OfficeTally Chat Room meet-up, Chicago

The Office

Left to right: OTCRers Danny, Kate, ChillisBannedMe, and Matt Collins

From Matt Collins, OfficeTally Chat Room moderator:

Four long-time members of the OfficeTally Chat Room (OTCR) finally met in person for an impromptu get-together during the 4th of July weekend. Danny, Kate, ChillisBannedMe and I met up at Charlie’s Ale House on Navy Pier in Chicago for a few drinks and dinner.

It was a great time and we all clicked immediately. Would you expect anything less from four Office nerds who spend hours upon hours in a 477 x 694 chat window? We talked for hours about everything — spontaneous cults, Canada, women in aquariums, Canada, uninvited wedding guests, birds on car bumpers and, of course, The Office.

Throughout the course of our dialogue, two (and only two) “That’s what she said’s” were unleashed, but both landed with pointed hilarity.

We seriously had a great time. And even though Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC has proved that not all Internet encounters can go flawlessly, ours sure did. Now I’m looking forward with to my next OfficeTally meet-up, chat room or otherwise, with great anticipation. See ya at Comic-Con!

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  1. That is so cool. I met up with a fellow internet/Office fanatic too… in Chicago! No lie.

    We were at Navy Pier on Sunday though. Just missed you guys!

  2. That is cool that you four got to meet up! I’m hoping to someday meet at least one person that I’ve chatted with in there!

  3. Thanks for posting Tan-Monster!

    Next time this happens (assuming there is another Chicago meet-up), maybe we can get even more people together.

  4. That was an extremely well-written account of your meet-up. Thanks Matt and Tanster for sharing it with all of us.

  5. That sounds like so much fun! I also live in Chicago, think i could tag along next time?

  6. That is so cool, guys! I’m glad you all had a great time. I met up with a fellow Office fan (and my wonder twin) from NA on one of her trips down here and we had an awesome time, as well.

    Nothing like The Office to bring people together!

  7. I’m in Chicago! It was great to read about your Pier meeting, how fun.

  8. Holy Crap!!! We’re actually on the OT home page! I want to show so many people…. and yet most of my friends will just say this solidifies my nerd status. hmmm

    Well anyways, very well said Matt – and we thought I could sum things up well. I’m glad you included Canada twice. :P

    I vote for more OTCR meet & greets !!!

  9. :-( SO bummed I got Matt’s email too late and missed this. I am 100% in attendance next time! GO Chicago!

  10. I’m so sorry I missed the meet up! I’ve been absent from OTCR lately but meant to let you all know I was going to be out of town that weekend. I’m glad you all got to meet! Looks like it was a fun evening. Hopefully I’ll make the next Chicago get together! (Chillis and Matt – we must get to a Cubs game someday! :) )

  11. My hometown! (well, Gurnee actually but still) I think it is great that you all met up…and at Navy Pier! Good for you. You know Leslie David Baker and Craig Robinson are from Chi-town as well. Is this going to become an annual dinner event?

  12. Hmmmmm I’m jealous! I’m in Chicago :(
    But sadly yes, I barely make it to the chat room, bad office fan!

  13. Meeting other fans rocks! I hope there’s another convention so more of us can put a face to a screen name :)

  14. What a fun idea! Glad you guys had such a good time. It makes perfect sense that fellow Office nerds would hit it off. In fact…hmm…any Ohio fans out there?

  15. oh wow – that would have been such a blast! I love the photo too!

    You know all tallyheads are welcomed in Australia! ha

  16. Some of us in NYC have been trying to get together as well! Unfortunately we haven’t found a date that works for all of us. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  17. Mosby- Haha. I’m a happily married and 5 months pregnant Arizona dental technician. My real name is Hannah. :)

  18. Haha I was very jealous when I heard of this meeting, but it’s so cool. I think everyone needs to go to the convention.

    And Canada, hahahaha. Sorry Kate (:

  19. Oh, no, Mr. Jim, the real question is: who are YOU???!!

    (: and so the mystery continues..

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