THR Emmy roundtable: Mindy Kaling

During The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy roundtable discussion, The Office’s Mindy Kaling talks about her role as a writer/actor on the show.

Mindy is nominated for a Best Comedy Writing Emmy along with her co-writer and The Office executive producer Greg Daniels for the wedding episode ‘Niagara.’

The awards show airs this Sunday, August 29, on NBC.


  1. I wish I was Mindy Kaling. Also, I agree– how annoying is it when people say “I don’t own a TV?” Like that means they’re better, or something?! I’m obsessed with my fave TV shows, and they bring me joy, and I’m proud!

  2. Roger Sterling and Kelly Kapoor sitting next to each other? I think my TV just blew up.

  3. Is it just me, or is Matthew Weiner totally into Mindy? Not that I blame him, as she is clearly awesome.

  4. I had a roommate in college who came from an uber religious family (way more religious than mine actually) and she was really snotty when she said “I don’t watch TV, so she didn’t have to contribute to the cable bill with the rest of us, then she ended up watching more TV than the other three of us combined, grrr.

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