over training, I think he would really blossom. Could you please contact me with more information? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much! Best regards, Patricia Gabriel

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