Pregnancy Magazine interviews Jan Levenson

Melora Hardin

Pregnancy Magazine interviews Jan Levenson about motherhood, and it’s a creepy illuminating read.

This photo kicks off the feature, which recreates Janet Jackson’s 1993 Rolling Stone cover.

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All photos posted with permission from Pregnancy Magazine.


  1. I’m not really sure what this article is trying to accomplish by interviewing a fictional character… but Jan really needs to leave this show. I can’t be the only who thinks this…

  2. This interview made me think that Andy is the sperm donor LOL

    That’s right Dunder Heads – you heard it here first!

  3. I have to agree with comment #2. I think that people who *are* pregnant might misconstrue this article and either take it for fact or be deeply offended that their own pregnancies are reduced to the level of a fictional character. Probably not a smart editorial move. Great pics though. And it made me think Andy’s the father too!

  4. What a clever article! I think people will get the joke. Or else they’ll get a lot of hate mail. And hopefully lots of people who read it will start watching the show. Thanks for posting!

  5. This is interesting…I’m sort of freaked out by the fact that it’s an interview with a fictional television character. Maybe it’s just that I’m not fond of Jan.

  6. Isn’t it spelled “Levinson?” I’m surprised they would make such a faux pas.

    [from tanster: nope. it’s levenson. check here. :) ]

  7. I think it’s a clever tie in to this week’s show. I think Jan will be around for a while. It’s not going to be all puppy dogs and roses for Michael Scott.

  8. Hilarious! My favorite answer is about what has surprised her about pregnancy–“How nimble I am.”

  9. lol, That’s awesome, but I wonder how smart of a move that was on the magazine’s part.
    Andy sounds like Jan’s ideal “baby daddy”

  10. As much as I dislike Jan this season, this article was hilarious, and the pictures are very funny and very in-character… love the one of her holding the plastic baby at arm’s length, staring at it lovingly!

    So this is for real? A very strange move for a magazine, but I love it! Now if only a wedding magazine can cover something similar for our favorite jam… pipe dreams! haha.

  11. I’m really surprised that people want Jan off the show just because she’s a hateful character. It just shows how great the actress is.

  12. I agree with you #2 Michael.

    …this is funny/creepy that this is a real magazine, though.Interesting.

  13. Don’t know if this is the right place to post it, but I was just looking for the polka-dotted blanket Astrid was swaddled in (I got it a few months ago for my cats), and it’s still available at Target. Here’s the link to own a piece of Office history:


  14. If I subscribed to that magazine and had paid money for actual information about pregnancy, I’d be ticked that that was the cover story. Especially if I wasn’t a fan of the Office.

    That’s a pretty risky move if that’s real.

  15. While it’s nice to see Jan’s character get publicity, this article pisses me off. Jan did NOT voluntarily leave Dunder Mifflin for motherhood. She was fired. I can’t believe they don’t even have the facts right.

  16. Love Jan and Melora! The cover shot is awesome with the World’s Best Boss mug. Is it supposed to be Michael behind her? As someone who used to buy this magazine when I was pregnant, I have to say it’s the most entertaining article I’ve ever seen in it.

  17. to #25 — i would attribute that leaving dunder mifflin bit to jan’s delusions, not necessarily that they got the facts wrong =P.

  18. #29, I would agree with you if that information was in answer coming from Jan in the interview section, but it’s in the pre-interview blurb which is supposedly written by an editor. That information should be factual.

  19. I’m glad the cover is causing a stir! As the editor of Pregnancy, that was our exact intention, as was the delusion that Jan “left” DM. Also, if you consult with NBC, you will also learn that her name is indeed spelled Levenson. Thanks for all your comments. Keep ’em coming!

  20. This is a real magazine. There were copies of it all over my midwife’s office the other day. I’m pregnant, and yes it does sort of tick me off that a magazine that is supposed to offer real pregnancy information would give this the cover story. And it’s a disturbing cover on top of that (yeah, I’m a total Angela :)). So I’ll be sticking with “Fit Pregnancy” magazine this month.

  21. I hate to be repetitive, but as soon as she said “Ivy League” my mind went straight to Andy Bernard and his favorite team-oriented activities at Cornell!

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