‘The Office’ at Comic-Con 2008

The OfficeA reminder of Saturday’s Comic-Con San Diego events:

Saturday, July 26th, 12:45-1:45
Exclusive Q&A with the writers of The Office

The writers of the Emmy award–winning comedy The Office talk about their favorite episodes, characters, and fun behind-the-scenes stories.
Panelists: executive producer/showrunner Greg Daniels and writers Jennifer Celotta, Michael Schur, B.J. Novak, Lester Lewis, Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Mindy Kaling, Justin Spitzer, Ryan Koh, and Anthony Ferrell.
Moderator: Rainn Wilson.

If this is anything like the writers panel from The Office Convention in Scranton last fall, I bet they’ll show some entertaining video clips as well…

Can’t be there in person? No worries, this panel will be recorded and available at NBC.com!

Special merchandise: the NBC Universal Store will be setting up shop to sell a limited edition BBBG bobblehead and matching t-shirt! Visit NBCU’s booth at #3919.

Dwight Schrute bobblehead giveaway: NBCU Digital Distribution and MobiTV will offer Comic-Con attendees the chance to win 25 limited edition Dwight Schrute bobbleheads. Street teams dressed like NBC Pages will distribute posters on both Friday and Saturday during the convention with details on how to enter.

Rainn Wilson appearance: while not a Comic-Con event, a reminder that Rainn Wilson will appear at a Q&A session after a screening of ‘The Rocker’ on Saturday night. More details

Lastly: Matt Collins (OTCR moderator) and I will be at the writers panel. If you see us, please come by and say hello! (Matt’s the tall one who likes to dance.)


  1. If this is true I’m definitely going to try to get there. I missed out on The Office Convention and I regret that big time.

  2. Your Honor, I present item #271a54 in my case for why living in the Midwest sucks.

  3. I have lived in San Diego all my life and have never attended Comic-Con. The possibility of seeing my favorite Dunder Mifflinites would be the ONLY way to pull me into that absolute madhouse that is Comic-Con. I am SO there!

  4. Office is going to be at Comic-Con? I really enjoyed their Paley Panel so I am so there. I have never been to Comic-Con. Do you have to buy a pass to the whole event or are there just Office tickets? Do these things sell out way in advance? Basically, I’m what I’m asking is do I need to buy the tickets right now?

  5. I live in New England and am low on cash…so I don’t think I’ll be attending. But I’m interested to hear more details about this!

  6. BBBG! I’d fly down from San Francisco just to get that new bobblehead! It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. (I may need to get out more.)

  7. Absolutely, I will. I love the cheap Southwest Flights to anywhere in CA.

    Oh yeah, and the BBBG bobblehead looks amazing!

  8. I think I may know where I’m taking my summer vacation now! Actually, if this does work out – sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I hope lots of Tallyheads can make it and report back!

  9. This would be so awesome and the best early birthday present if it ends up being true. I’ll definitely be in the group of those refreshing this page until confirmation. ;)

  10. Aw man…I want to go so badly, but I’m going to be in London for all of July!!

  11. I already have my tickets for ComiCon this year… this news makes me soooo happy =-)

  12. Tanster – I’m going to be refreshing this page every 5 minutes until I hear confirmation. So yeah, expect a lot more page views from me :)

    I was already so excited about going to Comic Con but the idea of an OFFICE panel is crazy.

  13. okay, TOTALLY going now. i’m living in downtown san diego until the end of july so me and the fiance will definitely be taking advantage of our extremely prime location of being a short walk away from the convention center to completely geek out =D

  14. Yeah! So happy this is happening in my backyard! I’m never sure if I want to deal with the Comic-Con crowd, but this would be totally worth it.

  15. Awesome! I’ve attended a few comic cons including last year and let me tell you its a blast. Having The Office there is just a bonus!

  16. YES! I just convinced my friend to go, so we bought our passes last week. This is icing on the cake!

  17. An Office comic book would be the best thing in the history of anything ever.

    Wish it wasn’t on the other side of the country. How else am I going to get my nerdy and Office related needs met? Boo.

  18. Since Lost started, it’s been my dream to go to ComicCon. It would be amazing if The Office was there this year!

  19. If it’s true and I have enough money I’m taking my husband and going. Period.

  20. I said I wouldn’t go this year because I wanted to get a summer job BUT screw that! I’M GOING! =)

  21. Yay! There is no Office Convention this year, unfortunately, but happily, this makes up for it :)

  22. Sounds great for those who can get there, but I hope it doesn’t take the place of The Office Convention in Scranton this year … fingers crossed.

  23. Oh awesome! I went to comic con last year. it really is a blast. i didn’t hear about steve being there until it was too late. The LOST presentation was great. I have a bunch of friends going with me this year. It really is like a non stop party. even after the show closes all of downtown has things to do. they do movie marathons, the padres stadium has events like last year they did a big thing for 300. Hotel is the toughest thing to swing. last year we were right next door at the hyatt. this year it’s still up in the air, but we have our tickets. Can’t wait to meet more office fans! :)

  24. When do they announce the schedule of panels for the comic con?

    (Office Panel = Awesomeness)

  25. Definitely check out the Comic Con link that Tanster posted. They are estimating that the event is going to sell out and door tickets might not be available. That being said, I wouldn’t rush out to get them until The Office panel is announced. The date and times won’t be released for a bit yet. But from someone who attended last year – it’s a mad house.

  26. Comic-con is great! I have been about 15 times and I highly recommend it. If you are planning on going, as was mentioned by GMMR, they will sell out in advance and I would recommend buying tickets soon. If you decide to go know that there is programming available about 15 hours a day from Wednesday until Sunday and that there are many other shows represented. Last year Pushing Daisies (GMMR will surely remember) was a big highlight and they also had previews and booths for everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Golden Compass.
    It is very possible that the tickets will sell out before they announce the schedule for each day.

    Also, getting a room down town may be a challenge as they book up months in advance but we have a great trolley system and you could easily get a room in the Mission Valley area and get there quickly on the trolley. If anyone has specific questions about attending con I’d be happy to help.

  27. HOLY CRAP! darn summer school (college, lol)

    But my bf lives in SD for law school
    i’d totally love it if we could dress up as Office chars…too bad office chars are hard to cosplay unless you actually sorta look like the char..lol. maybe we can acutally pull off an asian Jim and Pam

    I’d also go to COmic con cuz i’m a true geek at heart :)
    if i go, i’d def. wear an Office Tally shirt!

  28. My friend convinced me to go a few years ago and I have always gone back. This makes it even better! I always wondered why The Office was never there, seems logical to me!

  29. Does anyone when we will know for sure if this true? Because this sucker sells out fast. And I truthfully only want to buy a ticket for the day that TO people are going to be there?

  30. Sounds like a lot of fun with Rainn and the writers. That would be so cool if he was advising the panel.

  31. damn damn damn!!!!! Like I wasn’t upset enough missing ComicCon….. come on!!! so not fair :( (Someone wanna get me a bobblehead? hehehe)

  32. Well, since Saturday passes are already sold-out, I’ll be trying a round about way to get in – volunteering for the convention. Does anyone know if that would work? I’ve never volunteered at one of these conventions, but since I live down the street from the SD Convention Center I don’t have much to lose.

  33. I just heard! I’m so excited. Let’s hope the morning doesn’t fill up with panels that will prevent me from going to THE OFFICE. See you there, Tanster.

  34. I am so happy I bought tickets for this! My first Comic Con is going to be awesome because of this :)

  35. HeatherInSD – or anyone else that might be able to help – Do you know if there is any ticket exchange or other online ticket sales type of thing to get tickets for sold out days at Comic Con? I’d been planning on going this year, never got around to actually getting the tickets, and then found out today about ‘The Office’ and am now kicking myself haha! Any info would be great and thanks for the great advice already!

  36. i have been waiting for this. SO EXCITED. i am so glad my friend pushed me to get tickets months ago. haha! sold out? not a problem!!!

  37. Cool! I wish I could go, but work is work. I would love to meet you, Tanster and fellow tallyheads! I hope everyone has a blast!

  38. That BBBG Dwight bobblehead is awesome. I wish it wasn’t a convention exclusive so I could get one. I’m trying to remember: In the past year or so, wasn’t there another convention where they had an exclusive Dwight bobblehead? Does anyone remember anything like that? I tried searching but didn’t find anything. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

  39. Comic Con is starting to sell out every year now, before you could just buy a pass at the door. Now they only sell online and sell out quick. Buy early and you won’t be kicking yourself for not getting a pass earlier because that has happened to me!

  40. When it said “Available for Pre-Sale beginning June 18th” I was hoping that they might sell the bobblehead online at the NBC store, but it looks like they’re not. I mean, who pre-orders something at a convention? lol Oh well :)

  41. So you can only get the shirt at the convention? sorry, I’m very new at all of this…

  42. You can get both the shirt and bobblehead in NBC’s regular online Office store. The shirt is only $2!

  43. The Bobblehead and t-shirt just went up on the site. They are $25 and $2 (?) respectively. Yes, $2 for the t-shirt!!

    Also, use the “shopnew” code to save 15%.

  44. Mimi, it says it “Ships on Jul 29”. Also, I was charged for Ground Shipping, so I’m assuming they will be shipping it to me after the convention.

  45. i hope mindy’s there! i feel like she’s been in hiding or something for the last two months!

  46. I am sorry to see that Paul is not listed on the panel. He has written some of my favorite episodes.

  47. Oh man I have to think of a good question to ask them. I hope some Tallyheads get in on that. A shout out would be cool =)

  48. I bought the shirt. Is that weird, considering I’m unable to go to Comic-Con?? Ah well. I will be there in spirit.

  49. Oh that’s going to be really good. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to go. With Rainn hosting the panel, it should be really hilarious!

  50. Are there any planned meet ups during con? Now I wish I’d bought a Dunder Mifflin Victorville t-shirt.

  51. I’m so jealous of everyone who’s going!! Please report back here on OT for those less unfortunate haha — I want to hear about everything!

  52. I haven’t been keeping up with The Office news so I’m grateful to Tori Weber for telling me about the Comic-Con event. My husband and I will be at Comic-Con Wednesday through Sunday, our longest stay ever.

  53. I remember checking OfficeTally a while back and seeing a post about Rainn and the writers at Comic-Con this year, so I marked it down on my calendar. So I was looking at my calendar and realized- “Hey! Comic-Con is this weekend, and Rainn and the writers are going to be there!” haha. So I immediately went to the Comic-Con website, but I could not find anything about them being there. Maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places, but could anyone tell me where they’re going to be, and like all that information? Thanks (:

  54. I am also wondering if there are any planned Tallyhead meet-ups. Unfortunately, both Chilis and Benihana are well away from downtown SD. Any ideas?

  55. Have a fabulous time, Tanster and Matt! I saw some footage shot at Comic-Con yesterday. It looks like a madhouse. So Matt, make sure you protect our tiny little Tanster. We’re counting on you! :)

    Thanks for the news about NBC.com posting the writers’ panel. That helps to ease my jealousy. :)

    Travel safely and have fun!

    [from tanster: awww, thanks MN! :) ]

  56. Doug: Comic Con isn’t just about comics, but rather everything having to do with multimedia entertainment and its fandom. How is a geek different from an Office geek?

    I sooo can’t wait for this panel. Hopefully I’ll be out of the Heroes panel in time to wait for The Office one. See ya there.

  57. Have fun at Comic-Con guys! If only I could convince my parents to take me…

  58. From my San Diego hotel room: What’s up OT!? I’m super-excited to be here and for “The Office” panel tomorrow.

    Now that I’m here, I just want to meet Tallyheads – where are you all? Let’s do drinks.

    Stay classy OfficeTally.

  59. Oh man, I’m so excited for the writer’s panel and I’m not even going in person. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s trip reports! Please take lots of pictures!

  60. my friends and I are in line for the panel right now! we’ve been here since 7, and have to sit through some questionable panels beforehand, but it’s so worth the wait. wish us luck and getting passes to the rocker screening!!

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