Phyllis Smith visits Jackson Junior High


After politely listing her favorite actors, explaining how she got into showbiz and saying, no, there aren’t any real jerks on set, Phyllis Smith is asked a question that makes her snort. A junior high girl wants to know: Now that you’re famous, do you go shopping all the time on Rodeo Drive?

Link: ‘Office’ star visits Jackson Junior High


  1. I just love Phyllis. I like the story about her buying shoes and the credit card company put a stop on her card because it was an “unusual purchase!” She seems like such a sweet lady. The kids in that high school are lucky.

  2. What a sweet article! Tanster do you know or have you reported that Phyllis has ever done an improv show with the other Office folks? :) I say that because every time I see her on the show I think about the Paley Fest and her saying very sweetly and quietly, “That’s what she said!” and the whole room laughing! She seems like she would do great at one of those improv shows!

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