IGN interviews Oscar Nunez

IGN speaks to The Office’s Oscar Nunez:

The Office has a really dedicated fanbase, especially online.

Nunez: It’s crazy. I didn’t realize it until we went to the Paley Fest. That’s when it hit me. I’m like, oh, I get it, this is like when I was in high school or when I was 13 and I was watching Monty Python … If I was to run into Eric Idle, or John Cleese in the street, I would have s**t my pants! And this is their Monty Python, these young people. This is their show.

Link: The Office’s Oscar Nunez Kisses and Tells

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  1. It’s cool to know that Angela and Oscar were doing improv together years before the show. Just another little Office bit to store in the back of my mind!

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