1. Well, I guess we can safely assume that Jim and Pam are still on speaking terms after the whole Roy fiasco..

  2. And then Michael jumps off the building to demonstrate his cat-like skills. Ha ha ha.

  3. Sorry for the double-post, but I just noticed something else. In the last picture, you can see Karen waaay over in the corner. It’s looking good for the JAM fans. :)

  4. Karen is far away from Jim, and he is standing right beside Pam. hhhhmmm do you think they broke up?? I hope so!!!

  5. In the other pics, Karen is off to the side by Phyllis. We can only hope it is the beginning of JAM…

  6. i dunno…this photo could be staged….but there is definitely no roy! woot! dag, why cant next week be here now.

  7. The Women’s Appreciation spooiler (airing after Safety Training) mentions that Karen and Jim are celebrating their six month trainwreckiversary. But hopefully we’ll have some an up on the ol JP Index.


  8. And look at Darryl’s crutches! Wonder what that’s all about.

  9. I know that the show isn’t all about JAM, but does anyone think they’ll get together BEFORE the season finale?–real question, I’m not being a pain :)

  10. I agree with Danielle. Here’s my take: Roy goes after Jim in The Negotiation and Jim finds out Pam told Roy about Casino Night and…yeah…no more Karen…

  11. There’s watermelon on the white car… intriguing. Michael almost looks like he’s trying to see if he could lob a watermelon from the edge.

    Also, Darryl on crutches. Poor Darryl.

  12. What’s with the watermelon smashed on the car in the second picture? Michael throw it?

  13. Not getting hopes up #12- SPOILER: Daryl said one of the office employees (one guess who) moved the ladder out from under him and he fell.
    But I didn’t realize it would be a recent thing.

  14. Darryl on crutches… I wonder if Michael tried to get him to wrap his foot in bubble wrap lol

  15. Who is that new warehouse employee behind Ryan, could he be Roy’s replacement!?!

  16. Looks like Pam is wearing some kind of orthopedic shoes. Haha.

    I hope Michael doesn’t jump. He would probably screw it up. Maybe he istrying to prove the “dangers” of the stress levels, working in an office.

  17. I hope Pam and Jim kiss in the season finale!!! That would make my summer:)

  18. The Asian warehouse guy has been there awhile. I remember seeing him at the Luau in the warehouse. Great idea Tori, about the watermelon as somebodies head. And of course it would never occur to Michael that he might hit one of his staff with that hurtling watermelon!

  19. LOVE IT. (the first one at least.) Jim’s not mad at Pam for telling Roy, and they are standing like 2 feet from each other. I have hope.

  20. No Roy.
    Poor spacing for Jim and Karen.
    Perfect spacing for Jim and Pam.
    Welcome back Andy, how did the “management” training go?
    = LOVE

  21. To answer your Stephanie C’s question… I really don’t see Jim and Pam getting together before, or even during the finale. [As much as I don’t want another cliffhanger]

    This is my prediction… PREDICTION – keep that in mind. I’d like to have this lead to discussion and not have anyone get frustrated with me :-)

    The situation between Roy and Jim at a minimum leads to Roy getting a temorary suspenion, if not fired. Karen learns about the kiss [which I don’t she knows about at this point] and decides to end it. Or maybe we’ll have a big surprise and Jim will stop being a wuss and end the relationship [That’s what I’d like to see]

    This leads Pam and Jim slowly starting to act like friends again, the way they were in season 2.

    I just don’t see them getting together by the end of this season, as much as I’d like them to. After reading that interview with Jenna it just doesn’t seem like they’re going to just yet. You know, with her talking about whether or not they SHOULD get together when they’re about to shoot the season finale and she knows what’s going to happen. But maybe it’s just a way to throw people off.

    That’s my predicition. I hope to be proven wrong in the upcoming weeks.

  22. Chubbs,

    Karen already knows about the kiss. Jim told her. We know this ’cause Karen talks to Pam about it.

  23. Yikes, those really are bad shoes or a bad angle on good shoes.

    Maybe Phyllis will spill a little more dirt about Jim/Pam to Karen…

  24. Perhaps this is part of the training. Talking someone down from roof who wants to jump.

  25. I have an awful feeling that the title of the last episode “The Job” refers to someone getting a job offer to go somewhere else. Jim getting some sort of promotion or Pam getting an internship. Of course it could be Karen leaving to go to corporate or something.

  26. yeah, karen already knows about the kiss.

    jenna keeps speaking about how pam’s “don’t call me pammy” honest streak lasts for the entirety of the season, and bj has said that — unlike last year’s finale — “things happen” between jim and pam during this season’s finale, so my guess is that pam’s going to tell jim how she feels and whatever.

  27. God in this Chili’s – Where did you find the title of the finale?

    I think it’s a strong possibility that someone is offered a new job in the finale. Maybe Jim goes to work for DM Corporate and Pam goes to art school in NYC? Probably not, but that’s how I’d like them to ride off into the sunset.

  28. sorry for another post, but i really dont see JAM being resolved before the end of the season, especially since we know the ending mainly has to do with jan and michael.

    what I would like to see is some sort of all-out fight between jim and pam and then perhaps they both realize at the same time the reason they are fighting is because they cant stand denying themselves anymore. and then we see them both have a “look” of understanding about them. and cue michael and jan.

    i know this is probably totally off, but i think it would be a great way to end the season, so as they dont repeat last season’s finale.

  29. My mistake. I wasn’t sure if she knew or not. Hopefully for the rest of the season there is only one week where there isn’t a new episode.

  30. Ahh…the classic fight prelude to a make out session. I like it.

    If anything I’m hopeful this episode is a return to the wonderful friendship they had in season two.

    And maybe Jim has his own “I’m fine with my choices moment.”

  31. Wow… they make Pam wear bad shoes. I think the angle makes them looks worse too.

    I’m not getting my hopes up, but Pam and Jim are next to each other and Karen is way over by Phyllis.

    You think Michael is giving a lesson of what would happen to a person if they fell off the roof?

  32. anyone notice that karen is not there? also…every other warehouse employee EXCEPT roy is there….hmmm….

    unless of course i just have really poor eyesight and i can’t see them

  33. sorry actually karen is in the corner….but she is NOT the one standing next to jim…hmm…..but ROY is still not there

  34. Karen does know about the kiss but it’s been questioned whether she knows about the one during The Dundies or the one during Casino Night.

    Also, it’s not likely that she knows any of Pam & Roy’s history. I hope she finds out about that and the seriousness of Jim’s “crush” on Pam.

    Yeah, I think 2 eps after Safety Training is “Women’s Appreciation” where Jim & Karen are celebrating 6 months (gag).

    Whoever mentioned Pam’s in the pictures, I agree. They are TERRIBLE!!!!!!

  35. Haha Barbara. Jim is Craig, Karen is Manny. And we all know how wrong Manny and Craig are for each other.

    And Karen doesn’t know about the rebound speech. If she sticks with Jim after finding that out, I’ll completely loss all respect for her.

  36. to #30
    as much I would have hoped that karen learning about Jim’s declaration to Pam last season would end their relationship, it doesn’t happen. If you look on the livejournal site (the really indepth spoiler site),
    Karen and Jim are celebrating their six month anniversary (can anybody say Degrassi Junior high?) in “women’s appreciation”…

  37. I’ve never heard of “the kiss” referring to the one at Chili’s. I’m sorry, but a throwaway moment from the premiere of season 2 versus the series’ biggest cliffhanger? It’s obvious what Karen was referring to.

    I tried to write a comment about this before but it wouldn’t post where I mentioned that it seemed a little contrived that Roy’s only words in the Pepper Spray scene would be “HALPERT!” He would have said something like “You came on to Pam?!” or something like that, since it was six months ago and Jim has no idea that Pam finally told Roy. (I’m a firm believer that they didn’t talk beforehand; Jim’s only connection to Roy is Pam, so he looked to her to confirm that it was related to her)

    Anyway, my point is that I think they’re trying to conceal from Karen that Roy and Pam were engaged and it’s going to come out soon, probably in the next episode.

    I also hope that Pam and Jim get into some kind of argument, even if it’s only like the one in Boys and Girls, just so they can freaking express all the emotions they’ve been bottling up for the past 3 years. It’s so unhealthy.

  38. to #37 kimberly, the jim and pam fight is my hope too!
    all season i have been crossing my fingers that the season ends with both of them finally breaking their silence in a passionate fight. how much longer can they hold it all in??

  39. Definitely on board for a huge, cleansing fight. It would be good for them all around–get everything out in the open, let them share more than 3 lines of dialogue together, get some passions heated up, it could be great.

  40. we are rooting for jim and pam to fight.
    what has happened to the world?

  41. So since we’re comparing Jim and Pam to Craig and Manny (or was it someone else to Craig and Manny?) – can we talk about Holt and Lucy on Dirt? Since it has been so long since the last new Office episode, I’ve sort of lost momentum and interest in Jim and Pam as much.

  42. Okay, during the marathon I had time to think about this:

    Jim and Pam talk before the finale…not sure what’s said but it resolves some things…AND- let’s say that Jim is offered another promotion to corporate, declines it, puts in a good word for Karen, she accepts and is gone by season 4! Does that sound good to anyone else?

    Oh, and alot of people say that it would be cool to see Pam get a promotion. I’m not sure about this…BUT…it could happen. Supposedly in the next new episodes she really comes into her own and finds herself. So, a promotion to the sales department would be a good excuse why Jim’s old desk is still open. Of course, if this does happen, it probably won’t until next season.

    Oh, and on the commercials tonight during the marathon, they said that we didnt want to miss the first two minutes of next weeks episode, so obviously the fight is the opener.

    Okay, I’m done speculating.

  43. I think it would be great if Karen ends up dumping Jim.

    A) Karen doesn’t know about Jim’s rebound speech. I’m hoping Michael drops that bombshell sometime. Even if now, he’s “happy he’s with her” or maybe “extremely happy.”

    B) She knows about the kiss, but as far as we know, not about the engagement, or the seriousness of Jim’s crush.

    Personally, if Karen finds out about those things and DOESN’T dump Jim, there is something seriously wrong with her.

  44. #57– I looked it up, and Jim’s “really glad” he’s with Karen in Phyllis’s wedding. Not happy- glad, because he had a barrier from being totally upset Pam left with Roy. He also tells her he’s “really glad you’re here” in one earlier ep– can anyone name it? No worries, though! jim and pam are going to get together eventually- it just may be later than we want to wait.

    In the meantime, we can all enjoy the pictures of Andy Bernard frolicking and a smashed melon on someone’s white car. Long live the office!

  45. I’m going to have to stop coming to this site. The spoilers and specualtion are driving me crazy. Am I the only one who loves the show for all of it’s originality and committment to reality (as painful as that may be), but is so resistant to change, it’s unreal? I can’t imagine the show with Jim as a corporate big wig or Pam as a salesperson–no more “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” Having Jim in Stanford was hard enough. The only character that I could easily handle in a more minor role is Andy. I see from the spoilers that he’ll be back soon and I’m not very excited. He’s funny, but in an uncomfortable way. He’s too much of an antagonist with too few redeeming qualities.

    Also, I can see a huge, cathartic fight between Jim and Pam being the cliffhanger at the end of this season. It would be a good balance between the need for resolution and the need to keep the audience interested. I would also love to see Dwight and Angela have a pregnancy scare. Ohh–or better yet, Kelly and Ryan have a pregnancy scare. Dear sweet Jesus, could you imagine a Dwangela spawn?

  46. Traveling Salesman

    Jim: Here’s a non-hypothetical. I’m really happy I’m with Karen. Happy, glad same result.

    Still that’s no “I’m in love with you.”

    I’m just going to relax now. No more spoilers for me.

  47. 59- in Traveling Salesman is when Jim tells Karen in the coffee shop that he’s really glad she’s there.

  48. Sorry for the afterthought post.

    I just thought I’d mention that an emotional, cathartic, tension-filled discussion between Pam and Jim seems like a plausible cliffhanger for the Season 3 finale because it balances the need for a resolution (in some form) and the need to keep the audience interested in the next season, and it is pretty realistic.

    Also, I’d love to see Fancy New Beesly be the one to cause Karen and Jim to break up. I don’t mean that they should have some clandestine encounter that Karen finds out about because that would compromise their integrity, but I think that Pam should be the one to let Karen know about what really happened last season. Karen obviously has at least a little suspicion that she hasn’t been given the whole truth, and Jim has been as honest with her as I think he can bring himself to be. He lied to her by omission, but I think that’s because he does care for her and he feels bad that he isn’t in a position to be fully committed to her. Pam, on the other hand, flat-out lied to her about her feelings for Jim, and that is Old Pam. If she’s really Fancy New Beesly, then next time Karen asks her about Jim (and I think she will, it just seems to be in her nature) she shouldn’t hold back. If Pam gives her account of what happened, I’m sure Karen will see that there is a huge difference between the “crush” Jim has been describing and the desperate love that compels a person to try to stop a wedding. Besides, it would probably have a greater effect on Karen if she hears it from Pam.

  49. Holy crap. I definitely posted the same thing twice. Thanks pregnant brain!

    Oh, and about Pam’s shoes…yuck! Her feet look like they’re as big as Jim’s.

  50. i think it made my day to read the comments and see Degrassi talked about. such a ridiculous show.

    anyways, i’m tired of speculating and just want april 5th to be here already!

  51. So, in this photo – Pam and Jim are next to each other – I think this relates well to the fact that they (together) usually are the ones to come to Michael’s rescue when things have gotten really, really bad for him. In many ways, Michael is still a kid (magic school) and Pam & Jim generally end up helping him out of the real problems (ie. dundies, Jim’s karioke with Michael at his party, etc..) I think it’s one of the main ways the writers make Pam and Jim sympathetic characters and show that they belong together emotionally. These photos look like another case of this. Karen – as we all know – is NOT on the give-michael-a-break train. Mabey that will be some sort of turning point for Jim – when he realizes how little she cares for the ‘Scranton Branch’.

    Also, does anyone else feel like Karen’ personality and her relationship with Jim changes with each episode – almost as though the writers haven’t quite decided what they are going to do with her, or exactly who she is….

  52. “Also, does anyone else feel like Karen’ personality and her relationship with Jim changes with each episode – almost as though the writers haven’t quite decided what they are going to do with her, or exactly who she is….”


  53. In one of the photos it looks like Creed is trying to take the loud speaker thingy from dwight. I can’t wait to see Creed’s attmept to talk Michael down.

    Hee hee

  54. i REALLY like where karen is standing in those pics, but i like where pam’s standing even more. ^__^

  55. The way I feel about the fact that Jim and Pam are standing next to each other after what we assume is the confrontation between Jim and Roy, is that I think Jim sees the fact that Pam told the WHOLE truth to Roy as a good sign. I think it might have given him a secret hope that maybe he doesn’t even want to admit.

    I am tired of dissecting Office psychology. I am ready for a new episode!!!!

  56. Michael dropping things off the roof. That would be perfect. I guess someone also caused a few accidents, I see the crutches, and so the safety training. I have to admit, I am looking forward to Dwight the most in the next episode. Laugh until I cry. I agree about the writers changing Karen with each episode, but I think they do it to try and keep up the will-they-won’t-they nonsense. You can always tell what will happen: this week great with Jim next week having problems; that can’t be an accident. For me, this is one reason the Jim and Pam thing is wearing thin compared to last season. Last season their relationship had more momentum, this year, blah. That is why I don’t care, it would make as much sense for them to get together as not.

  57. The only reason Jim said, “Here’s a non-hypothetical..” is because he just watched Pam walk out the door with Roy. The only reason he’s with Karen is because she’s easy and uncomplicated. And every time she’s tried to make it more complicated he shies away (like with her getting the apt. 2 blocks from him). I agree with those who think Karen’s going to figure this out on her own and decide to dump Jim.

  58. **Totally having nothing to do with anything…

    Isnt’ that the same outfit Pam was wearing in the healthcare episode?

  59. #74, I agree. Jim’s hypothetical “glad I’m with Karen” was said with such insincerity. He almost seems spiteful or angry in that clip. I’m sure it was a huge punch in the gut for him to see Pam walk out with Roy. It killed whatever hope he still had that she might be interested in him. And judging from the previous scene with the longing glance across the dance floor, he still had some hope. You can see it in his eyes and all over his face when he catches Pam staring at him.

    I am also on board with the fact that Jim and Pam need to have some kind of fight to clear the air. Hopefully it will be in front of Karen so she can finally learn the truth about everything.

  60. actually I am surprised that noone has mentioned Cocktail – Karen pointed out every male employee to Jim and said she had an affair with them. She was dealing with JAM by sending it up giving Jim a taste of his own medicine. Jim totally fell for her prank but Jim could not help but be impressed at Karen the way she used a prank- Jim’s typical vehicle – to make a point.

    The reason that Karen is standing over there is because she is with the people she stills near.

    It seems that everyone was still in Office when they came out therefore everyone is in groups of people they sit around.

    I think the writers are going to not get JAM together they are star crossed lovers — it is about timing – I know many people who have not ended up together not because they didn’t want to but because of timing.

  61. Can you imagine the rioting that would go on if they never had Jim and Pam get together?

  62. Hey, check out those “Pennsylvania Mountains” behind Michael in the first shot of him on top of the building!

  63. Smartone, last time I checked, Karen doesn’t sit near Kev. Where the people are in the parking lot has nothing to do with where they sit.

  64. I’m glad to see people are wanting andy to come back, hes a great character, Ed Helms and Steve Carell, daily show pride. Anyone else yearning for a colbert cameo?

  65. Random thoughts on this thread:

    The Office is not about “happy” people. We love the characters for their misery and their eternal struggles against their situation. So any plot line that results in happy Pam, Jim, Michael, Toby, etc. is not going to happen any time soon. i.e. Lucy will ALWAYS pull the football away from Charlie Brown. That’s why we laugh.

    I thought some of the Toby talking heads when he is quoting Michael were just plain mean and not funny.

    In the photos Michael looks like a Mayan high priest on the temple about to make a human sacrifice with the people watching from below. For those interested in cinematography the “god viewpoint” we see in most of these photos has probably never been used in a sitcom before. It made everyone notice Pam’s shoes and which characters were grouped together. It will be fun to see if these shots end up in the video.

  66. Sorry, one more.

    Since the episode is “Safety Training” the writers need to have Michael interact with a CPR manequin. Potential gold there.

  67. I think that Karen tells Pam that she knows JAM kissed but that she and Jim talked and she knows it didn’t mean anything. I guess that was the episode right after traveling salesman? What she doesn’t know about is that along with the kiss came the declaration of being in love. Here’s another plausible scenario: Jim has yet to tell Karen he loves her, even though they’ve been together 6 months, and Karen finds out he declared his love for Pam. Karen dumps Jim.

  68. Heckuva Motor Carriage:: Colbert on the Office?!? That would be pure heaven!!!!

    Man, that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a very, very long time!

    I’m so ready for Andy’s return. I’ve missed his music in the episodes. :)

  69. What’s better; Andy’s music or Andy’s plea for Michael to get down?!? Just look at the face. Lol. And why is Jim next to Pam and Karen in the corner???

  70. I dont know why everyone is so in love with the whole JAM story. There are other people in the office who are much more fun to watch and did we forget the office is a comedy not a love soap opera. Just enjoy the characters and stop thinking about “omg JAM should be together and Karen is stupid”.

    I just think that this is a comedy and personally I dont think Jim or Pam are too funny (thats my opinion). I am just a little sick of people talking about JAM on all the comment boards and putting down Karen. I really dont care for all three of them.

  71. @92.
    Are you kidding me? Jim and Pam aren’t funny? They play the best pranks on Dwight and Andy. How are they not funny?
    They add some of the best little jokes and quirks to the show. Whether they create JAM or not, they are an asset to the show and it would Not be the same with either of them and their jokes and inside moments. It’s part of what makes the show. There has to be a some sort of story line with love and longing in a show otherwise, wouldn’t it get just a little bit boring not having some sort of “OH Man that would be great to see” Or “I wonder if it will ever happen” it’s what brings people back.
    The show wouldn’t last very long if all it focused on was Michael and his never ending misquotes and well all that is Michael. Every one makes the show what it is. And it would not work with out the undertones of a possible JAM.
    After all, it is based on “real life” so you can’t tell me that there isn’t something like that happening somewhere. It fits, and it helps the show.
    But they aren’t funny? You’ve got to be kidding me!!

  72. Anyone else notice that Darryl is on crutches??
    Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I can’t read all of ’em!

  73. I am thinking that’s where the whole safety training comes in.
    But yah it was mentioned a while back.

  74. #83: Don’t forget associate producer and Mr. Brown himself Larry Wilmore. And Rob Wriggle as Captain Jack.

    I think that half the show has interned for Conan, and the other half have been correspondents for THE DAILY SHOW.

  75. It looks like all the ones with everyone is the same photo at different zoom levels. No one’s position changes or anything. Hmmmm….

  76. 92 Brings up a vailid point and is entitled to his/here opinions.

    Case in point a female freind of mine just started to watch the show about 3 episodes ago after hearing me suggest it to her on a comedy level. She kept on asking me if it was more of a drama with some off the wall scenes and comedy punches. So it has shown how it has evolved some on a dramatic consistant point.

    I could say I think the Pam and Jim situation has turned a little “teeny bopper” even going back to Jim’s talking head a few episodes ago where he was even poking fun at the whole dare I say it Tom Kat, Bradjolina thing. But a show is a show and the good thing is you can enjoy it for what ever reason you like.

    I think this dramatic shadow has really casted a comedic light on those who tend to have more of a back up role Creed, Darryl, etc (Of course Dwight has shined as always).. I am fine with the comedy they are producing but I can’t wait till all this crying, throwing tables, breaking glass, attacking is over with and back more to grass roots of the show.

  77. i think the mix of drama and comedy helps to make the show much more like real life.

  78. There was drama and pathos straight from the pilot. Jim telling how much he hated his job at that point, “If I advanced any farther then this would be my career.” Pam crying when Michael pretended to fire her. There was funniness in the situations and lines but there was underlying tensions too. It’s always been a good and unusual (for tv) mix.

  79. I think that there is still comedy in the dramatic scenes. Like in Cocktails, when Roy started throwing bottles against the wall, I laughed because his brother or cousin (I can’t remember which) started throwing bottles too and he had now real reason to. Also because “Carry on my Wayward Son” was playing in the background. It was a good dramedy mixture.

    These directors and writers are smart; they know how to mix comedy into some dramatic plots.

  80. cant wait for the jim/roy fight!! but, i think they should maybe kiss and make-up after it b/c both of them are totally hot!! ok, i dont care that jim is with karen b/c i know he is still very deeply in love with pam! & pam is still deeply in love with jim! i think that maybe in the season finale, JAM will spill their feelings for each other that they’ve been holding in.

  81. as much as I am a team karen gal, I wish Jim would just come clean about his JAM history, his love, and not crush for Pam (totally agreeing wtih you 64 | mycapawasdetated) and Pam needs to do the same! is it realistically possible for karen to not know anything about Pam calling off the wedding…i mean they are all in the same office…i feel bad for karen, she deserves someone who is totally committed to her and not still hung up on someone else especially not someone she’s trying to be friends with, b/c if she knows, she’d stay far away from Pam and Jim

  82. I am all for Jim and Pam coming clean and the show starting over on a new story line.
    But like I said before. The show is supposed to depict “real life” it’s a comedy documentary.
    All I was saying was that if they didn’t have Jim and Pam, even with out the tension the show wouldn’t be as good. There would be no dwight pranks, or ragging on Michael. They bring a good mix to the show love triangle or not.
    That’s all I was saying, I was also not saying that #92 wasn’t entitled to their opinion. Just disagreeing.

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