1. The clip was okay, until Dwight’s last part, “They just like pushing things.” Haha. That made it for me.

  2. Bwahaha, they don’t know what they’re doing, they just like pushing things!

    At last, a deleted scene that I can see in Oz :)

  3. “Dolphins get a lot of good press from saving drowning humans. But we only hear about the swimmers they’ve pushed back to shore. You know who we haven’t heard from? All the people they’ve pushed out to sea. Dolphins don’t know what they’re doing, they just like pushing things.”

    Hahaha, that would have been the best quote of the show.

  4. “Dolphins don’t know what they’re doing, they just like pushing things.”

    If that doesn’t describe Michael to a tee, then I don’t know what does.

  5. Everyone already commented on the funniest line – about how dolphins “just like pushing things.” That one line was brilliant!

  6. “Dolphins don’t know what they’re doing. They just like pushing things.”

    Perfect delivery by Dwight.

  7. I thought Dwight calling up a client to transfer an account to Prince Paper company was over the top. I think Dwight’s interaction with the Prince family was awkward to watch, except where he’s describing Michael to the son with Michael right next to him was funny.

  8. That was so funny,man sometimes i wish episodes could be longer. Also, i live in Canada and i am able to watch this deleted scene..that has never happened before..

  9. Doggie-dog?! LOVE IT! Is there a book of Michael-isms, because there really should be. This stuff is priceless!

  10. Am I the only one who loves how Michael says “doggydog”? I used to think it was like that when I was a kid. hahaha

  11. I think Kevin’s and Andy’s last talking heads should have been kept in, along with Dwight’s dolphin thing. Those were really great. It’s so sad seeing stuff like this get cut.

  12. “This man should not have the right to vote”. Absolutely awesome. They really should’ve kept the Darryl part in. Oh and I was waiting for the “master-debater” line the entire show, too funny.

  13. John! Burke! Krasinski!

    Seriously, my ovaries just exploded – he’s a cheeky devil :)

  14. The second set of deleted scenes was funnier than the entire episode combined. Just goes to show that the premise itself was not what did them wrong, it was the execution. The episode had potential, yet a poor choice in editing ruined it, I’m afraid.

  15. ouch! I can see why the andy/darryl scene was cut, that was a bit touchy, but still good deleted scene material.

  16. I love that loving look Pam gives Jim when he makes that speech, as well as Angela’s entire ‘Baywatch’ break down. Hilarious!

  17. The second clip was great! I was laughing through the whole thing. Kevin’s remarks and the Andy/Darryl exchange should have been left in the final cut (even though I can see how the 3/5 vote material could be a touchy subject).

  18. The Darryl/Andy exchange was brilliant. The 3/5s comment I actually think would get lost on a lot of Americans though sadly since a lot of people aren’t up on their history.

  19. First scene was great.

    Second scene was terrible. Glad they got rid of it. Saw that Kevin line coming from a mile away.

  20. I loved the second one. Pam’s adoring look to Jim was a nice little moment. My favorite part, though, was that we saw Jim & Toby together. Not heavy interaction, but last week in a deleted scene, Jim went back and got Toby for help, and in this scene they went back to deal with Kelly together. I hope they’ve brought back nice Original Toby. I would LOVE to see Jim & Toby interacting as friends.

  21. The first deleted scene, and especially the second deleted scene, really should have stayed in the show; it would have completely turned around the episode.

    I understand that the second deleted scene would have created length issues with the Swank storyline, but perhaps having extensive A and B plots isn’t working in the half hour time frame?

  22. I think I laughed harder at the second deleted scene than I did the entire episode. It really should have been left in!

  23. ok that 2nd clip was HILARIOUS!! I was laughing through the entire thing. Darryl/Andy was great, and I love when they back away from Mindy slowly.

  24. I loved that second scene. It was great! Andy and Daryl were hilarious and I loved when Daryl said he was going to use the “whites only” bathroom in which Andy mumbled, “we don’t have one of those.” Too funny! Oh and Angela and her adoration for Pam Anderson was great too! I love this show!!!

  25. Angela crying about how Pamela Anderson changed was priceless!
    The Andy/Darryl thing was a bit touchy.

  26. That second clip would’ve been better than some of the clips left in. Props to the writers – this scene was brilliant! Way to be smart with the comedy.

  27. They really should have kept the Darryl scene in there! Cringe-worthy gold!
    And the masterdebater line from Kevin was awesome. Definitely shouldn’t have been cut.

  28. My former boss absolutely (and with all sincerity) used the phrase “doggy dog” before. There are real people in this world who talk like Michael Scott. I am a living testament to this fact.

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