1. Ooh I can’t wait for it to return! Starts back on my birthday, so it’ll be a good day :)

  2. Is that Jenna closest to the viewer? That’s the loveliest hair in the world!

    Who are we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s Olyphant…

  3. Better yet, somebody who has Andy’s “peepers for eyes,” is that a new family photo on Jim’s desk?

  4. I totally thought it looked like Simon Cowell as well! I would bet money that’s who it is…

    Can’t wait for the office!

  5. Simon Cowell is not an actor. He’s a celebrity. Different beast all together. Looks to me like Alec Baldwin.

  6. I was right! It’s so Timothy Olyphant, here’s Mindy Kalings latest tweet:

    @mindykaling Day 5 of the Olyphant Experience.

  7. Would LOVE for it to be Simon Cowell, but I’m fairly sure he’s in England doing the X Factor right now. All of the other guesses would also be fantastic! I’m excited! My favorite part of new characters is seeing how they interact with the craziness of Michael/Dwight/Andy etc.

  8. Yes, ThirstySchruteBaby!! He does look like Ken Marino. I love him as Ron in Party Down!!!

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