1. Too funny! I love that the guys play video games in their trailer…brings to mind Kevin’s remark “We were bored…a lot”. Or is playing video games a euphemism for something else ;) Aww Jenna, you don’t need make-up to look cute and lovely…go Pam! Awesome video all round…thanks so much for the link!

  2. “don’t come a-knockin if the trailers are rockin.” HAHA

    I loved how Rainn said Krasinski was the one who cracks up the most and then you hear someone snort in the background. At first I thought it was a sound affect the editors put in but then Rainn said it was John. LOL

  3. That’s so cool that Rainn, John, and Brian all play Madden in their trailers. The cast of The Office just gets cooler everyday!

  4. Awesome video. I loved how we could hear John snorting in the background. I think I just love it when he tries to hold it in, but instead it comes out as a snort and then his whole face lights up. (Like in The Return). I know this has been said a million times before, but GAH, I can’t wait for more Office, I miss it so!! (8 more days!!)

    But here’s what I want to know, how come when the video ends there’s all these clips of Chris Crocker?? lol.

  5. Awesome blossom. Extra awesome.

    “Isn’t this funny? but also are you ok? and is there something you want to talk about?”

    Too adorable!

  6. Cool video. It looks like these are interviews from last season though, doesn’t it. Jenna has the Pam look from Branch Closing I think. OK, it is VERY, VERY sad that I know that.

  7. That was great! I think it would be wonderful if they could do a live episode, but I’m not really sure if its possible or not given their set-up.

  8. I loved Steve saying that his lines are phonetically written on a piece of paper taped to another actor’s face. He is hilarious!

  9. lemondade (#6) – it’s the regular announcer guy’s voice on the voice over … and he says something at the beginning like “When you work in an office, you get to know your coworkers pretty well, and the same goes for the cast of NBC’s hit comedy The Office. So we decided to put them to the test, with a little game we call ‘5 questions’.”
    Then they ask:
    1. Who’s always late to the set? (answered by John)
    2. Who flubs their lines the most? (answered by Mindy, Jenna and Steve)
    3. Who cracks up the most during a take? (answered by Rainn and John)
    4. Who spends the most time in hair and makeup? (answered by Jenna)
    5. Who spends the most time in their trailer? (answered by Rainn and Jenna)

    The answers are all really funny … and there are different clips of different episodes placed throughout. No new footage, though.

    It’s really funny!

  10. For some reason the video isn’t showing up? Is it available on the NBC website itself? I looked there and couldn’t find it. HELP!

  11. That video was great! I thought I was the only person who cried when they laughed hysterically. It’s nice to know that it happens to others too!

  12. For severe spoiler phobes like myself, is there any new footage from the show or anything about season 4?

  13. Haha ohhh man that last clip gets me every time–Dwight talking about resorbing his twin brother or something

  14. Haha, I love Steve’s bit about having his lines on the others’ faces. And Jenna’s little “We think they’re playing football. *innocent shrug* That’s what they say…” is adorable.

    Judging by her clothes/hair, and the clips only coming from the beginning of the season, it looks like this was made around Branch Closing. I wonder why they took so long to release it?

  15. that was great. i think this was taken last season because i remember seeing interviews like this in the same wardrobe. great clips from “grief counseling” too.

  16. God, every little bit of new footage of these people, and I’m spellbound! Jenna’s little shrugs, John’s voice and his faces, Rainn’s every-single-thing-he-does. Hilarious. To the extreme.

  17. Yay!!! another person who cries when they laugh!!! (It’s honestly uncontrolable people. My family tries to make me laugh sometimes just cause they think it’s hilarious to watch me lose it.)

    That video made my day…. so much fun!

    I leaned what “schnorkaling” means. (good to know that noise has a name :)

    Matt… I totally thought that of Pam’s look as well…. “oh this was filmed last season… that’s Branch Closing’s sweater.” You’re not alone there. lol

    one more week!!! can’t wait!

  18. #25 – StairCar HopOn, first of all, that’s a GREAT username. Excellent AD reference!

    Second, there’s no new footage and nothing about season 4. It’s safe for you to watch.

    I loved John’s answer that Steve is always late to the set. He’s just so adorable!

  19. I loved this! I find it so endearing that John cries when he laughs. I do it too, and it’s completely uncontrollable! Every time I see interviews of the cast, it makes me love them even more.

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