Primetime Preview to include Office scene

From an NBC press release:

NBC will offer broadcast and online viewers an advanced sneak peek at the network’s new and returning series for this Fall … a 30-minute program showcasing an upfront look to be conveyed on a variety of media platforms beginning August 11 through September 23.

The on-demand and broadband offering will also include … one exclusive scene from “The Office”

Among the new and returning stars that will appear on the special are … Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey …

Link: Press release | Primetime Preview at | Office clip on YouTube

Update: Despite what the press release says, there is NO new Office footage in the Primetime Preview! Bad NBC.


  1. i wonder if it will be a scene from the new season. did they even use the scene that was previewed last year?

  2. My Tivo is listing it at 3:30 on Saturday on KNBC here in LA, but it says it’s the preview from 2006 so it may be off slightly. If I remember from last year, the preview ran on local affiliates before it was on CNBC so check your local NBC listing and see what you can find.

  3. yeah they said there will be a new clip (just one) from the new season

  4. Angela and Brian are awesome together! I love when they’re paired up for promotions.

  5. My local NBC station (WOWT, Omaha) will be showing it on August 17th at 2pm, August 19th at 3:30am and August 20th at 1:30am. I used to find those times, which it will find times for shows (using a key word search) that are coming up in the next 2 weeks.

    Oh, and all of those times are CST.

  6. I assume all of this is only for people in the US and Canada? If not, I am excited.

  7. what “Key word” did u type in to find NBC primetime preview on

  8. I followed Denise’s instructions and found its playing in my area (Central Ohio) on NBC, Sunday 8/12 at 2:00pm. I’m excited!

  9. Pama lama ding dong-I just typed in NBC primetime preview in the search bar.

  10. I guess it will only be showed in the US and Canada right? :( I wanna see it! =(

  11. I tried the process that Denise suggested and it didn’t show anything for Oregon! Could somebody help me out?

  12. Well yea…they just started filming this week didn’t they? They’ve probably had this preview put together for a bit so no time to get a scene in.

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