Rainn and the Spirit Awards

This posts lists items about the Spirit Awards — celebrating the best in independent film. This year’s show was hosted by Rainn Wilson. It aired on Feb. 23 — live on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) at 2pm PT and an edited version that evening on AMC.

It was a hilarious afternoon. Rainn did a great job. So did Jen Celotta, who co-wrote the show!

Newest items:

Dennis Hopper initiates Rainn Wilson

Warning: NSFW (but you do get to see Jen Celotta!)

Rainn Wilson auditions for JUNO

I’ve recently become a HUGE Jason Bateman fan.

More audition videos here.

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Feb. 23

  • Feb. 23: “Dwight got a hooker!” Yes, that was indeed The Office’s co-executive producer and writer extraordinaire Jen Celotta playing a hooker in the Dennis Hopper sketch. I confirmed this with Jen via email after the show. Jen added, “I’m a comedy writer first, hooker second :)” NEW
  • Feb. 23: Lifting Spirits.
  • Feb. 23: Live-Blogging IFC’s Indie Spirit Awards.

Feb. 21

KROQ’s Kevin and Bean talk to Rainn about the Spirit Awards (starts around the 42 minute mark; clip is around 60 minutes total)

Tipster: Silvia

Feb. 21

Wilson prepares for first hosting gig.

Feb. 14

A message from Rainn Wilson to Tallyheads:

Hey Office fans … looks like we’re going back to work soon. Rumor has it that it will be 6 more and we start shooting in early/mid March. Can’t wait. The next ep “The Dinner Party” is one of the funniest ever.

Meanwhile, in Hollywoodland, I’m hosting the Spirit Awards on IFC (repeated on AMC) on the afternoon of Feb 23. In preparation, I conducted some really probing interviews with some of the nominated directors. There is also a clip of my original audition for “Paulie Bleeker” in JUNO. It’s quite revealing. Enjoy!


Link: Rainn on Film

Rainn also sent me a photo, but I will get to that in a separate post. It deserves its own. Really.

Feb. 13

Rainn Wilson drops pants for Spirit Awards.

Jan. 24

OfficeTally sits in on Rainn’s Spirit Awards meeting


  1. Hahah thats awesome!
    I saw him at Venice beach doing a sketch for the spirit awards a few days ago.
    someone posted some pictures on flickr

  2. OMG. That was excellent. I love Rainn. I can’t wait for the photo and for Feb. 23. Thanks for sharing Rainn and tanster!

  3. The last clip of Rainn auditioning for the part of Paulie reminds me of the Fun Run [Pam walking in on Michael…..]

  4. These were a scream and so much fun to watch! Rainn is wonderful! When he asked Todd Haynes if it was possible for him to not tell the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story from, say, the point of view of a bear’s paw, I completely lost it! I’m trying to wipe out the memory of the dance of the short shorts, headband and digitized nether regions in the third interview with Jason Reitman (because I won’t be able to stop laughing if I don’t)! And wow, he even scored an interview with the mythical, multi-talented “Julian Schnabel” ha ha ha! Thanks so much Rainn–this was so great.

  5. I keep hearing that this “dinner party” episode is going to be the funniest yet. I’m taking that with a grain of salt not because I don’t believe it won’t be funny but because sometimes with something being hyped up that much, the expectations become too high. So I’m just gonna expect another Office episode and I probably won’t be disappointed. BTW I’m STILL juiced that the strike is over!

  6. I just watched the awards show. Great googly moogly, I never imagined I’d ever see Rainn Wilson wrestle and spank Philip Seymour Hoffman on the floor!

  7. I’m so glad to hear that Rainn did so well. And congrats to Jen for co-writing. I can’t wait to get home and watch it!

  8. Was that Jen in the opening as the other prostitute opposite Rainn?

    I didn’t know Jen co-wrote it. Awesome job!

  9. Heh… Tanster, in Rainn’s opening video with Dennis Hopper was Jen Celotta the other prostitute on the sidewalk when Rainn was dressed in drag? I swear that was her since, I believe, she was brought as a writer for the awards show, as well. :)

  10. Why aren’t there more comments? Rainn hosting was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. He has no shame, I love it!

    The Winterbottom skit was really funny as was Rainn’s Bob Dylan.

  11. Ok, that first video of Rainn and Dennis was very disturbing, lol. But Jen looked hot, way to rock it as a streetwalker Jen!

  12. Oh man, I loved Rainn with Jason Bateman!

    “Your bump is right against my ball sack…” Pure genius.

    I wish I could have seen the rest of Rainn’s takes during his hosting gig. Does anyone know where I could get such valued clips?

  13. To see Rainn Wilson and Jason Bateman, from two of my FAVORITE tv shows of all time, is just amazing… I could not stop laughing when Rainn was Juno. Priceless…and yet, mildly disturbing.

  14. I guess the writer’s strike must have left Jen Celotta pretty desperate for some income. Very sad.

    Jen, if you’re reading this, the streets are no place for a sweet person such as yourself. Next time you’re in trouble, let Tanster know. I’m sure Office fans could take up a collection or something.

    Thanks for posting this! I was so disturbed by Rainn’s appearance that I didn’t even realize that was Jen in the scene initially. :)

  15. Rainn’s Bob Dylan was hilarious. When I saw him reading Harry Potter I nearly fell off my chair.
    All around great. =)

  16. Nice videos. :) I’m really happy that more people are becoming Bateman fans… maybe they’ll become Arrested Development fans and we can get a movie made.

  17. That was like a mini RainnFest! These skits were so great and I’m still falling apart laughing. The skateboard tricks killed me, as did the Bob Dylan with a big Harry Potter novel, and I especially loved the Winterbottom audition! He has no self-conscious filter at all–it’s wonderful.

  18. Oh man I LOVE Jason Bateman. Two hilarious actors in one scene, what could be better?

  19. Well, who didn’t become a huge Jason Bateman fan recently? :-D

    only people who have been huge jason bateman fans forever!

  20. Yeah, Jason Bateman is hilarious, and I agree with Deanna that The Office and Arrested Development are the best shows ever!

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