1. It’s a potentially amusing idea but a terrible choice of a narrator that undermined it.

  2. I thought it was kinda funny. Liked the end where the conflict was resolved through sweeps and a 3/4 successful nuclear holocaust.

  3. help me out – what does “BOVS!” mean? urban dictionary has a couple potential answers, but which is right?

  4. hahaha – “wanna get a Fro Yo for lunch?”

    no contest – Team Karen all the way!

  5. That’s how Ken Burns documentaries go. It’s supposed to sound boring. I thought this was hilarious.

  6. Desperately looking for that 2:08 min of my life back. Great concept, subpar execution.

  7. I can’t believe anyone didn’t like this!! It’s HILARIOUS! I’m still cracking up over here! Fro yo?


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