New executive producers for ‘The Office’

From Hollywood Reporter:

Dan Sterling and Brent Forrester are moving into NBC’s The Office. The duo has boarded the Thursday night comedy as executive producers for the show’s upcoming ninth season, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The pair will fill the void created by the departure of Paul Lieberstein as showrunner of the network’s No. 1 comedy as he shifts his focus to a potential spinoff starring Rainn Wilson.

Both previously worked with Office creator Greg Daniels on Fox’s animated comedy King of the Hill. A decision on who will serve as showrunner has yet to be determined.


  1. First Greg Daniels then Brent Forrester. This is GREAT news for The Office! And for us too!

  2. I’m surprised the article didn’t mention that Brent Forrester is far from new to the Office: He wrote several classics, including Product Recall! (Product Recall is the best half-hour of the series IMO)

  3. The fact that no decision on showrunner has been made makes it seem that Daniels may not serve in that role.

  4. remember to call- I agree! Probably my favorite episode of all time. So underrated.

  5. That’s definitely some good news. Both guys are talented and have experience. Forrester even wrote for The Simpsons during their best years.

    Picking two guys is also a good idea. I won’t blame Paul Lieberstein, who did some great job during his tenure. The dive in quality started mostly when Jennifer Celotta, who was the other co-showrunner, left the show (there was never any explanation for her departure, BTW). It’s an exhausting job, especially after eight years of various stories: you run out of new things to say.

    Season 8 was ambitious in scope but was disappointing and broad in execution. Previously, it was the focus on small details that made the show great. I hope they can go back to that tone.

  6. @Dwigt, it says they’ve been made executive producers, not co-showrunners. It says “a decision on who will serve as showrunner has yet to be made.”

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