Toby-hosted Office Marathon

Toby Flenderson, Director of Human Resources, hosts “A Night at the Office” marathon tonight.

Five “human resource nightmare” episodes will air surrounding an all-new episode of “Andy Barker P.I.” at 9:30pm ET. The encore episodes include “Diversity Day” (8–8:30pm ET), “Healthcare” (8:30-9:00pm), “Sexual Harassment” (9–9:30pm ET), “The Injury” (10–10:30pm ET) and “Gay Witch Hunt” (10:30-11pm ET).

Discuss the “A Night at the Office” marathon here.

Videos: Toby 1 | Toby 2 | Toby 3 | Toby 4 | Toby 5 | Toby 6 (no longer available)

Favorite quotes

Toby: Hi, I’m Toby Flenderson. Or as Michael refers to me, “Worthless.” Or “Everything That’s Wrong with the Paper Industry.” Or “The Devil’s Butthole.” Or “The Mayor of Creepsville.” Or “Gargamel.” Or “Human Fart.” Or … HR nightmares here at Dunder Mifflin? I don’t know if I’d call them that, you know? “Nightmare” implies that it’s something you wake up from. This is more of an unrelenting daymare, kind of this never-ending dreamscape of horror.

Toby: So when I finally re-did our health care plan, I picked an HMO. And Michael came to me and he said, “Why’d you pick a homo?” And I said, “I didn’t. And that’s a derogatory word for a gay person.” And he said, “That’s what you are.” And I said, “Okay, I gotta go.” And he called me a slut.

Toby: After Michael grilled his foot, he spent three months inventing a foot-safe version of the George Foreman grill. He called it the “Magic No-Ouchie Meat Machine.” It’s actually a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.

Toby: Sometimes when I come into work, I ask myself if this were my last day on Earth, what would I do differently. Well, I’d wear a t-shirt, and I’d order a French dip sandwich and I’d eat the whole thing. And I’d blow this building up. And I’d go swimming. And I’d drink wine. What?


  1. Just had to say that this has been an awesome birthday for me. I got a Dwight Bobblehead, an Office quote pen, and a t-shirt that says Jim Halpert on the front with a heart and on the back is says, “Jim, Pick Pam.” On top of all that it’s an office marathon??? Talk about awesome! Although a new episode would have been great too :)

  2. Sammie, do you know where the tee-shirt came from???? That’s awesome!! :)

    I’m loving this marathon, I am not stressed about new developments in any plot line, and I can just enjoy the good old days!

  3. Hahaha..

    Kelly: I just got really mad and i hit him.
    Toby: Hahahaha :)

  4. I love the bit about how Michael called Toby a “slut”! That sounds so much like one of Michael’s inadequate on-the-spot ‘comebacks’ :)

  5. Gargamel? I almost peed my pants when I heard that one. So glad I’m taping this.

  6. In Diversity Day, when Jim goes over to Ryan at Pam’s desk and says the girl from Chapelle Show is hot, he could have been talking about Rashida Jones. Think about it. Pretty funny, right?

  7. This should be fun with Toby hosting. And after this, it’s new episodes all the way!!

  8. “In Diversity Day, when Jim goes over to Ryan at Pam’s desk and says the girl from Chapelle Show is hot, he could have been talking about Rashida Jones. Think about it. Pretty funny, right?”

    I think they were talking about her, because if I remember correctly, John and Rashida were dating at this time. I think it was a shout out.

  9. waiit they actually dated? in real life? wow i dislike her even more now.

  10. Hmmm—new promo for next week says “don’t miss the first two minutes of ‘The Office.'” The big scene that got taken down from Yahoo must be the cold open then. Interesting…

  11. Ooo… Apparently, Dwight needs some help in the lovemaking department. Heh… I heart Angela. :)

  12. Things I never really acknowledged before from Health Care: Stanley and Angela were both laughing when Dwight was reading out the fake diseases! :)

    Also, Jim must have locked at least one cameraman in with Dwight, haha.

  13. The first hour was pre-empted by my NBC affiliate:-( Did the episodes have unaired scenes? Any chance Toby’s hosting clips will be posted here?

  14. wow, i take back my other comment a while ago that the confrontation was at the end. will this be the first cold open that starts with the plot instead of just something funny?

    oh boy oh boy i cant wait

  15. When I was getting dressed today, I just randomly put on an Office t-shirt that I have. Then later on, when I thought about it, I remembered that today is Thursday and also The Office marathon day. My mind is reminding me and helping me celebrate The Office marathon day!!! How weird.

  16. this marathon has been a good reminder for why i feel in love with the show in the first place. No if only they could recapture that season 2 greatness!!!

  17. The person who pieces the “Toby hosts” added scenes and puts them on youtube will be my new best friend.

  18. Toby’s new line at the end of “The Injury” is easily one of my new favorites of the season. “It’s a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.”

  19. I never appreciated how cute Angela was the first time I saw these episodes.

    Alex: one of the new mini scenes was Angela asking Toby if he could give the office men a refresher course in female anatomy – clearly with Dwight in mind.

  20. yes, someone really needs to post the new toby-scenes. it was awesome to be able to watch the extra scenes from the newpeats online. so yeah.

  21. “Tell Ryan he needs to lift me. And clean me up a little bit. Tell him to bring a wet towel.”


  22. “Tell me again what it felt like to hit Michael … ” bwaaaaaahahahahahhahahahha!

    Oh Toby, I want to marry you.

  23. Like Wallflower (comment 13)…Michael calling Toby Gargamel killed me. That was hilarious….made my night.

  24. Season 2 was just soooo great, I loved watching this office marathon. It is such a nice break from the tension on the show lately. Ughh! Jim and Pam soo need to get back that connection- I totally miss those coconspired pranks and frequent glances!
    Sooooo funny!

  25. Oh where, oh where has my old JAM gone?
    Karen came in and took away the fun.
    Roy’s gonna to leave so it’s understood,
    It won’t be long until JAM’s back, for good.

  26. Ha. Loved all of Toby’s segues. (is that how you spell it??)

    I especially laughed at the line…”..then he called me a slut..”

    AND when he asked Kelly what it felt like to hit Michael and she says, “I dont know. I just got really mad and hit him.” And then Toby starts laughing. His laugh is so cute.

    And, “It’s a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.”

    These are all great. Loved it all.
    Now we are down to one week for NEGOTIATIONS!!!!

  27. Oh and…

    “It’s not really a nightmare because you wake up from a nightmare…it’s more like a daymare.”

    And…”I would wear a t-shirt, burn this building down, go swimming, and drink wine…What?”

    We need more Toby!

  28. OMG My DH erased the first epi from our DVR!! ARGH!! I was LMAO @ Toby and all the names. Gargamel!!! OMG I havent heard that in like 20 years. LMAO. Someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease put that on YouTube ASAP. I have got to see it again.

    I am still LMAO!!

  29. For those who missed it, here’s a summary of the new scenes for the first three episodes.


    “Hi, I’m Toby Flenderson, or as Michael refers to me, ‘worthless’, ‘everything that’s wrong with the paper industry’, ‘the devil’s butthole’, ‘the Mayor of Creepsville’, ‘Gargamel’, ‘human fart’…” (Cross-fade to indicate that time has passed.) Toby continues, “HR nightmares here at Dunder-Mifflin? I don’t know if I’d call it that. ‘Nightmare’ implies that you wake up from it. It’s one unrelenting daymare, a never-ending dreamscape of horror.”

    Diversity Day wrap-up: Toby looks over the partition and asks Kelly, “What did it feel like to slap Michael?”

    Kelly, somewhat annoyed, replies without looking from her computer. “I told you already.”

    Toby wants to relive the moment. “Tell me again, maybe there’s something you―”

    Kelly interrupts him. “I just got really mad at him, and I hit him.”

    Toby smiles. “Yeah…”

    Health Care wrap-up: “When I finally redid the health care plan, I picked an HMO. Michael came to me and asked me, ‘Why did you pick a homo?’ I said, ‘That’s a derogatory term for homosexual.’ And he said, ‘That’s what you are.’ And I said, ‘Okay, I gotta go.’ And he said, ‘That’s what you are. A slut.'”

    (I really like that wrap-up since it shows what a nice guy Toby is, fixing the health care plan after Dwight botched it.)

    Sexual Harassment wrap-up: Angela comes to Toby’s desk and asks him to repeat the sexual harassment seminar. “Why would you want me to do that?”

    Angela explains, “Because there are people who maybe are confused about… female anatomy… y’know… and they could probably use a refresher course.”

    Toby is at a loss. “Oh… Well… Well, who are you tal―”

    Angela shouts “THANK YOU TOBY” and runs away.

  30. Hey has anyone ever commented on the fact that in the episode where Ryan has downloaded a show on Pam’s computer (I think it is Diversity Day – but I am tired and can’t think right now) – it is the Chappelle Show? He says to Jim “She’s cute, huh?” and Jim thinks he is talking about Pam and says “Yeah, she’s engaged”.

    Well didn’t Rashida used to be on the Chappelle show? Do you think it was an inside joke because John and Rashida were dating in real life? It just dawned on me tonight during the marathon. It had been so long since I saw that episode and i know so much more about all this insider stuff from reading fan sites etc.

    Of course, maybe people have commented on this before and I am just repeating old news. Sorry if that is the case.

  31. SO great to have the office back, even in reruns. To see the progressions of the plot and characters. Each season just keeps getting better.

    Toby is a geat character, but I can only take him in small doses.

  32. Heh… has any checked out the little blooper reel that they have of Toby on the Office site?

    I’m sorry but I can’t help from giggling when his voice kind-of cracks at the end of his “This feels loud. Am I being too loud?”line. I just want to pat him on the head and tell him it’ll be okay. :)

  33. (Finishing up.)

    The Injury wrap-up: “After Michael grilled his foot, he spent three months inventing a foot-safe version of the George Foreman grill. He called it the Magic No-Ouchie Meat Machine. It’s actually a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.”

    Gay Witch Hunt wrap-up: “Sometimes when I come in to work, I ask myself, ‘If this was my last day on earth, what would I do differently?’ Well, I’d wear a T-shirt, and I’d order a French dip sandwich and eat the whole thing, and then I’d blow up this building and go swimming and I’d drink wine.” (Off the shocked stare of the documentary filmmaker.) “What!”

  34. That Andy Richter show that they force-fed us in the middle of the marathon was terrible!!

  35. I’ve enjoyed season 3 of The Office, but there’s just something about last season. season 2 was hilarious without being to over the top. if this show runs for 6 or 7 seasons, number two will prob always be my fav

  36. I like Andy Barker, PI. I think it’s funny.
    I am bummed I missed the marathon, but thank goodness for OfficeTally for posting the videos!
    You rock!

  37. I LOVED the marathon!! Even though I own both seasons, and have watched season 2 at least 3 times in full, it was still awesome to see some of those early episodes as they aired on TV. I especially loved the “new” scenes with Toby :) “I’d wear a t-shirt, order a french dip and eat the whole thing, I’d blow this building up, I’d go swimming, and I’d drink wine” HA!!!

    Just a side note: Thanks to everybody who made me aware that Jim & Ryan are referring to Rashida during that scene at reception. You’ve officially ruined one of my favorite Jim & Pam (in reference only) scenes!

    Now, less than 1 week to go!!!

  38. Ok, forget JAM, now I remember why I really love the office!

    Once again I was able to laugh out loud (not just chuckle or smile) at a TV SHOW! That doesn’t happen very often…at least not to me. And last nights episodes, especially Diversiy Day and Healthcare, came through once again.

    So as much as I love JAM, I now remember how cute it was in the first 2 seasons…but now it’s a soap opera. NBC, please give us a resolution to that mess SOON please, so we can get back to the “I can’t believe he did that” moments of the previous seasons!

    As someone who had not seen most of those episodes since they first aired (since I don’t own the DVD sets, yet), they confirmed what I was afraid of, that the office is losing is magic! This season cannot hold a candle to the last 2…I didn’t even bother watching Gay Witch Hunt, I wanted to end the evening on a high note!

  39. My roommate just sent me an email with the following message (I post here because I can’t think of a better place). If you watch “heroes,” this makes a lot of sense….

    “so i just thought of the most ridiculous thing in the shower. so where does claire’s father claim to work in Heroes? a paper company. what is dunder mifflin? a paper company. curiously, nobody ever seems to be actually working in The Office. hmm…whats really going on at Dunder Mifflin?”

  40. Toby is my hero! That marathon was worth watching just his little clips. Though watching The Injury for the millionth time still makes me laugh.

  41. Loved the episode where Dwight picks the health plan. I really should change my screen name to Count Chocolitis or Hot Dog Fingers. Hysterical.

  42. How did I miss this line the first time I saw “The Injury?”

    When Jim’s carrying Dwight out of the office, and he falls on the couch making “ch-ch-ch-ch-ch” noises, like a helicopter…

    Jim – What are you doing?
    Dwight – Vietnam sounds


  43. In “Diversity Day” did mr. Brown accidentally call Michael ‘Steve’ at one point?

  44. i love toby. i feel so bad for him.
    This is more like a daymere that never ends.
    oh and i love him in the bloopers. hes so funny=D

  45. Oh and my most favorite thing he said was when he was listing the names Michael calls him and he said
    “The Devil’s Butthole”


  46. hey, toby kind of creeps me out too, remember that whole coffee incident with pam?

  47. Did Michael Scott get hair plugs? I hadnt realized how thicker his hair looks in the season 3.

  48. To think about this WAY too much:

    Does the fact that Toby is recording extra scenes to explain episodes of the documentary imply that the documentary has begun airing?

  49. To 67 Dr. Crentist

    I think Michael Scott’s hair just had WAY too much product in it in the first few episodes of The Office. Steve Carrell has fantastic hair!

  50. Yeah I’m pretty sure Steve Carell got hair plugs between the first and second season. He also lost a lot of weight. Probably so that he could do the hair-removal scene in 40 year old virgin. I loved the Toby moments. All of them were really well written. I hope they will be placed on the DVD. This was my first time watching the episodes in High Def. I noticed that the first season episodes were presented in discreet 5.1 (the DVD is only in Stereo.) Perhaps at some point they will revisit the First Season of the Office on DVD or HD-DVD/Blu Ray.

  51. Maybe Toby just said these things one day when the crew focused on him. He’s not a focal point most of the time so he’s just talking about anything when the camera finally stays on him for an extended period of time.

  52. #67- He stopped greasing his hair back so now it looks normal. He just looked like his hair was thinning in the beginning, even though Jim did make a joke about his hair thinning. All part of the Hollywood illusion.

  53. #69- I’m not going to over analyze it, but on Brian’s Myspace, he usually talks asw his character Kevin, and he often implies that the documentary is airing and is has won a bunch of awards. But I’m not totally sure, I don’t think about the documentary aspect too much. Like if its airing as we watch it, or if they’ll do a special episode at the end of the shows run or whatever.

  54. My 10-year-old nephew was in the room while I was watching Diversity Day and when Michael said “Abraham Lincoln once said ‘If you are a racist, I will attack you with the north.”
    Even my 10-year-old nephew laughed and said “Whaaaaaat?!”

    That is why I love The Office. There’s something for everyone.

  55. I thought the marathon was great last night. I loved that they showed a bunch of Toby clips. A lot of times when networks do the hosting thing, they only show one or two clips. Toby rules!

  56. steph, i think he meant The Office is winning awards. All respect to Brian ( i love him so) but he does this thing with blending reality and fantasy. Like it’s weird, but he talks as his character and about what’s going on in the life of the show but then he’ll talk about going to the Emmy’s or etc but still in the voice of Kevin so its really confusing. So i think its better if no really analyzes it or we’ll go crazy!!!

  57. #66 –

    If they mean “Supersized” in the sense that NBC always has and “The Office” usually does, it will most likely mean a 40-minute episode, as opposed to the traditional 30-minute slot.

    Question for anyone: Was Benihana Christmas aired as one double-length episode or did it air in two parts? If it aired as one long one, was THAT “supersized” or just a double?

  58. Just like to add that I love the Toby bits too! My TV volume was on pretty low so I can’t hear all that he said, and reading the transcripts now…it’s so hilarious! Thanks for posting these, tanster!

  59. With Toby’s creepiness over Pam lately, I had forgotten why I loved Toby so much. Now I remember. And I love him all over again :)

  60. 80-

    It was aired as one hour-long episode both times it aired. It was billed as an hour-long special as the season finale will be.

  61. awww, poor angela… i guess toby shouldn’t have cut off his anatomy lesson with dwight so quickly last season.

  62. I looooooved when Toby asked Kelly what she felt when she slaped Michael! I watched it five times!

    Thanks for the videos! I’m in Brazil and this is the only way I can see this.

    (sorry my poor english ;-) )

  63. Tanster,

    Thanks so much for posting the videos. Right now I’m depending on and old VCR for posterity and sometimes it kind of flips out on me.

    And… I’m still giggling over “Gargamel” a whole day later.

  64. Thanks for posting all the videos. I took cold medicine last night and fell asleep during the marathon so I’m glad I got to see all of them today. :)

  65. “And then he called me a slut”

    I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at anything in about 6 weeks.

  66. Toby is the most pathetically cute person in the world… I just love him. :D

    “And then he called me a slut.” HA HA HA!

  67. I keep watching these Toby clips over and over, and I laugh every time.

    “….I’d blow this building up, and I’d go swimming….”

    T-shirt – $16.00
    French Dip Sandwich – $7.00
    Swimming – $5.00
    Bottle of Wine – $13.00
    Blowing up the building – priceless

  68. Thank you so much for all this Toby goodness. I’m new to the “interweb” and this is all very mysterious to me.I adore The Office, especially like in Season 1 (Hot Girl. I think) when Jim jokingly tells Kevin and Roy that his type is “moms… soccer moms, single moms, nascar moms…” I’m not sure if that quote is accurate, but either way my whole postpartum depression suddenly disappeared.

  69. I always think about the camerapeople. I think the greatest show would be how the cameraperson hates his job.

  70. God I love Toby! These clips were even better than I imagined they could be…great use of other characters as well.

  71. Ha. Isn’t it hilarious how happy Toby gets talking about going swimming? Like all of a sudden he says: “I’d blow this building up, and I’d go swimming, and I’d drink wine. What?”

    It’s so funny how each thing he would do gives him a different level of excitement. He would love to eat all of that sandwich but THEN..he would blow up the building(how evil he looks there) and then he thinks about swimming and his demeanor changes.

    Ha. Toby is awesome. We need more Toby.

  72. I just checked again and the vids are gone. :-( Glad I got to see them before they were pulled or you had to pull them. You do a fantastic job with this site and I love that you were mentioned in one of the Season 2 ep commentaries on DVD.

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