1. They cut a bunch of great Andy moments. I love just about everything he says in the first scene.

  2. “Give me your hairpiece.” “Wear your own shoes!” HA! These were great clips.

  3. I know they probably didn’t have time to fit it all in, but I’m sad they cut all these great Andy lines. So funny! We need some more Ed Helms love!
    …and who would have thought he would look so cute in red pants. haha :)

  4. I would have taken that second scene over two minutes of Michael and Dwight in the dump in a heartbeat. “Phooey.” “What?”

  5. I believe there’s one more on the NBC website where Stanley says that Sabre is finally saying what he’s been thinking all along and you see him and Phyllis kind of getting along. Like the 2nd one, bigger fan of the first one because it’s a longer version of a scene that was IN the episode. But I can see why they cut these scenes.

  6. I love all the scenes, but they should have kept a little bit of the first one in. Such great Stanley, Andy and Phyllis lines. “Tun, wear your own shoes, k?” Hilarious!

  7. I was DYING with laughter when Jim mouthed to the camera “Oh my God!”
    Wish they’d kept that!

  8. ha! “you should be done with that scarf.”

    i loved jim’s “oh my god” to the camera.

  9. I think they got salespeople spot on with this episode. I used to work in radio (on-air) and the salespeople behaved as if they ruled the station. Nice when they needed you to schmooze a client and then you didn’t exist after that. I used to remind them that if it were not for those of us actually producing a product, they would have nothing to sell.

  10. I agree with you, Marsha. I’ve had weird feelings about Andy and Erin from the beginning.

  11. #11, Marsha – no, you certainly aren’t the only one. I love each character individually; just not together.

    As far as the deleted scenes – I think I love the Creed/Andy one even more than anything that was actually in the episode. So funny.

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