Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: For Angela – An actual conversation from Behind-the-Scenes

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated October 17, 2008:

I wanted to respond to Angela’s latest blog earlier but…I was sleeping. To illustrate my frustration with Angela’s diet choices I offer you the following.

This is a real conversation from behind-the-scenes of The Office between me, Mindy and Angela.

The cast was in the conference room doing the buffet scene for the Weight Loss episode. Mindy and I were discussing our favorite recipes and the joys of cooking with a crock pot. Angela, who was sleep deprived and loopy, was standing nearby.

Mindy: How often do you cook dinner?

Jenna: Pretty much every night now.

Mindy: What’s your favorite meal?

Jenna: Probably stuffed peppers in the crock pot. I love crock pot meals.

Mindy: Yeah, I want to learn how to cook some of those.

Jenna: Oh my God, they are great! You throw a bunch of stuff in there and let it cook all day.

Brian: That’s what she said.

Mindy/Jenna: Thanks, Brian. Gross.

Mindy: Weren’t you using that delivery service for awhile?

Jenna: Yeah, it was cool but I prefer cooking.

Mindy: Doesn’t that take a lot of time?

Jenna: Yeah, but it’s so satisfying. I dunno. I just like it better.

Angela: Me too!!! I LOVE butter! I put it on everything! I can’t get enough!

Mindy: What?

Angela: I love butter! Didn’t you just say you like butter?

Jenna: No, I said, ‘I like it BETTER’.

Angela: Really?

Jenna: Yeah, believe it or not, we were not having a conversation about how much butter we eat.

Case Closed.

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