‘Hope Grows in a Dump’ Haiku Contest

Hope grows in a dumpSo many of you were taken by the line Hope grows in a dump from last night’s episode of The Office, New Leads, that I figured we could put it to good use, haiku-style.

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Image courtesy Josh Helfferich.

STATUS: the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to jj (3), Julie (14), and Katie (71) — you have each won The Office 2010 Calendar! Watch your inbox for an email from me …

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Here are the haiku finalists:

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Please pick your top three by Thursday, March 25th 11pm. The top three vote-getters will each receive The Office 2010 Calendar!

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  1. The leads are gone but
    Andy and erin’s kiss proves
    Hope grows in a dump

  2. Fight with wooden spool
    Bean bag chair shared, others kiss
    Hope grows in a dump

  3. Haiti buildings fall,
    But children dance in sunshine,
    Hope grows in a dump.

  4. Even when life sucks
    and you have no one to love
    Hope grows in a dump

  5. Constupation you made me sick
    Now I can cancel that doctor’s appointment
    Hope grows in a dump.

  6. Having a compost pile rocks.
    You get free fertilizer all the time.
    Hope grows in a dump.

  7. (I’m Canadian but could not resist this one just for fun)

    longing for the days
    of Mozart and Mozart’s friend
    hope grows in a dump

  8. Shouldn’t be in there
    Michael Scott- That’s what she said
    Hope grows in a dump

  9. Don’t you know the place
    Where trash become dreams and love
    Hope grows in a dump

  10. Jim says “Bye, Karen!”
    And Pam gets her first date. Swoon–
    Hope grows in a dump.

  11. (also Canadian, but I just couldn’t help myself!)

    well I do declare!
    It’s incalculable, how
    hope grows in a dump.

  12. “It’s not my career…”
    But she winks from reception.
    Hope grows in a dump.

  13. Oops! Try this again:

    Desperate for weekend.
    Happy respite! Thursday Night!
    Hope grows in a dump.

  14. Correction: I did not mean to include the word “really” in the first line of my haiku!

  15. Correction: Beets, not Beats. Gah! sorry tanster.
    (This isn’t a second entry!!) Don’t count me out please!

  16. not sure if my correction went through: Beets, not Beats. I don’t mean to post again, but I really thought I had a good one and I know spelling counts…I’m gonna “beat” myself over the head for this one. lol.

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