1. I’m the first comment! (Maybe?). Anyhow…Jenna looks so pretty and they look so adorable as a couple. I hope people turn out in big numbers to see this movie. Go Jenna!

  2. I find it amusing that she’s showcasing her breasts a bit more than she usually does. I guess they have been a big part of the press junket, though (no pun intended!).
    I love her dress and I think she looks fabulous. Too fun that some of the cast came, too! I’m going to see this this weekend, though I’m only going to pay matinee prices. Hopefully it’ll be a good one!

  3. Wow! Jenna looks fabulous! And this is the first time I’ve seen candids of Rashida where I’ve seen the big fuss over her. Her smile is just brilliant in that photo. Yay for the Office group for supporting each other! It makes me all warm and fuzzy :)

  4. she is SO my hero. And I personally LOVE Will Ferrell movies . . . I think he’s hilarious. so I can’t wait to see this!

  5. jenna is darling! (poor James, did you see that on wireimage they had him listed as (and guest).

    slither wasn’t THAT long ago.

  6. I saw the movie last night & it’s great! Jenna did a wonderful job. Will Ferrell is hilarious – as always!

  7. oh my gosh! how hot is Melora?
    if she was a new burger at McDonalds, her name would be McGorgeous

  8. Holy pushup bra Batman! Now that’s what I call clevage. At least she chose a dress that shows off her fabulous figure; unlike her outfit choice for The Last Mimzy premiere.

  9. omg Rashidaaaaaaa….

    You are gorgeous. but from what I can see of your outfit, you are going to wind up on gofugyourself.com…AGAIN.


  10. Aww, they all look great, especially James and Jenna. Boy do I wish I could be there right now, but I know for sure I am going to see the movie tomorrow!

  11. They all look so great! And could Jenna be any cuter?! I can’t wait to see this movie tomorrow.

  12. The best guess is that John Krasinski is using every spare moment to film Leatherheads in North Carolina with George Clooney. But I really have no idea.

    Rashida Jones really needs to hire a stylist, or fire the one she’s got. She is hands down the most beautiful woman on the Office (Jenna is pretty, but she just doesn’t have Peggy Lipton’s genes) and yet her hair and clothes always end up looking like she just rolled out of bed and grabbed the sheet she was sleeping on. Mindy said on her blog that she thinks Rashida has the best taste of anyone she knows who doesn’t do it to make a living, and I can NEVER see why she would say that. And I think Mindy has great taste.

    Sigh. The only bonus to Karen staying around for the fourth season is that maybe it will mean Rashida’s making enough money to get a good stylist.

  13. Rashida and Jenna look great, Melora’s not so bad herself. I hate to rag, but the more I see James Gunn, he reminds me of the freaky dude Ben from LOST.

  14. All the ladies look gorgeous! Good to see they support each other. Rashida has an amazing smile- she is just adorable. I think I’m in the minority when I say that I love her style!!

  15. From Jenna’s blog, it says she’ll be on Leno on April 6th (with a new hair color!)

  16. Wait a sec….what’s this about Karen still being around in the 4th season (post #27)? Last I heard was that she was only in through season 3.

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