1. Tanster! You and I met in Scranton – at the VIP party downstairs from that gym when we were waiting for the cast to come, and then you flagged over Michael Shur…

    Anyway, I have my tickets to Saturday’s show…hopefully I’ll see you again!

  2. It seems as if his Sat 8pm show is sold out now!! Too many crazed Office fans! Anyways, I’ll be there, and I will be draped in full-fledge Office paraphernalia, including my blue Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, dark blue Dunder Mifflin sweater from NBC.com, and possibly my Dwight bobblehead pin :) Feel free to say hi to me! Cya there TallyHeads.

  3. Another Phoenix Office fan? There seems to be many of us here. I wish BJ would come to The Improv here.

  4. i just won tickets for sunday evening’s show on the radio this morning! i will be there!!

  5. I’ll be there Sunday too! I’m trying to decide if it would be too dorky to wear my fun run t-shirt.

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